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306Re: The accuracy of a survey

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  • Saman Riaz
    Aug 10, 2004
      Hi Adarsh

      I conducted a similar survey for my stats course in
      MBA. Trust me it was not all that bad. Though the
      advantage i had was that my sample market was a bit
      small i mean the Universities that offer MBA

      I realized that esp. s i was not concerned with their
      names, they were not very reluctant abt letting me
      know their GPA's, though i had to make them understand
      the sensitivity of the survey.

      Like already suggested, checking it from the
      University is a good post check and again universities
      are now a bit open to it.

      well m suggesting so many things, m still not clear s
      to yr purpose of collecting this information, coz that
      does matter.

      Take care

      --- "Joshi, Adarsh" <adarsh@...> wrote:

      > Dear Colleagues,
      > I am trying to design a survey for college students.
      > One of the critical
      > questions of the survey would be the respective GPAs
      > of the concerned
      > students. However, I am skeptical if people,
      > especially those with GPAs in
      > the lower range, would choose to answer this
      > question. And there's a
      > possibility that many people may answer the
      > questions wrongly. This might
      > lead to a sample bias and the conclusions of the
      > survey might be all wrong.
      > Hence, I seek your help on tackling this problem.
      > Please let me know what
      > you feel about the situation. Are there any books or
      > published articles on
      > the topic that you know of?
      > Awaiting your response,
      > Adarsh Joshi

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