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For *MOTHER EARTH* Healing, Eight *THOUSAND* Drums ........

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    ... EIGHT THOUSAND SACRED DRUMS FOR THE HEALING OF THE MOTHER EARTH AND ENSURE LIFE AND PEACE Visita nuestro Sitio http://universidadindigena.org/uii/id58.html
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      Visita nuestro Sitio http://universidadindigena.org/uii/id58.html

      The Indigenous First Nations, Peoples, Communities and Organizations of the
      World and all Humankind

      According to a Prophecy Revealed at the Otomí Ceremonial Center by the Otomí
      Elder Sages to the Indigenous Peoples and all Humankind and a Vision of our
      Venerable Ancestors, the day when the Sounds of Eight Thousand Sacred Drums
      join together will be the beginning of a true Healing of Mother Earth, of All
      the Species and of the Human Family – which is now in total disequilibrium – in
      order to be able to live together on the road to Sacred Peace, in harmonious
      union with the Universe, Mother Nature, the Community, the Family and our own
      Hearts. It is time to re-unify ourselves and rediscover for ourselves all the
      Seeds of the Four Directions in order to reactivate cosmic energy, heal
      historical wounds and heal our Mother Earth by respecting life and the liberty
      and dignity of our Peoples.

      The Otomí Nation, through the Council of the Elders and the Guardians of the
      Otomí Tradition, the Dänguu Mfädi “Mähki ´Ñuu” (Grand House of Otomí
      Knowledge), and the International Indigenous University invite (a) Indigenous
      Keepers of the Ancestral, Ceremonial and Medicinal Sound of the Sacred Drums;
      (b) Councils of Elders, Sages and Leaders of all Indigenous Nations, Peoples
      and Organizations; (c) Indigenous Guides, Guardians and Spiritual Leaders, and
      (d) All Traditions of Humankind to come together at the Grand Indigenous
      Ceremony of the


      which will be held to the Otomí Nation, Mexico, and  around the world at 12
      noon on January 26, February 26 and March 26, 2005.


      §  Sealing and healing the wounded vertices of Mother Earth is urgent.

      §  Identifying and activating the Indigenous Energy Centers at Sacred Places is
      our duty.

      §   Planting and strengthening consciousness of Love and Respect for our Mother
      Earth is everyone’s work.

      §  The indigenous ancestral recommendation to create and practice the Grand
      Culture of Peace and Life is fundamental.

      §  Recognition of the use of the energy and healing properties of our sacred
      instruments is a principle and goal of our Indigenous Mission.

      All Indigenous Peoples, Native Nations, Communities and Organizations that
      would like to participate in this Grand Ancestral Cosmic Ceremony are asked to
      notify us as soon as possible to set up contacts and facilitate communication
      and coordination.
      Call +52 (722) 2 91 07 48 or +52 (722) 7 73 22 40 or e-mail us at       

      ¡Ra zö ga ihmu! Welcome, everyone!
      In harmony,



      1. Main Event. The main event at the Grand Indigenous Ceremony will be held in
      Indonesia, Tailand, Bangladesh, Valdivas, Sri Lanka, India, Birmanie, Malasia,
      and the Otomí Nation, Mexico, at 12 noon local Mexican time on January 26,
      February 26, adn March 26, 2005, when the Elder Sages, Spiritual Guides and
      Guardians of the sacred Drums will appear and play their Sacred Drums to the
      Four Directions of Mother Earth, thereby attaining unity in diversity and
      communally receiving the Healing Energy of the Great Spirit and the Cosmos. It
      will be a marvelous blessing to all of us who are able to come together at this
      Celebration of Peace and Dignity in honor of Our Ancestors.

      In order to take part in this Indigenous Ceremony, bring your Sacred Drums,
      your Native Nation, Indigenous People or Community; bring the Sacred Drum from
      your Ceremonial Cultural or Educational Center or the Sacred Drum of your
      Family, Group, Council, Collective or Association; you may also bring the drum
      of your heart. To take part, it is imperative that you contact us quickly,
      register and let us know how many Sacred Drums will be taking part in the Grand
      Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums to Cure Mother Earth and Ensure Life and Peace.
      We ask you to register as soon as possible.

      2. Taking Part from your Home Countries. Another way of participating in this
      Indigenous Ceremony is to meet with your Sacred Drums and the drum of your
      heart at some Sacred Place in any region or country on the planet. If you do
      this, we still ask that you inform us as soon as possible, register your drums
      and let us know how many people will be taking part from their home areas so
      that we can make the connection and know how many drums are contributing to the
      Sound of the 8,000 Sacred Drums.

      3. Your Offering for the Earth, Peace and Life. We are appealing to the
      generosity of your heart to help humankind. This Grand Indigenous Ceremony of
      Cosmic Harmony will lift up our prayers. We would also be grateful for your
      donations and offerings ; your collaboration will help support this sacred work
      guided by the Great Spirit, with the blessing of our Elders, to further the
      revival of our Ancestral Wisdom.

