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  • lawrenceliberty
    Feb 1, 2014
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      Power Ring and Ultra Man exchanged evil grins as they silently approached a rather petite young Japanese woman as she made her way down one of the avenues that spiraled outward from the central platform of the Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo. The victim was very pretty and was dressed in a stylish dress designed by Rei Kawkubo. Everything about her demeanor suggested culture, discernment, and of greatest interest to the gangsters, wealth!

      Ultra Man adjusted his sunglasses and leather jacket and he and his partner glanced over to where they had parked their motorcycles.  No one would dare to touch them since everyone in the area feared the Bosozuko riders who had dared to name themselves after members of the infamous Crime Syndicate!

      Power Ring was short and stocky but he was eager. He reached out one gloved hand for the young woman’s arm only to gasp in pain as she spun around and kicked him in the stomach! He staggered backward only to receive a second stunning blow as he agile girl followed up her first move with another swift and impressive strike! Ultra Man cursed and charged at her as she crouched in anticipation!

      Before he could touch her, she flipped through the air and over his head. Before he could turn around, she knocked him cold with one blow to the head.

      She looked down at the fallen thugs and smiled with satisfaction.

      “That never gets old!” she thought.

      Applause echoed from above and she looked up to see a man in a black costume with an ornate and stylized mask shaped like a bird with large eyes and a gold beak.

      He glided down on the wings that were built into his costume and said, “Secret! Himitsu! You are more lovely than ever before!”

      She smiled and said, “Raptor, you say that to all the girls.  I think you try to overcompensate for all the time you spend with the other members of the Triad. How are Barracuda and Vulpine?”

      Raptor said, “They are fine but forget about them! I have come here to summon you homeward! Your esteemed foster father La Mano Aporto wishes for you to join others in his League of Assistance for a special mission!”

      The young woman smiled eagerly. “I will be pleased to see my father and our home once more.”

      Raptor (Gunther Chadwick) frowned beneath his mask. He knew that she really wanted to see her father’s most esteemed agent the Red Hood. She had always had a crush on the heroic man and she clearly had not lost her ardor for him.

      Himitsu hesitated and then broke the awkward silence. “I was sorry to hear about the death of Art Brown- Mr. Clue. He was a good man!”

      Raptor shrugged and said, “Yes, but death is always waiting in our line of work. He knew that when he joined us. His daughter is eager to carry on his work.”

      Himitsu thought of how the mysterious and seemingly immortal La Mano Aporto had created a vast network of super heroes around the world. The wise and compassionate man inspired great devotion in all of his agents and as his foster child, the bright and skilled Himitsu wanted nothing more than to please him!

      “Sharon Brown is a smart young lady. As I said, it will be good to be home again!” she said.