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      Halmich park clean up May 23rd From: Trish Gross



      Halmich park clean up May 23rd

      Posted by: "Trish Gross" una_allifaire@...   una_allifaire

      Sat May 1, 2010 7:57 am (PDT)

      Due to the rain, we had to move the park clean up to May 23rd. Since the
      last Sunday of May is Crown Tourney, Youth practice and the monthly BBQ has
      also been moved to May 23rd. Please pass the word around......


      Sunday, May 23rd 11:00am

      Halmich Park, Warren, Michigan 48092

      Its spring and that means it's time to move our marshaled practices back
      outside. Please come and Join us on May 23rd to get Halmich Park cleaned up.
      We will get started at 11:00am in the North West corner of the park (by the
      trees). We walk the entire park picking up all garbage that we see. The more
      people that come out the faster it goes. After the clean up is all done we
      will start up the BBQ grills. Bring a dish to pass and meat for the grill.

      Things you may wish to bring with you....
      1 garbage bag

      In Service

      Baroness Una Uilebaine

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