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Traditional Koori (Aboriginal) Spirituality

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    Minmia - Teaching - Traditional Koori (Aboriginal) Spirituality To understand what spirituality is, you first have to understand the creation. The creator
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      Minmia - Teaching - Traditional Koori (Aboriginal) Spirituality

      To understand what spirituality is, you first have to understand the
      The creator Biami is the father of creation and he gave all that he created
      part of his essence (light/soul). Yet we came from the mother earth Nungeena
      Tya, who provides our nourishment and all the physical needs of a life's

      Everything that is living on this planet is part of us, we share the same
      and we all share the same creator, therefore we are only part of a great
      of creation. When Biami created all, he made humanity the keeper of
      meaning the protectors. As time passed man's ego became dominant over his
      soul /
      spirit / Miwi and he became the dominator of creation, therefore leaving him
      alone and fearful.

      Then the battle for dominance became so great, man then turned on man in
      to control an unleashed spiritual fear. Because we are all part of each
      essence, as we hurt or destroy anything that is living, we are destroying
      of ourselves. We are also destroying our creator's essence.

      Everything that is living is sacred and has as much right to its existence
      as we
      do, to dishonour its right to be, is to dishonour our own right to be.
      Spirituality is where you walk your talk.

      When I was younger I too was confused, because here I was a child who had a
      white father and a black mother. The white side saw the black side of my
      race as
      being pagan or only part human. The black side, which I was born to in a
      line to
      be, taught the lore. Both battled for my Miwi soul, so I was taught both. At
      times I was confused, because both sides were full of hate, therefore I was
      shared seed of the persecuted and the persecutor and in my early years, life
      very difficult.

      My traditional teacher was a strong and gentle balance. When I look back
      the only word I can think of when I think of her was extraordinary.
      Years later when I was a young women, my confusion was such, I finally asked
      old clever man:
      "What is the difference between their religion and ours?" He said:

      "Girl, lets put the creator aside for a moment and compare the difference
      between religion and spirituality. Religion is man made by man to suit the
      of man. I see religion talks it and spirituality walks it, in spirituality
      honour the existence of all creation including yourself."

      Humanity and the Consequences of Separating Ourselves from the Oneness of
      "Wollumbin - Cloud-catcher"
      If you take a great mountain that is strong and complete and can withstand
      great forces of nature, then see this in likeness to humanity and creation.
      Imagine then, scraping part of the mountain away and this dust from the
      is humanity, then imagine a great wind and how it will scatter that dust in
      every direction, losing itself forever. Now imagine, that dust never having
      or choosing to become part of that great mountain again. When the great wind
      storm comes again, that great oneness of that mountain will ensure our
      and wholeness to allow us to endure as one anything. To separate ourselves
      allow our ego to dominate our Miwi is to become spiritual eunuchs.

      Spiritual Eunuch
      A spiritual eunuch is someone whose ego is so dominant over their Miwi, they
      believe the only way is their way, ie they own the creator exclusively. They
      have a certain image in their mind of what the creator is or should be and
      whoever does not have the same belief is worthless.
      Some even justify the cruel rape and slaughter of innocents to be
      coming from the creator personally. How very sad we have become when fear of
      something different is so great it paralyses our very Miwi.

      Why not look at our beliefs from a simpler and more loving point of view?

      This mountain with this beautiful light essence is the creator of all. Now
      all the different religions and practices and turn them into transport
      ie bus, plane, cars and trains etc. and all of us are trying to get closer
      our creator essence. Some will go by different methods. Is that so bad, does
      that make one evil or worthless?
      How can we ask others to honour and respect our beliefs, if we can't honour
      respect theirs. How can one say they live a sacred journey, if they
      inflict pain or suffering on another living creature and then not even take
      responsibility for it or not even be aware of it.

      I will give you an example. For years I worked on and off with a lass who
      a dear friend, she was very spiritual and very loving. We moved to different
      areas of the state at the time, and I was doing a camp near her area, so I
      her to say I would call in.

      I stayed for a couple of days with her family, and they had a dog, she was
      beautiful, but she was tied up on a piece of chain only 6 feet long!
      I asked my friend why the dog was chained when she had such a big yard.
      Her reply was, when she went outside, the dog jumped on her and was a

      I asked her "Why not give it away to a good home where there were children
      could play with it?". Her reply was "But she is my dog!".I said to her
      "Imagine how that little dog feels, tied up on chain, right up the back on
      own 24 hours a day. You go to work and get home late, you walk out to here
      less than a minute every night to feed her, aren't you aware of her
      and why when she is untied would she jump up for attention?".

      This little dog had been on this chain for 3 years, my friend is a wonderful
      human being but her sense of oneness had not included animals.
      Once she became aware, the chain went and another puppy was introduced as a

      End result ...... harmony.

      Copyright: Minmia

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