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1268The Crimelords Epilogue

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  • lawrenceliberty
    Mar 8 12:18 PM


      By the time Ultra Man and Owlman reached Earth, their Crime Syndicate allies Super Woman, Power Ring I, Johnny Quick, Microbe, and the Mighty Isis had also returned from their time on Qward.

      At Owlman’s suggestion, Ultra Man had agreed with his friend not to tell the  others about Argo City or the possibility of Kryptonian technology that could be salvaged from the empty city. They would keep the secret of the doomed dome city to themselves.

      Deadeye, Silk Canary, and the Martian Warlord also said nothing about their new allies Blue Fox, VIbrax, Cyborg Superman, and Nomad.  They merely claimed to have defeated Zatox and his group with use of the other-dimensional projector Luther had last used against them and the Lawless League.

      “I was able to reconstruct the projector and I used it to trap them. They called themselves the Ultra Man Revenge Squad but while they claimed to owe their freedom to the arrival of your own ship years ago, I read their minds and learned they were really intergalactic cops sent to trick you and capture us all!” said the crafty alien.

      Ultra Man said, “I wish I had had a chance to get my hands on them!”

      J’Imm nodded readily. His lie had worked and he had also preserved the secret of his new formed team of villains.

      Even as the villains schemed and plotted against one another and the world as a whole, a group of sorrowful heroes in the League of Assistance mourned the death of young Red Raven.

       As La Mano Aporto conducted the funeral service, The Red Hood and Himitsu stood silently by the grave stone.

      “I should have protected him. I’m to blame for his death!” said Red Hood.

      Himitsu took his hand and said, “You could not have anticipated everything eventuality.  I sometimes feel as though heroes are destined to lose on this world no matter how well their intentions are.”

      Red Hood said, “I don’t know about that.  I only know my father said his mission would possibly change things for us all and while he alerted me that he was back, things only seem that much darker!”

      The End

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