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  • lawrenceliberty
    Mar 1, 2014
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      Deadeye grinned in his normal cocky manner. He felt no fear. He relished the sheer thrill of being in action. He also glanced over at the allies he and the Martian had assembled.

      “I think we got a good shot at teaching these punks to stay in their own cosmic backyard!” he thought.

      Ever since Oliver Queen had embezzled a fortune from his hapless employer, he had lived a charmed life.  He had enjoyed the proverbial life of wine, women, and song. In or out of costume, he and his drug addict ward Roy had relished their hedonistic lifestyle for years. While both the man and the teen had sobered up eventually due to the demands of their perilous life of crime, they still savored thrills for their own sake.

      “Being sober makes it easier to enjoy living on the edge. I’m no crusader but I’m glad the kid and I kicked our habit!” he mused.

      Now, he aimed his bow and glanced left and right at his new allies.

      The Silk Canary (Dana Drake Lance) waited warily. The blonde bombshell wore her brief pink costume with fishnet hosiery and her long black wig. She adored Deadeye and had a deep seated desire to kill anyone associated the law enforcement. She blamed all cops in general for the death of her late gangster father and while Zartox and company were fellow killers, she had no problem venting a bit on them in the absence of any heroes!

      “We can rub out Dr. Atlanta and his gang when we finish with the aliens!”she thought with a bright smile on her face.

      Nomad (Chrissie Reynolds) wore a solid black jumpsuit with gaudy feathered earrings, clanging bracelets and an array of tacky costumed jewelry. She stood near the hulking figure of the Martian Warlord.

      The white hued alien grinned cruelly and rubbed his hands together. He was ready for combat. He no longer had any fears! He even anticipated ridding himself of the other Martian in his head after he triumphed over the invaders.

      A handsome Puerto Rican youth clad in a solid black costume with red trim across the chest, the wrists, and the top of his boots stood by Nomad’s side. He admired the girl’s figure and he adjusted his reflective visor as he assumed an air of bravado.

      Vibrax (Rick Ramone) was a mutant and his remarkable ability to generate vibrations of various levels of strength and precision had made him the leader of more than one Los Angeles street gang.  Beneath his cocky manner were depths of potential and sensitivity that even he had not yet discovered.

      The Blue Fox (Marni Maksai) was a sultry black woman in a brief blue and white leotard with a fox emblem that hung from a pendent around her neck. She crouched in a predatory manner to one side. She had been raised as the beloved daughter of a ruthless warlord who had carved out his own private kingdom in the heart of the African nation of Zambesi.

      The Cyborg Superman (Harry Henshaw) was a young man whose entire body had been laced with steel until he was more machine than man. He wore a red and blue uniform with a hood. He was nervous but he was also strong and nearly indestructible so he had nothing to truly fear.

      The Martian Warlord said, “You claim to be Ultra Man’s allies but you never even met him! When the authorities of his home world launched him into space in suspended animation, his rocket’s flight path opened a space warp that brought rubble from his exploding home world into the path of a prison craft in which you were all restrained! The wreck enabled you to escape. You only owe your freedom to him due to a cosmic fluke!”

      Tamara clutched her injured leg and said, “He read my mind! I feel so violated!”

      Zartox said, “We owe Ultra Man our thanks.  It is true we should have come to offer him our loyalty and support years ago but we delayed.  Still, we would have stood by his side when you fled!”

      At that moment, El Dorado teleported back into the cavern and instantly moved from one fallen ally to another. He teleported all of the fallen heroes to safety and then collapsed.

      “I have liberated my friends and our valiant fellow champions so we may resume our fight against those fiends when we have rested.  I fear nothing we can do will truly enable us to defeat them!” he thought.

      Back inside the Fortress, moments later Goli’s orange steed broke through a wall and joined the giggling boy.

      “Now, this is going to be good!” cried the green youth.

      The Revenge Squad charged at the newcomers even as the agile Blue Fox felt the Martian Warlord’s mind link her own with the strange thoughts of the orange alien beast.

      She smiled seductively and then leaped straight at Aluma! She matched the blonde blow for blow and laughed with pleasure as she tapped into the alien animal’s own powers!

      She ducked under Alum’s swing and connected with a flurry of punches that contained the raw power of the alien animal!

      Aluma gasped as she fell backward and found herself on the losing end of the fight! She was strong and fast and smart but she lacked the brute strength of the beast that now fueled Blue  Fox’s own power to mimic the abilities of animals!

