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  • Angela
    JArl Sir Tarquin and his family will be unable to attend Pennsic this year, so I m sure if there is interest he ll keep running archery. ... -- Angela
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 20, 2009
      JArl Sir Tarquin and his family will be unable to attend Pennsic this year, so I'm sure if there is interest he'll keep running archery.

      On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Linda Renaud <larenaud@...> wrote:

      Hey Bill:
      Part of the reason we started this group was that it lots more fun and interesting to belong to a Barony where there are tons of people with tons of different interests.
      This next week, Jarl Sir Tarquin hosts archery practice at his home on 22 Mile Rd. between Gratiot and Fairchild on Monday and Thursday evenings. I am not sure if he is going to Pennsic so I am not sure if there will be practice for the two weeks after that.
      What kind of work schedule do you have? What are your interests SCA-wise besides archery?
      Our next business meeting will be held in August (due to most of us going to Pennsic this year) and our next social gathering will be a bbq for new people also in August.
      Keep in touch..........right now just happens to be a bit of a slow time for us because of War.
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      Greetings all,
      I didn't get a chance to really introduce myself in the 200 char's. given :)
      My name is Bill Hanna with the SCA name of Will O'hAnian..I know its a big stretch. I'm currently a member of a different shire, but have been dissapointed for some time. The shire I'm with has no will to grw and learn. At first as a noobie to the SCA it sounded great, but how sad is it when the new guy out grows the shire. Enough bashing there.

      I shoot archery and would practice hours a day if I had the time. I'm married, and have 2 boys. My wife is also a current member, the boys are teenagers and aren't interested in anything and everything.
      During a few archery shoots you come across some of the same people, and thats were I met Lord Coss. Nice fella very out going and helpful. To me I was like this guy's shire must have it going on. A little poking around a buzzing him with questions, it lead me here.
      So now I want to take it a little farther and would like to attend a meeting. Like I said before I work so if I could know in advance, I can get the time off.
      Thanks, Will

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