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  • lawrenceliberty
    Feb 14, 2014

      In the spacious Italian villa of La Mano Aporto or the Open Hand, the seemingly immortal benefactor ushered his adopted daughter Himitsu, Red Hood, and Red Raven into a communications center.

      “I have already dispatched the Triad to deal with a dangerous gangster in Bludhaven. The Tattered Man and the Cretin haven been spotted there and I fear some kind of super mob is forming there. I wanted you three to watch this disturbing video that shows another of my agents in peril. I think rather than aid Raptor, Barracuda, and Vulpine, you may need to deal with a new threat of a larger scale!” said the graying man as he sat behind a massive desk and spoke to his allies in a hushed tone of voice.

        Himitsu (Tatsu Toro) was now fully costumed. She wore a gray costume with red protective greaves over each leg and a mask with the rising sun on its center above her eyes. A word hung across her back and her lower face was covered with a concealing white powder much like that used by the celebrated geishas of an earlier age.

      She stood close to the Red Hood (Thomas Wayne Jr.) and his teen partner Red Raven (Lance Bruner). She had grown up with the Red Hood and she did indeed have romantic feelings for her heroic man.

      They gazed in silence as a disturbing scene played out on the video screen.

      “This was taken in Nigeria in the large city of Lagos where my agent Mohammed Ibn Bornu keeps order in spite of the oppressive regime that threatens to destroy the progress made there prior to the civil wars of the middle 1980s. I’ll let the footage speak for itself!” said The Open Hand.

      They watched as a heroic man in a white turban and a green and orange costume with short sleeves and dark boots rode across the sky on a gleaming metallic steed! The man was muscular and golden bracelets adorned each arm.  A scimitar hung from a belt near his tunic and he held a long golden spear across the saddle of his robotic mount.

      He seemed to be patrolling the busy city and he was greeted with cheers from many onlookers from below. He had in fact created a name for himself by defeating many of the pirates or drug trafficking “campus cults” that terrorized the region. Now, however, the young champion was about to be attacked from a much more dangerous foe!

      A high pitched giggle echoed out through the speakers as a green hued youth with a strange raised ridge across the top of his head rode into view on a orange creature that resembled a mutated horse with extra limbs. The boy wore a yellow costume with purple trim and boots. He struck Mohammed Ibn Bornu from the side and the Nigerian hero fought to retain his position on his own flying steed.

      He swung out with his golden spear and electrical energy crackled down its shaft and caught the mocking attacker in a nimbus of energy.

      The green boy seemed to ignore the energy and he casually slapped the startled man off his robotic horse with one cruel blow! As the stunned hero fell through the sky, his horse responded to an automatic signal and swooped down to catch him before he could be harmed.

      The leering alien youth rode onward and directed a red beam from his eyes downward in front of his path. The heat beams burned across the ground and swept through anything they came in contact with although no people were harmed since the startled citizens had fled from the frightening invader!

      The Red Hood said, “Was Ibn Bornu hurt badly?”

      La Mano Aporto said, “No. Other agents of mine tended to him. He was knocked out with one glancing blow though. The alien has super powers including amazing strength!”

      Red Raven slammed his gloved fist into his other hand and said, “I’d like to teach that punk some manners!”

      La Mano Aporto said, “You’ll have your chance, my young friend although I have more to tell you. He is not alone.  I have additional videos for you to watch! This next encounter happened earlier in  Mexico City where my agent Princess Tlaca met another alien invader with equally troubling results!”

      The monitor screen showed a brilliantly sunny day in Mexico City where two striking figures wrestled furiously high over the crowded city streets.

      Princess Tlaca who was also sometimes known locally as Xiuhtecutli, was a lovely young woman who claimed to be the embodiment of the Aztec sun goddess. She flew effortlessly overhead with a golden glow surrounding her body. She was dressed in a brief purple and orange costume with ornate bracelets and heavy golden jewelry. She struggled as a taller blonde woman in a white and green costume with a short green cape grappled with her.

