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RE: [Earth-3 Remembered] Crime Syndicate: The Secret Origin of the Crime Syndicate End

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  • Frank G. Murdock
    I really liked the part regarding the love letters. The potential for Atlan to have a harpoon hand is cool too. And Ken Rayner was an awesome addition. I m no
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      I really liked the part regarding the love letters. The potential for Atlan
      to have a harpoon hand is cool too.

      And Ken Rayner was an awesome addition. I'm no Kyle Rayner fan so seeing him
      as the despot he is felt good. :DGoo




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      Subject: [Earth-3 Remembered] Crime Syndicate: The Secret Origin of the
      Crime Syndicate End

      Before Johnny Quick could make any attempt to invade the lighthouse Ultra
      Man and Owlman landed nearby and approached the evil pair. Quick and Power
      Ring drew back as the colorful duo dropped out of the sky.

      Owlman glanced back at Ultra Man and said, "You've got the leaping in a
      single bound part down just fine but the landings could be a bit smoother!"

      Ultra Man sneered as he replied, "Next time take the bus! At least your
      gadget was able to track our target here!"

      Owlman said, "Once I realized he possessed mental powers I was able to trace
      him. His kind of brain is rare to say the least!"

      He turned to face Johnny Quick and Power Ring.

      "You gentleman don't need to be alarmed. We share a common foe within that
      lighthouse!" he said.

      Ultra Man said, "Yeah, We saw your fight on the news. We want to kill the
      Fishman too!"

      Power Ring said, "I've heard of you both. I'll work with you for now but I'm
      in charge!"

      Ultra Man laughed as Owlman smiled coldly.

      Ultra Man said, "Right. You'll follow our orders or else. We can take you
      two down as easy as we'll handle Atlan!"

      Quick said, "No need to argue now! What do you know about him? You said he
      had mental powers! That must be how he took control of your ring!"

      Power Ring grimaced. He was not happy that his current loss of power was
      becoming known to others.

      "Any of these punks would keep my ring if they could! I can't let that
      happen!" he thought.

      "We can take him down if we act together! That's the important part!"he

      Owlman recalled an earlier discussion he had had with Ultra Man after he
      revived on the ship.

      Ultra Man had emerged from the ocean with a dazed expression on his face.

      Owlman had questioned him and carefully deduced a few important facts.

      "You still have your ultra powers so he didn't remove them. You certainly
      didn't drown so the fact is he must have planted the idea in your mind that
      he was stronger and that you were vulnerable to his attack! He made you
      believe that you could not beat him. Clever!"

      Ultra Man had angrily accepted the truth although he was in fact uncertain
      about whether he felt more comfortable that his foe was not really stronger
      or whether he felt shame that his mind had been vulnerable to the mental

      Ultra Man felt the need to assert himself and he didn't want to appear weak
      in front of the newcomers.

      "I'll shake that lighthouse to the ground!" he cried as he leaped toward the
      old structure and shattered through the exterior like a human rocket!

      King Atlan scowled as his home was so rudely invaded!

      "You again? I suppose I'll have to kill you all now!" he said.

      He raised the power ring and slammed Ultra Man to the ground with a massive
      emerald energy barrier.

      As Quick raced forward and tried to remove the ring, Atlan slapped him to
      the ground and said, "I can read your petty brain! You can't surprise me in
      proximity nor can you move faster than I can if I don't allow it!"

      Owlman nodded to himself. "He had strong mental powers. He can inhibit their
      use of their own powers as he pleases!"

      Atlan suddenly removed the ring and hurled it across the room and out the

      Power Ring raced after it as Quick squirmed beneath Atlan's savage kicks!

      "I felt it touch my mind. That infernal device wanted my very mind and soul!
      That's why it led you to me back in Central City! It wanted to trade you for
      a superior host! I will not be salve to any mystical relic!" he said.

      Power Ring had not heard the Sea King. He was scrambling down the rocky
      shore to find the ring. He grasped it in his hand and smiled with
      satisfaction. He was in control once more! He was somebody again!

      Ultra Man knocked Atlan backward and roared, "Use your mind games on me! Try
      it! I dare you! Do it from under this whole tower!"

      He smashed through the base of the lighthouse and kept pounding away!

      Atlan barely avoided being buried by the collapsing structure as

      Owlman deftly freed the bound black haired prisoner and led her to safety.

      Quick vibrated beneath the ground and back up outside to avoid being

      "With an ally like Ultra Man, who needs an enemy? He didn't care or didn't
      think about the fact that he was going to kill us all by bringing the
      lighthouse apart!"

