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  • The Time Trust
    Feb 10, 2014
      I love this chapter. Owlman's inclusion here is perfect, with him and Ultraman being the World's Most Wanted duo.
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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      Ultra Man rushed forward toward Kor-LL and said, “What kind of trick is this? I don’t have any brothers and if I did they sure wouldn’t… !”
      Owlman interrupted his friend and said, “Kor-LL, we appreciate the way you rescued us and took pains for our comfort but you must understand that this is a bit of a shock. Kel grew up without any hint that he had any siblings!”
      Ultra Man nodded slowly. He said, “If you are my brother why didn’t you try to contact me years ago? Why didn’t my…our…father tell me about you?”
      Kor-LL smiled and stood up. He came forward and said, “I am sorry. I was too abrupt with you. Our father had many enemies and so he kept us separate to protect us. He hid me in an estate he secretly owned in Argo City. His aides cared for me and he nurtured my intellectual curiosity by leaving me alone with access to many technological resources! I watched you from various monitors around the planet but father was so worried about my safety that he never allowed me to leave the estate and he seldom visited since he feared one of his foes might track him here and harm me!”
      Ultra Man smiled bitterly and said, “Yeah? That sounds like the high and mighty Jur-LL. He really knew everything except how to be a father!”
      Owlman said, “Kor-LL, your father’s enemies did catch up to him. He was betrayed by one of his own aides. That’s how Kel was caught and launched into orbit in a form of suspended animation. When the planet exploded, his rocket was propelled to safety.”
      Kor-LL said, “I know! I saw the whole thing. I was able to save this little slice of Argo City by activating an environmental protection dome that I had created. I saw one of father’s aircars heading for the city. I waited until it landed on the grounds and then activated the dome. I thought it would be a pleasant surprise for him! He would see the fruits of my own genius and be impressed. Needless to say, my dome saved our home and all within it when the planet exploded.  My robots have provided us with all the labor we need to keep our home safe. “
      Ultra Man said, “Wait a minute! Our father escaped along with our bratty cousin into some kind of mind zone! He outlived Krypton but he sure didn’t do so by hiding under your precious dome!”
      Kor-LL said, “Dear brother, you misunderstood me. In my pleasure at this joyful meeting, I failed to make myself clear. Our father’s aircar landed here and I sealed the dome right before the quakes started and our world died its premature death; however, the driver was not our father but one of his minions! Had I realized the driver was not father but was someone else, I would not have activated the dome and we might all have perished!”
      Owlman said, “It was a fortuitous error on your part!”
      Ultra Man said, “So you and the people who were in this manor at the time the dome went up have been living here ever since the planet blew up?  What made you decide to beam us here at that specific moment? I’ve been in plenty of rough spots before and you sure didn’t make yourself known to me!”
      Kor-LL raised his hands in a placating gesture and he said, “I only completed the teleportation ray after I saw your enemy Luther make use of something similar on the planet Rann!”
      Owlman said, “You spoke of monitors. Can you show us what happened to Superwoman and the others on our team?”
      Kor-LL almost clapped his hands with pleasure.
      “I certainly can! Your partners in crime escaped with help from the Egyptian goddess! Sadly, I lost all contact with Qward after that!” he said with a sigh.
      Ultra Man said, “I’m not much for family. I don’t know how to react to learning about you. I can’t just become some beloved sibling at the blink of an eye.”
      Kor-LL said, “We will become close. We will have years in which to get to know one another. I even brought your friend here so you would not feel so alone while you become accustomed to life here. My subjects call me King Krypton but you will be treated like royalty as well!”
      Kel-LL grinned and said, “I could get used to that! I bet there are things here that could wipe old Luther off the Earth too!”
      Owlman followed the duo as they entered a dining hall and he frowned as he adjusted the special goggles in his mask.
      “Something is very wrong here. Even if I buy his story, Kor-LL is clearly deranged. Perhaps the isolation or the weird circumstances of his life have warped him. While all these subjects seem to adore him and they can’t lose their smiles. I almost think they’re under some spell.  I can’t detect any radiation or any mind control device but there’s a chalky substance all over the place. It can’t be detected except by my microscopic scan but it coats the whole palace!” thought Owlman.
      “I think this return to Krypton is a bit too idyllic to be real!” he thought.

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