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  • The Time Trust
    Jan 30, 2014
      Now those are a couple of really tantalizing epilogues! Can't wait to see what you do with these plots!
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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      Meanwhile, Power Ring (Ken Raynor) had fled from the mocking General Fabricant and his humanoid parasite the Quarmer only to find himself growing weary and agitated.
      “I can’t seem to concentrate! My energy is growing dimmer too!” he thought as he landed and hid behind a deserted old barracks.
      “The explosion killed Ultra Man and Owlman! I don’t know how I survived but my ring still seems like it has been damaged!” he whispered.
      “Everything has gone wrong for me since I found the ring! Sometimes it seems like it is taking over my mind!” he cried.
      He gasped as golden light illuminated the sky and a humanoid shape descended to confront him.
      She was blonde and beautiful and wore a gold and white leotard.  She had delicate features and he stared in disbelief since she was a woman he knew very well!
      “Alexandra? How can you be here? I searched everywhere for you, Babe!” he stammered.
      The golden glow expanded around her in a protective field that stopped him in his tracks.
      “Ken? I can’t believe it either but where else would evil scum like you belong than on Qward? I fled from you after the last beating you gave me! I couldn’t stand to listen to your promises to never hurt me again! I changed my name and hid out until my life changed forever!” she said.
      Power Ring said, “It was good when we were together! I meant it when I said I would never hit you again. I love you! You don’t know how much I’ve needed you these last few years!”
      Alexandra De Witt said, “I was shot by a gangster after I tried to extort money from him.  I would have died and I would have deserved it too since I had been a ruthless loser all my life! I didn’t die though. An energy being called the Starheart saved me by merging with me. It wanted to know what being human meant. It had been banished from Qward because the soldiers fear magic and revere science. It changed me and made me a heroine! I fight people like you now!”
      Power Ring said, “Yeah? That’s why I could not find you even with the ring. You were here all along!”
      He staggered forward and cried out in pain as his ring suddenly vanished from his hand!
      “I’m dying!  My ring is gone and I can barely stand up. Please help me!” he pleaded.
      Starheart said, “I don’t know how you became a super villain but I won’t let you die. You hurt me badly and I hated you but I will help you live if I can!”
      She bent over the fallen man and allowed her golden energies to pass over him.
      “I don’t understand it. You were caught in an energy blast but you also seem to have been weakened by some kind of infection! Even my power can’t restore you, Ken,” she said.
      His eyes widened in shock and suddenly he lurched passed her and struck a newcomer that had silently approached her from behind!
      It was the Quarmer! As the misshapen being grabbed Power Ring, he screamed and yet he made no effort to break free.
      “I’ll save you, Babe! I’ll die for you! I owe you that! I’ll prove I love you!” he said.
      Starheart whirled around and aimed a beam of golden energy at the parasite!
      It hurled a now nearly dissociated Power Ring to the ground and shambled toward Starheart but before it could reach her, Luther and Phil Martin approached!
      “I saw the bright flare and figured we should check it out!” said Luther as he dropped down to block the creature from the girl.
      “Dr. Luther! I have read about you! Can you help us?” said Starheart,
      Alex Luther said, “I will certainly try!”
      Phil Martin said, “I think this is the right moment for me to do my part! Ever since my accident, I’ve wanted to find a way to be useful!”
      The old man bravely walked directly toward the monstrous being and smiled as the creature touched him!
      Instead of draining his life force, the Quarmer grew smaller as if Phil Martin was absorbing its own energies! That was exactly what was happening!
      As the old scientist drained the monster’s power, the creature shrank and the meek man underwent a strange transformation. He grew more muscular and then the exposed parts of his body like his head and hands vanished from sight!
      The Quarmer seemed to blink out of existence as the last of its stolen power was taken in  by the glowing professor!
      “Dr. Martin, or the Invisible Creator as he has called himself since an accident gave him certain powers, can absorb energy although the more he takes in, the less tangible he becomes!” explained Luther.
      Rose Sapphire said, “The elderly one has been feeding on the Qwa bolts our force fields deflect! You’ve been feeding him energy all along, haven’t you Luther?”
      Luther nodded as Dr. Martin expanded in size until he towered over Qwa-Deen and the assembled Weaponeers gazed at him in horror! He only grew stronger from each exposure to their most reliable means of attack!
      Blonde Orchid frowned. “He truly is beating them! I expected some opposition and assumed I could take advantage of such conflict but now what can I do to rid myself of the great Dr. Luther? Maybe, I should just continue to play along as the dutiful do gooder!”
      Starheart shook her head sadly as she stood up and looked down at Ken Raynor’s body.
      “He’s gone! I loved him once and then that love turned into hate. Now, I only feel regret!” she said.
      Rose Sapphire said, “What should we do with his ring? I would claim it as a trophy!”
      Luther glanced over at the gigantic form of Dr. Martin and said, “The ring has disappeared! I will worry about that later. Dr. Martin, if you will stop absorbing the ambient qwa energy around us, I believe our foes may be ready to submit!”