      Power Ring shielded them from the rubble and said, "I owed you that much!"

      Owlman turned to the woman in the skimpy black costume as he released her
      from the golden chain.

      "You're Superwoman the villainess who nearly killed the President a year
      ago! I wondered what happened to you! You've been his prisoner here from

      Superwoman said, "Yes! He enslaved me with that magical chain. It shapes
      itself as one mentally desires. It belonged to the sea god Proteus according
      to Atlan. He used me and abused me in every possible way. I'll see him dead!

      She screamed in fury and dived at Atlan from behind. As he whirled to block
      her attack he fell backward under her brutal assault!

      "You can't control me! I'll kill you first!" she shrieked!

      Owlman said, "You really can't control her. I'm blocking your power. I can't
      remove it but I can contain it!"

      Quick fled from the scene of battle and stopped before a half buried trunk.
      It had been hidden within a panel in one wall and the destruction caused by
      Ultra Man had uncovered it.

      "Treasure! It's got to be sunken treasure! " he said with a grin as he broke
      the lock with a vibrating super swift hand.

      He scowled as he shifted the contents and read through a stack of letters!

      "Sappy love letters from some babe named Atlanna! Worthless!" he cried as he
      hurled them down.

      Superwoman was clawing and punching Atlan with all her might. She resembled
      a mythical Fury as he tried to kill her captor.

      Atlan held his own against the angry Amazon but she was a better fighter and
      he was not used to fighting anyone without inhibiting them in some way. He
      was no coward and his arrogance carried the day in most situations; however,
      he had lost his home and now he was struggling to triumph against so many

      "No air breather can vanquish me! No one can defeat the rightful King of
      Atlantis!" he said.

      Ultra Man dived passed Superwoman and delivered a blow to Atlan's head.

      "I'll kill you right now!" he said with an evil smile.

      Superwoman shoved him aside but his interruption and given Atlan time to
      dive for the shore.

      Owlman said, "Catch him Power Ring! If he reaches the water, he will

      Power Ring created a green cage that held the Sea King for a few seconds but
      failed to contain him!

      King Atlan was able to break free with sheer will power in spite of Owlman's
      best efforts to block his mental might.

      He said, "I will engulf you all with the Weaver's medallion! I do not need
      its twin to destroy you all!"

      He gasped as he realized that the medallion he wore had been removed by a
      smirking Quick.

      "I was fast enough to steal this little gem! I'd say you're slipping,
      Neptune!" he said.

      As blood began to trickle out of Atlan's nose he staggered on the shore and
      fell at Superwoman's feet.

      "You were a favored pet to me!" he gasped.

      She kicked him in the face and snapped the golden lasso of Proteus around to
      snare his arm.

      "Now who is the prisoner?"s he said as she mentally commanded the lasso to
      sprout barbed spikes.

      King Atlan looked at his foes and his broken home. He knew when he was

      As the villains congratulated one another, Atlan sudden ripped out of the
      lasso and left one bound hand behind!

      He ignored his bleeding arm and plunged into the ocean!

      As the villains raced forward they found no trace of him! Once within the
      ocean he possessed powers beyond their reckoning!

      "He tore his own hand off to escape! He's was tough! I'll say that for him!"
      said Power Ring.

      Owlman said, "He'll be back someday. I can't imagine that wound will kill

      Quick said, "How does this magic necklace work? I can't get it to do a

      Superwoman said, "It only works for an Atlantean! However, I shall keep the
      Lasso of Proteus for myself!"

      She kicked the hand aside and placed her own hands on her hips.

      "You mortals were of some use to me. I will spare you all!" she said.

      Ultra Man said, "Listen, babe, we saved your sorry hide!"

      Owlman said, "We all worked well together. I could see us as a team. "

      Quick said, "Nobody could beat us! We could rule the world!"

      Superwoman said, "You may have a point. I will take you on as followers!"

      Owlman said, "Actually, I see us as a true mob. a syndicate of crime!"

      Ultra Man thought, "My father led such an organized gang. Perhaps, I should
      do so as well!"

      Power Ring said, "I'm in! We'll take over the whole planet!"

      Ultra Man said, "Agreed! We'll be what Owlman called us. We'll be the Crime

      Owlman bent over a letter as it blew across the sand.

      "Ironic. Atlan's mother wrote these to his father. She was never a captive
      or a slave. She loved the lighthouse keeper and stayed with him out of love.
      I think Atlan didn't know these letters were hidden behind that wall. I
      think he wrongly assumed or was told lies about his parents. Had he known
      the truth, he might have been a champion of the surface world!" he thought
      as he crumpled the letter up and tossed it aside.

