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2005 Handsonskin Gathering - Announcement

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  • handsonskin
    G day all Handsonskin Gathering This is an annual gathering where folks from different drum circles, belly and tribal dance groups and singers and musicans
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2005
      G'day all

      Handsonskin Gathering

      This is an annual gathering where folks from different drum circles,
      belly and tribal dance groups and singers and musicans come together
      for powerful community trance and inner spiritual ecstasy and
      connection. It is organic, in that the rhythms, sounds and dances
      are once only, in the moment, never to be repeated individual and
      group experiences. So the ability to "listen" is the defining
      factor for a good musician.

      The drummers form a circle around the fire and the dancers
      constantly circulate in that circle around the fire. The movements
      of the dancers helps take the rhythm around the circle of drummers
      which helps synchronise the groove from which entrainment follows;
      those magical moments when we have both individual and community
      connections with each other and our own unique concept of divine/God
      (dess)/All That Is/First Cause/Whatbloodyever. The name is
      unimportant. What is important is doing it – getting there, becoming
      our future self.

      Turtle Camp. Aboriginal land near Wallabi Point, on the coast,
      about ten minutes drive east of Taree, NSW. Taree is both an hours
      drive north of Newcastle and south of Port Macquarie. From the air
      the site is the shape of a turtle with the sacred circle in the body
      of the turtle and the head and flippers as camping areas. A
      location map will be emailed upon request.

      From about mid-day Friday 19th August to Sunday 21st August. It is
      okay to leave Monday. There will be two all night fire circles on
      Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday night is a full moon.

      The Land Council likes us enough to have reduced the rental for the
      weekend by 60% from last year. So there is no need for prior
      registration this year. A $20, or thereabouts, donation on arrival
      will help cover costs.

      Everything except water. Local Government drinking water is on tap
      and there are flush toilets. Hot, but very limited showers. Bring
      everything in you will need. Camping gear, food, torch etc. Shops
      are handy at Old Bar, just up the road. Drums and percussion toys
      (no guitars please), masks, costumes, bubbles and sparkly things.
      Dressing up or down is fine.

      This is an adults only gathering where the primary intent is to
      entrain together as community in non-ordinary states of
      consciousness through hand drumming, dancing and vocal means around
      the fire. All faiths are valid, including no faith, so everyone is
      welcome. We find great truths in our similarities and celebrate our
      differences. As in nature, our differences are our species' fail
      safe mechanism. This is trance. It is tribal. It is home. Change
      can come in the twinkling of an eye.

      Guitars (other instruments such as flute, clarinet, violin and even
      bag pipes have worked well previously but not guitars please),
      children and pets. We discourage alcohol as it is not conducive to
      the states of consciousness we attain and it reduces folks awareness
      of and tolerance for others.

      Folks have previously come from as far as Brisbane, Adelaide and
      Canberra to join us in sacred space. Reports from previous years are
      available on request. Photos from previous years are in the photos
      section at the Yahoo group Handsonskin:


      This year we plan to show the brilliant Aussie made DVD "Dances of
      Ecstasy" (Co produced and directed by Michelle Mahrer, a member at
      Handsonskin) followed by a trance dance with the premiere
      performance of the half hour trance video New World H'ours
      d'oeuvres. If anyone has a copy of "What the Bleep do we know?", we
      would love to screen that too. Let us know please?

      Keith for further details and/or location map.
      Phone: (02) 6555 6364
      Email: handsonskin at yahoo dot com dot au


      Earth is my home and humanity is my family. Life is my religion and
      love is my example. Peace and freedom belong to us all.
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