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Re: R: [Easy400Group] CPFA0A9 Object not found

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  • Kevin Bucknum
    Spaces at the end of file names in the IFS are significant. When you pass a 50 char field to WrtHtmlToStmf and don t wrap it in %trim, you create a file name
    Message 1 of 5 , May 23, 2013
      Spaces at the end of file names in the IFS are significant. When you pass a 50 char field to WrtHtmlToStmf and don't wrap it in %trim, you create a file name with spaces at the end. When you do wrklnk and give it the path and name, you have to pass wrklnk the spaces at the end also.

      Do a wrklnk '/path/to/the/file.html                                         '    where you make the number of characters within the quotes equal to 50. That will probably work. You've already found the solution - %trim your filename before you pass it to WrtHtmlToStmf.

      You can also do this. Wrklnk to just the path portion. Then do a 7 to rename next to the file. You will be able to spaces on that screen. For example on my system.

      wrklnk '/kevin/cl*' gives
                                   Work with Object Links                       
       Directory  . . . . :   /kevin                                            
       Type options, press Enter.                                               
         2=Edit   3=Copy   4=Remove   5=Display   7=Rename   8=Display attributes
         11=Change current directory ...                                        
       Opt     Object link                                                      

      Put a 7 next to clia.txt and I get:

                                     Rename Object (RNM)    
       Type choices, press Enter.                           
       Object . . . . . . . . . . . . . > '/kevin/clia.txt  '
       New object . . . . . . . . . . .                     

      See the spaces before the end quote?

      Kevin B

      On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 5:17 AM, Giovanni B. Perotti <gb_perotti@...> wrote:

      Maybe that you must %trim off the rightmost blanks from the path before performing the WRKLNK command.


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      --- In Easy400Group@yahoogroups.com, "Giovanni B. Perotti" <gb_perotti@...> wrote:
      > In MMAIL, subprocedure WRTHTMLTOIFS() is from service program
      This service program is NOT for external use, it is only for
      > MMAIL internal developments.
      > You must NOT use it, and use instead the same procedure from service program
      > CGISRVPGM2, library CGIDEV2.
      > Errors in using WRTHTMLTOIFS() are documented in file *LIBL/CGIDEBUG.

      FYI This is the result of my tests. On the system i am working on, actually, there is non cgidev2 lib, we have mmail lib and hssfcgi lib, so i tested the procedure from these 2 libs.
      In my pgm's i define a variable FullPathToFile 50 char containing the full path and file name to be created on the IFS, if i do:
      ECmd = WrtHtmlToStmf(%Trim(FullPathToFile) : CodePage) everything works fine with both service programs, if i do:
      ECmd = WrtHtmlToStmf(FullPathToFile : CodePage) the stream file is created correctly, containing the right data, i can open it and read it, but if i do wrklnk to the file path i get an object not found error. That's it.

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