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      Did everyone see this?

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      email list for the SCA group Northwoods Barony

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      Baronial Council Meeting From: dwyndiarmaid
      Gypsy Rose's Tom's memorial info From: Leree/Taiz/Damiana



      Baronial Council Meeting

      Posted by: "dwyndiarmaid" memeyer@...   dwyndiarmaid

      Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:39 pm (PST)

      Milords and Ladies,

      On the 23rd, the Baronial Council Meeting will begin at 2pm. Following
      will be the Holiday Warmup potluck dinner. All the populace is welcome
      to attend at the invitation of our Baron and Baronessa. Come and meet
      them and the officers of the Barony. The location is the Lodge of the
      Brighton Masons. The calendar at
      HTTP://SCANorthwood s.org/calendar. html has a link to the map for the

      See you there,

      In the Kingdom's service,

      Aindle ODiarmada

      Webminister SCANorthwoods. org


      Gypsy Rose's Tom's memorial info

      Posted by: "Leree/Taiz/Damiana" elftaiz@...   damiana_iberian_vixen

      Wed Nov 12, 2008 7:56 am (PST)

      Memorial for Tom November 15th

      2pm: Open Social time with Gypsy with munchies-in White Barn

      4pm: Ritual time, approx. 1 to 1 1/2 hours- in Green Barn or outside

      if weather permitting.

      5pm: Dinner served in White Barn

      Spaghetti Dinner (meat and non-meat Spaghetti sauce) and Caesar

      Salad / Pot luck Casserole

      Blackberry Pines is located in the Pullman/Fennville area. Address and directions will be provided when RSVP'ing .

      PLEASE RSVP ASAP so we know how much food to cook.

      If you do not want to make a dish to pass…please bring one of the

      items on the following list:


      Potato Salad

      Pickles and olives for pickle tray

      Vegetables and Vegetable trays

      Vegetable Dip

      Horsie Ordie Vers

      Cheese / Crackers


      Dough-nuts (to go with Cider)

      Smudge Sticks

      Wood for the fire in stove and/or bonfire

      Candles / tea lights

      Charcoal for smudging

      What you need to bring:

      Warm Clothing

      Your own folding camp chair

      Rock the size of or bigger than your fist

      Music (disc or live?) your Drums or other instruments.

      Volunteers are needed for a variety of duties including the following


      Kitchen Duties

      Barn food and barn duties


      Clean-up after.

      To RSVP with your dish (casserole) and directions and call

      Ron at 734-635-2983

      To RSVP and non food items and directions call Jim at 734 635


      Questions call - Lucille at 313 674 9729
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