      “You are strong but you are not as strong as I am! I admire your spirit but that admiration will not prevent me from doing what must be done!” said the condescending blonde.

      Princess Tlaca had attacked the flying woman after spotting her rampaging through the heart of the city. She had managed to drag the blonde into the sky where no civilians could be harmed but the proud Mexican heroine was  already losing the battle. The recorded image blurred as the blonde moved at super human speed and struck the other woman repeatedly! Princess Tlaca’s golden glow faded as she fell out of the sky and crashed to the ground below.

      The blonde woman smiled coldly for a moment and then glanced downward as a beam of energy blazed from her blue eyes and burned a strange path across the city streets below!

      La Mano Aporto said, “Almost the same thing happened to one of my North American agents Seneca. In spite of his ability to change his size, the heroic champion was easily bested by a mocking alien who also left a scorch across the ground near their battle.”

      He gestured to a scene in which a giant Native American was tossed across a field by a muscular man in a brown and yellow costume. The victor had a brown mustache and a stern expression. He was balding but he clearly possessed incredible power in spite of any slight sign of age.

      “I lack any video evidence but my sources have informed me that multiple other alien invaders have appeared around the globe and have followed his example in blasting the ground with various energy beams!”

      “Why? Are they trying to show off or something?” asked the Red Raven.

      “Easy, son. I think our leader has more to tell us if you’ll settle down!” said The Red Hood.

      The ancient leader of the League of Assistance said, “Do not curb his youthful enthusiasm. We will need such zeal to keep us going if this invasion of five is as bad as it seems!”

      Red Hood said, “What do you mean, sir?”

      The old man said, “The heat beams burned a particular symbol in the ground at each site of an alien encounter. As shown from above, you may see they take the form of the stylized U that serves as Ultra Man’s emblem! I fear these aliens represent an invasion of evil beings from his home world!”

      At that moment, a young man in an elaborate cloak and a red and green costume appeared in the center of the room.

      “Sir, I thought you should see this immediately!” he said.

      He adjusted the monitor screen until it showed what appeared to be some kind of press conference.

      “It is being covered by almost every network!” he said.

      La Mano Aporto nodded and said, “Thank you, El Dorado. This is timely indeed. Those odd beings are the aliens we were discussing!”

      Red Raven said, “Listen, they are making some kind of statement in flawless English!”

      El Dorado said, “No, they are speaking in Spanish!”

      Red Hood said,” I think through some kind of universal translation device or innate power they are enabling all listeners to hear them in their own native language!”

      The five aliens stood before assembled reporters and addressed the crowd of listeners with an easy confidence.

      The balding man in brown and gold said, “I am Zartox of Valeron. “

      The blonde who had beaten Tlaca said, “I am Aluma Alynai of Staryl.”

      The giggling green youth who had bested Ibn Bornu said, “I am Goli of Durim and this is Quisto!”  He caressed the weird orange creature who served as his steed.

      A blond man in a green costume waved to the onlookers and in doing so displayed a large gauntlet which covered most of one arm. “I am Don Avon of Belgor!”

       The final alien was a striking woman with long white hair, pale blue skin, and a bright leotard of red, white, and blue.

      “I am Tamara of Ganelon!” she said in a musical tone of voice.

      Zartox said, “We have come here from our respective worlds with a single goal. We will dominate this world and punish all who oppose us. We will meet all challenges and we will triumph in the name of the one who brought us together in the first place. We owe everything to one man and it is in his name that we have come to rule you! We are the Ultra Man Revenge Squad and we mean to teach you all that your past opposition to him will not go unpunished!”

      La Mano Aporto turned to his own allies and said, “It is much as I feared. They may not be Kryptonian but they do represent a threat on the level of Ultra Man himself!”

      Red Hood  put one arm around Himitsu and said, “They may be an even bigger threat than the Crime Syndicate themselves!”

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