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scams again

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  • NilsenWilshy@aol.com
    HI all, Beware the nuts are crawling out of the woodwork again I just got this email! Cathy Dear Sir/Ma, How are you and your family? Hope you are feeling
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2006
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      HI all,
      Beware the nuts are crawling out of the woodwork again I just got this email!
      Dear Sir/Ma,
                                  How are you and your family? Hope you are feeling fine,If so Glory be to Almight God.I would Like to let you know that i have an interested on the Puppies you have for sale . am living in 3131 East Camel Back Rd #200,Phoenix,Arizona State,85016,Usa.but i want to buy it for my daughter birthday who she living in United Kingdom (England) and her Name is Michelle for her Birthday while i will pay you via Money Orders.The reason I am sending you this email is to make final reconfirmation  and also to let you know that payment will be by certified  International Money Order. In view of this I need you to email me any information that may be required to send the International Money Order, as I do not want to send the International Money Order to a wrong location lest they gets into the wrong hands.
         Regarding the shipping, I have a company that takes care of the pick up of my consignments for me and ship to my destination anywhere in the U.S.A, you do not worry about shipping, the company will send down a representative to arrange the sales documentation and the pick up from your end for onward transfer to my destination.
      I also want to alert you on the fact that you will be recieving an overdraft international  Money Order,which will cover the money for the pickup (pickup and shipping to the final destination) as well as the money to be paid to the company that will take care of the pickup and the documentation with you.  So please, as soon as you receive the International Money Order, go and cash them immediately, deduct the money that accrues to you, and send the balance to the Head Office of the company that handles the shipment in London United Kingdom via the nearest Western Union agent in your area.  Deduct the Western Union charges from the balance and send the remaining to London immediately .
      The International Money Orders  will be in your name to make it easier for you to receive payment, deduct your money  and send the balance via Western Union as regards my earlier direction, please reconfirm your details one more time.
          I will give you the details of the company that you will send the balance of the money to in London once I get a reply and agreement that you will send the money to London via Western Union money transfer immediately you cash the international Money Order.
      Once the money is received by the agent in London , the shipping agent will contact you immediately to arrange the documentation as well as the pick up immediately.  So in view of the above,  here are some of the details I will need  for final issurance of the international Money Order to you:
      (1)  Full Name
      (2)  Mailing address, no p.o.box  please
      (3)  Your direct telephone numbers
      (4)  Acceptance of my offer
      Once you get back to me with all the above, the Money Order will be issued out immediately and it will be sent to you .
      Hope to hear from you immediately.
      Mr William Simon
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