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217*Extra Session* SE Michigan Youth Combat Practice

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  • Lord Kazmer
    Oct 31 9:06 AM
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      Our October practice was poorly attended by all, including adults, was rather chilly, and got called early.  
      We have decided to try again next week since we can be indoors.

      What: Southeastern Michigan Youth Combat Practice
      When: Sunday, November 6th, 1:00pm - 5:00pm
      Where: Berkley Ice Arena
      2300 Robina
      Berkley, MI 48072

      This is the same time and location as our Armored and Rapier practice.
      As always I will bring loaner gear and there should also be youth rapier gear available.

      THL Nyilas Kazmer
      Middle Kingdom Deputy Earl Marshal
      Youth Combat

      There is no need to sally forth, for it remains true that those things which make us human are, curiously enough, always close at hand. Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tiny blasts of tiny trumpets, we have met the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us. 

      Walt Kelly  US animator & cartoonist (1913 - 1973)