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  • david_is_divad
    I got to say you have a very useful web site (East Coast Games) and I am a very happy camper now that I have found it for it was exactly what the doctor
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2002
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      I got to say you have a very useful web site (East Coast Games) and I
      am a very happy camper now that I have found it for it was exactly
      what the doctor ordered, literally… …A long story, but the short of
      it is I am an in-house graphic designer and medical illustrator in
      the Chicago area working for a Java based research group of a medical
      school radiology department, though what I really want to be is a
      Christmas Elf, I mean dentist, I mean…

      My interest has always been in illustration and visual story telling
      as I trained on the east coast at Temple University's Tyler School of
      Art in painting and illustration with the intention of becoming a
      children's book illustrator, but as they say, the best laid plans of
      mice and men- Actually I can't remember what they actually say from
      that point on, all I know is it can't be good… So after a few years
      of meandering through the graphics industry, learning through
      experience the new tools of our age I have found my self washed
      ashore in my current occupation, a virtual paradise for the Neo
      Renaissance man wanting not but for one thing.

      Large busted, and leggy scantily clad Amazon babes who will take me
      back to their tribe to worship me for the conceptual god that I
      am. !!!POP!!! Where was I..? Oh yes, so there is really only one
      thing that my job has yet to offer me to make me truly happy as a
      graphic artist and illustrator. A public outlet for some of my
      less "professional" and certainly less conservative, if not just
      wholly outrageous concepts, ideas, creations, and designs.

      Basically I want to be able to draw guns, girls, spaceships and
      things, and one day see them come alive on the pages of books,
      magazines, TV, movies, and games- Ah, games, now there in lays the
      rub. Imagine being able to design characters, mecha, and worlds and
      seeing them take on lives of their own as others pick and choose
      their fate, bringing them together, pulling them apart in a virtual
      world where chaos is an ideal state of being as a test of one's

      But whatever shall I do… I have these ideas, but only half the
      skills, I can draw and paint by hand, and I can draw and paint via
      computer, but that only gives me semi perfect 2D worlds where
      everything is stagnant until the next page, the next canvas, even
      upon learning to create my images with the aid of 3D software I am
      still trapped in a still world, one without interaction, one without

      I desire to set my sails, and cast myself out of this Sargasso Sea
      that holds my imagination and find the oceans of knowledge that are
      within my sight…

      In other words, I really want to do two things, work with a group of
      creative, motivated people, to supplement my own talents to create
      really cool highly interactive games, and I want to learn how to
      program, not because I want to become a programmer (I'm an artist,
      and shall always be an artist), but because knowledge is power and
      with enough power thing of the imagination can become real.
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