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32065Maureen Dowd: A Lost Civilization, Hershl Hart man: Re, Yesterday's 'The True Meaning of Hanukkah'

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  • Ed Pearl
    Dec 10, 2012
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      Hi. These historical facts re-emphasise my view that 'The True Meaning' is a
      cautionary tale of
      the ages-long process of violent control and repression, resulting in
      resistance by the oppressed,
      who adopt the same methods in overthrowing their brutal masters and
      continue, when they rule.
      I assume the writer of the original article knew her audience and avoided
      trouble by letting readers
      draw their own conclusions. Thank you Herschl, for your letter. I hope it's
      printed. -Ed

      From: Hershl Hartman [mailto:hershl@...]
      Sent: Sunday, December 09, 2012 4:15 PM
      To: epearlag@...
      Subject: Re: The True Meaning of Hanukkah

      Ed --

      Here's my letter to the NY Times regarding this Op-Ed (I was severely
      limited by their 150-word limit):

      Dear Editor:

      Hillary Leila Krieger's Dec. 7 Op-Ed on Hanukkah omits some important facts:
      .The Maccabean uprising was excluded from the Hebrew bible but preserved by
      the Church Fathers in the Apocrypha.
      .The Talmudic rabbis declared Hanukkah a minor holiday. The "miraculous"
      eight-day oil legend was one of three contradictory stories they told to
      obscure the story of the revolt.
      .Talmudic animosity arose because the Maccabee family entered into a
      disastrous alliance with Rome and because they usurped the throne (reserved
      for descendants of King David) and the Temple's high priesthood (reserved
      for descendants of Aaron).
      Complete details are discussed in the booklet "The Hanuka Festival: A Guide
      for the Rest of Us," available at <http://www.sholem.org/> www.sholem.org
      and <http://www.csjo.org/> www.csjo.org

      Hershl Hartman, Secular Jewish vegvayzer/Leader
      Education Director, The Sholem Community, Los Angeles