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plans for Saturday

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  • Linda Renaud
    Okay, I am taking a vote. I just looked at the BOTIS website. It is $10 to get in with a $3 non-member surcharge. I think that s outrageous for a little event
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      Okay, I am taking a vote.
      I just looked at the BOTIS website. It is $10 to get in with a $3 non-member surcharge. I think that's outrageous for a little event like that.
      Johanna and I are getting in free as merchants with a donation. We will be there to set up around 9 am. Jessalin and Jilliann are still going to go for the day at least and Jacob may or may not.
      We have decided NOT to camp--too cold and too much stuff to drag out that I just put away.
      Here's our choices: 1) We could participate in Altenberg's fire and take our food out there. OR 2) We can come back here and make a fire in our fireplace and pirate party here. OR 3) We CAN start the party out there and then come back here.
      John has to close on Friday so he will have to sleep for a few hours Saturday morning to be fit company Saturday night. He is volunteering to bring the food out there in the afternoon or start it up here and save the $10 since he will probably sleep through the archery BUT he will miss the romantic walk by the river and the obligatory kiss in front of our OTHER fireplace.
      If we party here, people are welcome to save the money and just hang out at this fire although I am NOT suggesting anyone ditch the event. I don't want to be accused of such a thing later.
      I am thinking big pot of sloppy joes. I'm making a spice cake and will bring cider and cinnamon schnapps. We need chips and pop and side dishes if people are inclined.
      LET ME KNOW! I have to get organized. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
      P.S. This is not "official" East Fairlight business--JUST a party!
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      Good Morning,
      What are the plans for Saturday? I was thinking of making the salad with the pears and apples in it if we are still going to pot luck for dinner and maybe a dessert?
      How about beading on Tuesday night?
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      We are on-line FOR NOW. I may have to cut the internet or the cable tv off--not sure which everyone will vote for.
       I'm DYING to hear about Angela's trip--and everything.
      Sheesh, I've been feeling so.................disconnected.
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