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  • The Time Trust
    Feb 10, 2014
      Great Suns! Quite a revelation!

      I remember the Earth-1 version of King Krypton. That was the Kryptonian who turned into an ape and later landed in Africa, where he was given the name of King Krypton for his heroic deeds. He was able to cure himself only through a fatal exposure to green kryptonite. I always wondered what his real name was, since it wasn't given in that story; I'm guessing it wouldn't be the same name as the Earth-3 version.
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      The real Ultra Man scowled in surprise as he glanced once more around the strangely familiar environment in which he had awakened following a massive explosion on the planet Qward!
      “Krypton? Everything about this place reminds me of Krypton. The furniture and the design of this room and even the writing on that corny decoration over there all seem to be authentically Kryptonian!” he mused.
      He looked down at Owlman and noticed with satisfaction that his friend was slowly recovering as well. Neither of them had been hurt by the energy that swept over them when they were attacked by the evil General Fabricant of Qward!
      “I don’t see the others! Did they die? If so, why do I seem to care?” he thought.
      He looked over at the robotic servant who had entered the room moments before to announce that he was safe and welcome in Argo City!
      “You called this place Argo City. That was one of the cities on my lost home world. Is this some kind of hoax? If you think you can play games with me, you are sadly mistaken!” he cried.
      Owlman stood up and said, “Kel, we need to hear him out. This is far too sophisticated to be a mere trick. My mental powers are enough to assure me that no one is trying to delude us with some illusion!”
      Ultra Man grinned and said, “So you were awake all the time? That’s typical of you. You are always a step ahead of everybody! I’m glad you’re okay though! I guess my body shielded you from the blast!”
      Owlman nodded and said, “I suspect we were both transported away from Qward before the shockwaves of the explosion could reach us. I believe we are about to meet our unknown benefactor!”
      He frowned as he looked down at his own costume. “This belt seems to be an environmental protection device. I think it is altering the gravity or some aspect of this environment around me!”
      Ultraman frowned as he said, “Yeah? Something is way off. I don’t have my powers! I didn’t even notice when I first woke up!”
      The small droid chirped in reply.
      “You are correct. The belt is a necessary addition to your equipment because our gravity and other environmental factors would be detrimental to your Earth-born ally and your remarkable powers are also lacking due to this location’s artificial simulation of Krypton’s gravity and sun!”
      Ultra Man said, “I don’t like being powerless! I don’t ever want to go back to being the way I was before I reached Earth again!”
      Owlman thought, “Kel characteristically ignored or gave no thought to the larger significance of the droid’s statement.  Apparently, we have reached some lost colony or otherwise surviving remnant of his lost home planet! If this much of Krypton lives, we may actually be among what could potentially be a city full of super powered beings! I am not certain what this development will mean for my own plans either!”
      The droid said, “I am sorry for your distress and confusion. When Krypton exploded, certain structures within Argo City survived intact due to their confinement within a protective environmental dome! This dome was designed by my creator. He is your host. He is the ruler of this small asteroid!”
      Owlman smiled coldly.
      “By all means, take us to your leader!” he said.
      As they followed the droid the World’s fiercest duo came out into long halls that led past spacious rooms with ornate art work and highly advanced technological devices. Conservatories and greenhouses were adjacent to labs and art galleries.
      Ultra Man said, “This really is Argo or some part of it! It is like being back home again. I don’t like the way it makes me feel!”
      Owlman said, “Easy, chum. This mysterious host must be a genius and he apparently means us no harm!”
      They began to encounter men and women of various ages. They were all smiling benignly and were dressed in the traditional garments associated with the lost planet Krypton. The men wore headbands that indicated their various castes while the women wore brightly colored short dresses.
      The duo climbed a steep flight of stairs that led into a beautifully decorated reception room where courtiers lined the walls and seemed to listen attentively if not reverently to every pronouncement from their leader who sat rather awkwardly on a throne!
      He was an astonishing looking being for several reasons. He wore a blue and red costume that matched Ultra Man’s own garb and his features actually matched the villain’s own except for the fact that the ruler’s eyes were bright with intelligence and humor but his facial features and body were cruelly distorted. His back was swollen and his legs were twisted and gaunt. His neck seemed to be permanently bent toward the right.
      “What kind of freak is he?” thought Ultra Man as he stared at his distorted double!
      “Do not be alarmed! You are welcome here! I have yearned to see you in person after watching you from afar via my monitoring devices for far too long! This is a day for rejoicing! Although we have never met, Kel-LL, we have a bond that can’t be broken! While my good subjects refer to me as King Krypton you may call me by my true name of Kor-LL for we are brothers!” he cried in an oddly weak voice.
       “Great Suns!” whispered Ultra Man in surprise.

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