      It blew into the sea and was swept away along with several possibilities.



      Ultra Man said, "Yeah, it was a grand start! Too bad Power Ring and Quick
      had to die!"

      Owlman said, "Look! We're not alone!"

      He jumped up as a green glow enveloped the cave and two costumed men stood
      before him!

      "I don't believe it!" he said.

      He saw the familiar red and gold costumed Johnny Quick and a younger man in
      a stylized version of Power Ring's costume.

      Quick said, "My demise was greatly exaggerated. I vibrated away from that
      magical blast and it took me all this time to become solid again! Don't you
      know nothing can kill Johnny Quick!"

      Ultra Man grunted and said, "Good. Who's that with you? That's not Baggett!"

      The black haired man said, "My name is Ken Raynor. I found Power Ring's
      ring. It called to me. I'm his successor!"

      Owlman said nothing as he looked at the two newcomers.

      "Quick, you know I don't like it when you come to my city. I'll overlook it
      this time. We need to find Superwoman and the others and make plans!"

      He scowled as Ultra Man talked with the two arrivals.

      "I planted a mental compulsion in Quick's mind a long time ago to prevent
      him from ever using his powers against me! I sense no such mental
      limitation. It could be that it wore off when he vibrated into stray
      molecules but something tells me this is not the real Johnny Quick. The
      question is, what am I going to do about it?" he thought.

      The End

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    • Frank G. Murdock
      I like how you ve fleshed out King Atlan. He s really a tragic character. Nice job. /FM From: Earth3Remembered@yahoogroups.com
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        I like how you've fleshed out King Atlan. He's really a tragic character.
        Nice job.


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        Subject: [Earth-3 Remembered] Crime Syndicate: The Secret Origin of the
        Crime Syndicate 6

        The odd duo of Power Ring and Johnny Quick managed to follow King Atlan
        across the county to a lonely lighthouse on the coast of Maine.
        Power Ring gasped for breath when they stopped on the shore below the

        "I haven't had the ring for very long. I didn't know it could be stolen by
        that. He just willed it to obey him and it did. He didn't even have to make
        contact with it! I don't know why it brought me to Central City either. He
        didn't seem to be expecting me to arrive!"

        Quick said, "I used to work for a brainy scientist at the police lab. He
        invented the helmet that gave me my speed. He once said that magic might be
        science mankind has yet to comprehend. I guess that means anything can
        happen with magical forces!"
        Power Ring said, "Yeah. Still, I got to get that ring back."

        He thought, " Without it I'm a loser!"

        Quick said, "I can try to race inside and steal it for you at super speed!
        Maybe I can recover it for you before that freak can react!"

        As the duo discussed their strategy, King Atlan sat within on a throne
        formed from ornate coral.

        At the end of his throne a gleaming chain extended to where a beautiful
        woman with long black hair and a brief black costume crouched helplessly at
        his feet. The golden cord bound her by a collar around her neck to the

        King Atlan casually stroked her hair as he stared into space.

        "I was born here. It is my secret shame. My own subjects do not know this
        lowly piece of barren rock and sand was my birthplace nor do they know I
        ever return here. In truth I am a man of two worlds and I am not fully at
        home in either of them! My mother was Atlanna, Queen of Atlantis. After a
        raging storm weakened her, she was captured and enslaved by the man who
        lived here. He used her much as I have used you. He fathered me and thus, I
        was born with the ability to survive above or below the waves. My mother was
        rescued by her people shortly after my birth. It took her subjects many
        months to locate her. They killed my father and my mother perished in the
        rescue attempt. My uncle took her throne and raised me to hate the surface
        world! I vowed at her grave that I would one day avenge her by destroying
        the air breathers. I came here as a pilgrimage of a sort; however, I have
        never allowed my subjects to know that I have made something of a home for
        myself here. Between shore and sea I remain ready for my crusade to reach
        its end but I find myself strangely drawn to learn more about the man who
        fathered me!"

        The raven haired beauty said nothing. Her will had been sapped by regular
        telepathic assaults from her captor. He held her bound to him with ties of
        more than the merely physical chain since it was magical in nature and its
        exact properties responded to his mental commands.

        King Atlan bent down and kissed her roughly before resuming his brooding. It
        was a very troubled head that wore his crown.

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      • libbyblawrence
        Thanks. It is fun to give some humanity to these otherwise monstrous versions of E-1 heroes.
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          Thanks. It is fun to give some humanity to these otherwise monstrous versions of E-1 heroes.
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