      At that moment General Fabrikant approached and said, “You have robbed us of what made us great. Still, even without my Quarmer or our energy bolts, we are a proud race and will fight until the end!  To stop us, you will have to become the greatest mass murderer in this cosmos! Will you kill every man, woman, and child on Qward?”
      Luther said, “No! I am not a killer! The Quarmer was pure energy and never truly lived. As for your people, without weapons, you can’t defeat us.  Your bolts are useless. Their energies will no longer empower your tanks or assault vehicles. Your bombs only make Dr. Martin stronger! I offer you a chance for peaceful surrender!”
      General Fabrikant said, “You do not understand my true abilities! Those obelisks that dot our landscape are full of more energy than even your living weapon may absorb! Enjoy your victory while you may!”
      He pressed a switch on his gauntlet and across the barren world of Qward every obelisk exploded at once!
      A brilliant blast of energy scorched the surface of Qward and the group was thrown away from one  another by the shockwaves!
       Luther was caught by surprise for once and as the golden energy rained down on them.
      “My armor can’t protect us against energy of this magnitude!” he thought.
      He could not see the others as the rubble separated them.
      Meanwhile, Rose Sapphire had tried to shield Cataclysm, Blonde Orchid, and Clock Queen as they found themselves separated from Luther!
      “My energy couldn’t block that amount of power but we were partially shielded anyway! Where is Dr. Martin? I don’t see him either! He may be why we survived!” she said.
      There was no sign of the Invisible Creator but then again Clock Queen speculated that the old man might have saved them all from certain death by drawing in most of the raw power released from the obselisk bombs!
      “I think that kindly old man sacrificed his physical form to protect us! Didn’t Alex say the more he drew in the less tangible he became?” she said.
      Cataclym shrugged and said, “My powers will put us where we need to be! Just relax!”
      At that moment, Starheart spotted them and  flew toward them as if any answer to Booker’s probability altering powers!
      She snared them as well and warped into space above Qward.
      “I do not know if I can get you back home! The obelisks weakened me too!” she thought.
      At that moment a red spaceship appeared and teleported them all above!
      “Brainiac! John!” cried Luther as he recognized the android.
      “Logic dictated that I obey your wishes. Friendship dictated that I ignored them and came to help you!” said the green humanoid.
      Luther smiled and shook hands with his friend.
      “I can’t argue with that. You saved us all!” he said.
      Brainiac said, “My sensors indicate there is no trace of the Crime Syndicate. They departed from Qward in some manner that defies science!”
      Luther said, “I suppose that ends our alliance although I still wonder what to do about Qward? It may be in ruins but it still exists as do its fanatical natives!”
      Brainiac said, “I have a compromise!  Containment is our best option!”
      He activated another control on his ship and a beam emerged to swallow the planet Qward!
      It materialized in a shrunken but preserved form within a huge bottle.
      “I have reduced the planet and stored it in perfect environmental stasis! While the evil of Qward lives on, it is now contained!” he said.
      Luther said, “John, I don’t know if this was the right thing to do but may I be forgiven, I  have no better solution!”
      Blonde Orchid said, “Why didn’t you simply shrink it to begin with before we even invaded the place?”
      Brainiac said, “The shrinking ray had been broken for some time. I only managed to repair it hours ago! I found something that I had overlooked countless times before!”
      Cataclysm said, “See? My luck powers brought us this break at just the right moment! No need to thank me. It is what I do!”
      Rose Sapphire said, “What of Dr. Martin?”
      Luther said, “I am supposed to be a genius but I just don’t know. I can’t detect him. He may have given his all to save us. May he rest in peace! His death is another burden that rests with me!”
      He said, “Take us home, John.  That’s my only answer. Take us home!”
      Starheart said, “I will join you. It has been too long since I knew my world of my birth!”
      Epilogue 1
      On the surface of the bottled world of Qward within the Fortress of Science, Ken Raynor opened his eyes and looked at General Fabrikant. They were within one of the diminutive general’s hidden bunkers.
      “You were dying and even your odd allies could not save you. In fact, they deserted you. You owe them nothing. I have given you new life. I will help you pay them back if you agree to serve me!” said Fabrikant.
      Ken glanced down at the red armor that now composed his body. He knew that he had been surgically altered in some manner and yet this awareness caused him no horror. It was as if something had turned him into a machine devoid of normal emotions and yet capable of feeling hatred and rage.
      He spoke in an oddly robotic tone of voice and clinched one blue metal glove.
      “I agree! I will serve you and I will kill the Crime Syndicate!” he vowed.
      General Fabrikant placed a pale blue mask over Ken’s angry features and said, “Excellent! Have you anything else to add?”
      “No one escapes the Manhunter!” declared the altered Ken Raynor!
      Epilogue 2
      Ultra Man rubbed one hand across his eyes and glanced over to where a stunned Owlman’s prone form rested nearby.
      He frowned as he recognized the style of architecture of the room they were in and he stared in disbelief at the writing on an ornate plague that decorated the chamber.
      “That motto is a kind of home sweet home slogan found in most Kryptonian houses! In fact this whole place looks just like my home world!” he said.
      A door slid open and a robotic server entered and spoke to him in what clearly was Kryptonian.
      “Kel-LL! You are safe here! Welcome to Argo City!” said the droid.

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