      “J’Imm’s mental link enabled me to copy that thing’s power. Normally, I can only copy Earth animals! This feels wonderful!” exulted Mari as she clawed, kicked, and battered Aluma!

       Nearby, Goli screamed in horror and rage as his beloved pet shuddered and then died at his feet!

      He sobbed furiously and pounded the ground with his fists as he clutched his dead pet to his chest.

      The green youth mourned for the only thing he had ever loved and he did so while the pet stood nearby and gazed at his master with a confused expression on its face!

      Goli could neither see nor hear his pet. All of his senses had been clouded by Nomad’s illusion projecting power.  He truly lived through the death of his pet although the alien animal was unharmed and stood inches away from the sobbing boy!

      Nomad laughed merrily as the alien boy fell deeper under the spell of her illusions!

      “The little punk is going to give himself a stroke!” she laughed.

      Meanwhile, Tamara was already weakened by the magical wound Himitsu had inflicted upon her leg.  She limped forward only to fall hard as the Cyborg Superman pulled her into a crushing embrace and began to snap her ribs!

      “This will be over soon, Babe!” said the sneering youth!

      Silk Canary screamed and the force of her Canary Cry slammed into the orange animal near Goli’s side and drove it to its knees! It possessed sensitive ears and her sonic blast hurt the creature!

      As the Martian Warlord elongated one arm and knocked the crying Goli out, Zartox ignited him with heat vision!

      The alien roared with pain as Deadeye smothered the flames that darted across his body with a chemical foam arrow!

      “Hold on, J’imm!  We’re winning!” cried the Ace Archer!

      J’imm groaned and then slowly regained his feet. The burns would heal and he was too ruthless to give up while life remained in his body. He frowned as he wondered if in some manner he now also had some of the other Martian’s strength and courage. He silenced the voice in his head and studied the combat scene!

      Don Avon aimed his gauntlet at the villains and sent a blue bolt of energy straight into Zartox’s back!

      He gasped as he realized he had been deceived by one of Nomad’s illusions! He turned to see the girl vanish!

      “I can locate you with my gauntlet!” he shouted.

      He screamed as the Blue Fox abruptly severed his arm above the elbow with her claws!

       She rolled out of his path and kicked his severed arm with the attached power gauntlet aside.

      The Martian Warlord connected with a punch that knocked the blond young man out.

      Zartox had already recovered from the beam that had struck his back. He saw all of his allies had met defeat while he had been strangely unable to respond during the whole fight!

      “What have you done to me?” he gasped.

      Vibrax grinned and said, “I shifted you out of sync with this timeline, Dude! It made everything happen at a different rate of speed to your altered perceptions! My chronal vibes shifted you until you could not realize it!”

      Zartox said, “I will rip you apart!”

      He flew at Vibrax and then vanished  as he and all of his fallen allies disappeared in the wake of Vibrax’s raised and outstretched arms!

      “Well done, young man!” said The Martian Warlord as he realized what Vibrax had done!

      “It was nothing any sensational dude like me couldn’t do!” boasted Vibrax.

      Nomad said, “What did you do to them?”

      Vibrax shrugged and said, “It was simple, Chica! I vibrated them all into a limbo between our dimension and another one. They won’t get back here until we are ready to retirement!”

      Blue Fox said, “They possess super speed. They could find the right vibrational pattern to get ack here any second!”

      Vibrax said, “Don’t sweat it, Gorgeous! I planted randomly changing vibes in each of their bodies.  They can’t find the way back to our dimension because their bodies won’t stop shaking to an internal tune all my own!  I set them up so they won’t be able to ever match the right vibes to return here!”

      Deadeye said, “Far freakin; out! We did it!  We took down a bunch of super thugs without any help from my former partners in peril!”

      Silk Canary smiled and said, “We don’t need them anymore!”

      Cyborg Superman frowned as he said, “They are back! I picked up news bulletins on my artificial ear. Power Ring, Johnny Quick, Super Woman, Microbe, and some killer looker named Isis appeared in the heart of Metropolis minutes ago! No sign of Owlman or Ultra Man!”

      The Martian Warlord said, “Deadeye, Silk Canary and I have our problems with the others. Even though some of them have returned from Qward, I suggest we keep this little assembly a secret. When we choose to make them aware that a new team of villains now exists to challenge or supplant them, we shall do so but not until that moment!”

      Deadeye said, “Yeah, Martin! I like it. We will keep them in the dark and then when we’re ready we’ll let them know a new and improved Crime Syndicate is in town now!”

      Laughter filled the cavern as the new allies made their plans!

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