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135Cidery goodness!

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  • odo@cablespeed.com
    Oct 5, 2009


      Okay then, it looks like in theory we could have somewhere between four and eighty people for apple & pear squishing.  And between four and four hundred bushels of fruit. That's not bad for a rough estimate, so we'll plan accordingly. :)

      If all of you wonderful folks could help us firm up numbers, that'd be great. Amounts of people, fruit, and equipment who could be coming over is of obvious importance.Well, critical importance.

      I was recently given a couple of boxes of VHS movies, most of which are unfortunately good :(  , but there are a few that could be bad enough to pass under the bar I've established. You who've come over to brew previously know what I'm talking about. We're not going to show "The Norseman" starring Lee Majors, but "Leprechaun" (Jennifer Anniston's first movie) is on the menu. So is "Maniac Cop" (very early Bruce Campbell movie; he's the title character and gets no billing on the box) Don't even make me start getting out Rob Monkiewicz movies...

      So, um, please give us a "Yay" or "Nay". If "Yay", please include number of people (kids are okay, but they they're your own responsibilities; we have nothing for their entertainment, but we have a big yard), an estimate of  fruit you could bring, and any equipment we could put to use.