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1253RE: E1/2 equivalents

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  • lawrenceliberty
    Feb 3, 2014
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      Sure.  Is there one in particular that  interested you?

      The Triad- Raptor, Vulpine, and Barracuda are the good versions of Batman's foes the Terrible Trio: Vulture, Fox, and Shark.

      Secret is the adopted daughter of the good Ras Al Ghul- La Mano APorto

      and has no E-1 counterpart since she is not Talia. When in costume, she would actually resemble the Tatsu Toro -New 52 version of Katana although she is not E-3's Tatsu Yamashiro.  I guess if there is a TY on E-3 she would be older and wear something like the red and yellow costume Katana wore in Outsiders.

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