      4. Important. We are contacting our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters from all
      Traditions on the Planet that would like to take part in the Ceremony to be
      held on March, 2005, at the Otomí Nation by bringing their Sacred Drums to let
      them know that as we are making every effort to offer them the best service, we
      are also asking them to register and obtain confirmation and plan to cover
      their own expenses for lodging, food, transportation and any other needs.

      5. International Gathering of the Mother Earth's Guardians. We are scheduling
      an event called the International Gathering of the Mother's Earth's Guardians
      on March 19-25, 2005, just prior to March 26  at the same Otomi Nation in
      Mexico. For logistics reasons, anyone attending – All the interested People –
      must register. Thanks for you contribution and donations. You must to obtain
      confirmation of your participation. Space is limited. For further information,
      please  contact us by phone at (722) 2 91 07 48 or (722) 7 73 22 40 or better
      yet, e-mail us today at:

      MARCH 21, 2004

      Dawn Ceremony
      Ceremony of the Blessing and Consecration of the Drums
      Harmonious Playing and Cosmic Sound of the Sacred Drums (12:00 noon)
      Messages for the Healing of Mother Earth, for Life and Peace worldwide (Red,
      White, Yellow and Black Traditions)
      Sacred Convergence (Music and Song by the Otomí Native Nation and other Native
      Farewell Ceremony

      DOC 2.2
      MARCH 18-20, 2004

      March 18: Sacred Welcome Ceremony

      (Music, Song and Traditional Dance by the Otomí Native Nation and other Native

      Sacred Teaching Circles and Sacred Drum Workshops (Women, Men, Children, Youth
      and Elders)

      March 19: Dawn Ceremony

      Blessing and Consecration of Sacred Drums
      Circle of Indigenous Guardians of the Sacred Drum
      New Year Celebration and Sacred Fire Ceremony
      March 20: Tata Hyadi (Father Sun) and Mähkimehoi (Mother Earth)
      Ceremony and Music, Song and Sacred Dances by Attending Traditions

      Circle of Guardians of the Sacred Drum
      Presentation of the Sacred Sounds of the Drum

      *Each day, anyone who wants may enjoy Sacred Drum Healing Ceremonies and the
      Medicinal House of Sacred Vapor (Tihta or Temascal), guided by Elders and
      Medicine Women and Medicine Men (Registration Required in Advance).


      March 21, 2004

      1. Blessing of the Sacred Drums. It will be a great blessing for Traditions
      from around the World to be represented by the Drums at the Otomí Ceremonial
      Center in Temoaya, State of México, Otomí Native Nation, México, taking part
      together in the Grand Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums to cure Mother Earth and
      ensure Life and Peace (March 21, 2004) and the International Indigenous
      In-Gathering of Sacred Drums (March 18-20, 2004).

      2.  The Spirit of 8,000 Sacred Drums. The prophecy of the ancestors of the
      Otomí Native Nation, the Sacred Civilizatión of Silence, Sound, Time, Space and
      Corn (Ñätho-Ñähñu-‘Ñuhmu-‘Ñuhu-Olmecas-Toltecas-Teotihuacanos), is an Awakening
      of Indigenous Peoples and of All Humankind. We will come together to make the
      Sound of 8,000 Sacred Drums  (the number may be 8,000 times 8,000 worldwide) to
      enable the Vibration of All the Sacred Drums to generate Mähki ‘Ñithi (Powerful
      Sacred Medicine) and Ts’edi Pa (intensified Healing Energy) to Heal Mother

      The messages from our wise elders (both men and women) also speak to us of the
      need to transform drums of war into Drums of Peace and to recognize the
      importance of the work for harmony and the peaceful resolution of conflicts
      around the world.

      To leave a message of Love and Respect for all forms of Life on the planet.
      Life with Liberty, Justice, Dignity and Sacred Peace. To recognize that
      Everything is Sacred, and that our mission is to work to ensure that our life
      is in equilibrium with our families, communities, peoples, humanity, plants,
      animals, air, earth, fire, the Cosmos and our own heart.

      To present the option of Mother Earth and for Life and Peace as a legacy for
      present and future generations.

      3. Meeting Place. Notwithstanding the In-Gathering, the idea is that those that
      cannot attend, in their thousands or millions, can connect with this Grand
      Indigenous Ceremony. This is why, with all the love and respect of our heart,
      we are inviting your Family, Group, Council, Collective, Association,
      Community, or Native People or Nation of all regions and countries worldwide to
      meet at some Sacred Place (a Valley, Desert, Jungle, Island, Lake, Forest,
      Mountain, Cave, River, Waterfall, Ceremonial Center, Temple or special Site of
      your own, at the Altar in your Home, your Cultural or Educational Center or
      some other Meeting Place, such as a Public Square, Garden, or any other space
      conducive to a Meeting.

      4. Time and Date of Ceremony. The purpose is to join the Sound of the Sacred
      Drums for an hour (60 minutes) at 12 noon (local time at every location on the
      Planet) on March 21, 2004. Depending on your local capabilities and conditions,
      you can begin your activities for one hour or 12 hours any time between dawn
      and dusk, or activities may continue all day (for 24 hours).

