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283Hi Johanna

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  • Rachel <rgpinol@yahoo.com>
    Dec 15, 2002
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      Well, I'm in Puerto Rico so the application process should be the
      same as anyone out of state, not international.

      Berkeley is actually one of the Universities I've considered. I'm
      just scared about getting accepted because of my GPA.

      Unfortunately, I've been out of school for two years and when I was I
      didn't really think about going for my Master's. I was hoping that
      was it. So I made the mistake of not establishing good contacts for
      my recommendations. The University I went to is a little out of my
      way here and I hated it so much that it's a chore for me to even go
      get my transcripts. But I'm hoping to do all of that in January,
      because the offices here are a pain to go to during the Christmas

      But as I've been working here and I see it's really necessary to get
      my Master's, and I would also like to immerse myself into my field a
      lot more than I've done up till now. I'm not exactly sure what I
      want to do yet so that makes writing my Statement of Purpose just a
      little more difficult.

      I don't know if I should apply this year or first take my GRE, visit
      the schools and take a few courses here for another year. I just feel
      that if I keep putting it off I'll never do it. I'm 33 and not
      getting any younger.

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