      5. Ways to Connect and Share. You can play and thereby connect with the sound
      of the Sacred Drums or other similar percussion instruments. You can also
      connect through other musical instruments, dancing and sacred chants; you can
      hold a ceremony or rituals; you can meditate or pray in any language. You can
      unite the drum of your heart with the drum of all Humankind. May all the power
      and sacred medicine of the Sacred Drums come to us, unite us and bring us
      together, reconcile us and heal us and bring joy to our hearts.

      6. For the Earth, Peace and Life. Every Sister, Brother, Family, Group,
      Council, Collective, Association, Community, Native People, Native Nation or
      any other Tradition from every area on the planet can have activities before,
      during and after the Grand Ceremony of 8,000 Sacred Drums. These activities may
      be focused on the defense and respect of Mother Earth (jungles, forests,
      ceremonial centers and sacred sites), Peace (for the collective rights of
      Indigenous Peoples and of all Traditional Societies worldwide) and Life
      (Equilibrium with animal, plant, mineral and human Life. Life is sacred and in
      harmony and dignity with all living things).

      7. Be in Touch. We ask you to be in communication with us. Let us know how many
      Sacred Drums are involved from your home areas; let us know that we are
      connecting with every place and region so that we will know about the
      ceremonies, meetings, festivals, workshops, meditations, and ceremonial,
      cultural and fraternal activities being held around Sacred Drums. May the
      shimmering of light bathe us and may healing energy spread among everyone so
      that we can feel, experience and share in peace and love at all times.

      8. Sacred Ceremony. For those who would like to attend, we will share this
      Sacred Ceremony of March 21, 2004, with you.
      As a gesture of love and respect, you may begin as follows:
      -Dawn Ceremony (Greetings to the Four Directions, the Heart of the Sky
      and of the Earth and Our Heart)
      -Offering to Great Creator Sun
      -Ceremony to Bless and Consecrate the Drums
      -Harmonious playing and cosmic sound of the Drums  (12:00 noon)
      -Messages to heal Mother Nature and ensure Life and Peace of the Four
      -Sacred Convergence (Music and Song)
      -Farewell Ceremony (Greetings to the Four Directions, the Heart of the Sky and
      of the Earth and Our Heart)

      Hñä na nzengua di gehnä Dahnini Natho Nahnu Nuhmu Nuhu ko ra Dänguu Mfädi
      Nugohe ya Hnini i Ñätho di nehe 'na nxihmehöi da 'mui ra zö, da ment'i ra 'ñu,
      da njahpi guenda da 'mui ra chala. Ra ngenka bi thofi ko ya Nahmhoi nu Asia, Go
      'yothehu ra Mähkimehöi Nuua Nuya
      Ra 26 mpa ra 'Meto, Yoho Hnu Zana  jeya 2005

      Recibe los saludos de la Nacion Otomi Olmeca Tolteca Teotihuacana y la
      Universidad Indígena Internacional
      Nosotros los Pueblos Indígenas queremos un mundo de paz con libre
      determinación, justicia y dignidad. Ante los Tsunami en el Oceano Indico,
      Juntos Curemos a la Madre Tierra Aqui y Ahora
      Ceremonias: 26 de Enero, 26 de Febrero y 26 de Marzo de 2005

      Receive the greetings from the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Nation and the
      International Indigenous University
      We the Indigenous Peoples want a world of peace with self determination,
      justice and dignity. A cause of the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, Let's heal to
      the Mother Earth Right Here Right Now. Ceremonies: January 26th, February 26th
      and March 26th, 2005

      Reçoit les salutations de la Nation Otomi Olmeque Tolteque Teotihuacan et
      l'Université Indigéne Internationel
      Nous les Peuples Autochtones voulons un monde de paix avec l'autodétermination,
      justice et dignité. Pour les Tsunami au Asie, Allez a guerir a la Mere Terre
      Ici et Maintenant
      Ceremonies: Janvier 26, Fevrier 26 et Mars 26,  2005

      Receve i saluti di Popolo Otomi Olmeca Tolteca Teotihuacana e l’Università
      Indígena Internazionale.
      Noi i Popoli Indigeni ci vogliamo un mondo di pace con auto determinazione,
      giustizia e dignità. Per i Tsunami a Asia. Andiamo guarire la Madre Terra Qui e
      Ora.  Cerimonie: 26 di Gennaio, Febbraio e Marzo  di 2005.

      Mayor información haga click/More Info click here Tambores Sagrados y/and

      Contacto: Para mayor información y para registrarse, contactar en México a
      informes@... o al (722)7 73 22 40.
      Visita nuestro Sitio http://universidadindigena.org

      MÄ HÑÄHE

      Gö’tho mbi hini
      honse mbra ‘mexui
      Ta bi nzö bi ‘yode
      ro ‘meto hñä
      bi bongi ro ne ro Mähkihmuu
      Ro gö’tho
      njaua mä hñähe
      bi jahpi bi nja ya ‘meto yot’i.


      Todo era silencio
      solo silencio
      hasta que se pudo escuchar
      la primera palabra
      de la boca de Mähkihmuu
      El Todo
      Así fue como la lengua nuestra
      hizo las primeras luces.


      forwarded by Millennium Twain





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