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  • The Time Trust
    Jan 30, 2014
      Just catching up on these chapters now. I see you brought the Qwarmer back -- or is this not the original Qwarmer, but another from his dimension? I wonder what the Qwarmer did with half of Superman's powers, anyway.

      Alexandra was mentioned, and I can only assume this means Alexandra DeWitt. She's the Starheart of the Earth-3 universe, right? I remember that from the Earth-2 story "Dishonor Among Thieves." Will we see Starheart or the Earth-3 Star Sapphire anytime soon?
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      Ultra Man said, “Power Ring, use your ring and transport us all to Qward. We’ll start smashing everything in sight until those punks have nothing left!”
      Microbe said, ”Ultra Man, we won’t need to have Power Ring transport us.  He and I have been busy since you first announced your plans.  I encouraged him to generate some power ring probes and dispatch them  to Qward.  They’ve already given me valuable data.  The Qwardian society is a military one in nature. The warriors are known as Weaponeers and their highest ranking soldiers are called Thunderers! Their culture has often made use of the basic structure of  the obelisk.  These odd constructions served functions. One was said to contain a weapon of great power; however, it was in truth merely  a hallow structure designed to motivate the development of technology that could supposedly penetrate its seemingly invulnerable surface.  There are others that dot the Qwardian landscape and have unknown purposes!”
      Johnny Quick said, “Palmer, this isn’t one of your college lectures. You’re killing me, man!  Just tell us what we need to know in order to shut down those bald freaks!”
      Microbe said, “I forget that you have such a short attention span! I believe we may gain an advantage over our foes by breaking into these obelisks! If we do not gain knowledge, we will at least have rendered a psychological blow to them that may very well discourage all opposition!”
      Owlman said, “Very well. Dr. Palmer. How do you suggest we reach these obelisks?”
      Microbe said, “Through this remarkable device!”
      He gestured to a large mirror that rested in a specially designed support structure.
      Quick’s eyes widened in surprise as he approached the looking glass.
      “Say, I recognize that! The Rogue used it to trap me in another dimension until Microbe freed me when we first met! I didn’t know you had kept it or that you’d been experimenting with it!” he said.
      Microbe said, “Indeed, I have and it will allow us to easily reach Qward thanks to certain adjustments that I have made to its primary features!”
      Ultra Man grinned and he said, “Good! The sooner we get there, the sooner I can rip their whole planet apart!”
      Superwoman said, “Bah! I tire of this endless chatter! I want to hurt someone!”
      Isis smiled wickedly but she said nothing.
      “These dolts will make useful slaves in time but for now I will pretend to desire nothing more than to assist them! My power will enable me to accomplish their planned conquest before they can realize how fortunate they are to have me!” she thought.
      Power Ring said, “So, we enter the mirror and start breaking into their obelisks! That’s simple enough!”
      The villains walked directly through the gleaming mirror and emerged on the weird world known as Qward!  They recognized the stark nature of the planet in which most resources had been used for war. It was a dark and bleak domain and there was no sound of laughter nor any sign of leisure!
      Grim armored men and woman patrolled silently and true to Microbe’s data, there were golden obelisks that loomed across the cityscape.
      Ultra Man roared in anger and slammed his palms together! The force of the shockwave he generated swept a squad of troops off their feet! Before the golden clad soldiers could react, Ultra Man was on top of them and his deadly fists had made short work of them!
      Superwoman smiled readily as she charged into another squad and pummeled them senseless  even as they tried to fight back!
      “You worms would not last an hour on Sanctuary Isle! Even my mewling sisters could slay such vermin!”she said.
      Some of the troops fought back as word spread through the city and reinforcements gathered!
      Johnny Quick spun around furiously and caused a whirlwind to smash through the city! He laughed as the alien buildings collapsed and dozens were crushed or trapped beneath the rubble!
      Mighty Isis posed dramatically as several Thunderers  rushed forward and took aim with their odd lightning bolt shaped weapons!
      “Bolts rebound, strike these dolts!” she cried.
      The energy bolts shattered prematurely at her magical command and incinerated the startled Qwardains!
      Owlman and Microbe had stealthily approached one of the towering obelisks only to be confronted by one of  the hulking generals called a Master Thunderer!
      He cursed them in the Qwardian tongue and hurled a blazing bolt in their direction but the always prepared Owlman had vanished into the darkness and Microbe merely shrank out of sight and then enlarged himself and allowed his normal mass to enable him to crash into the shocked warrior and force him to the ground. The evil genius passed inside the alien’s body and then grew larger! He erupted from within the general’s body and turned to face the looming tower.
      “I should be able to pass between the molecules and enter this amazing place!” he mused.
      Owlman waited silently in the shadows and casually dispatched a passing Qwardian with a garrote! He was trying to change but he saw this mission as war and he had no qualms about killing the Qwardians to achieve what he felt would be a greater good!
      Superwoman spotted a large vehicle shaped roughly like a tank! She stood her ground as it rumbles closer and then the Amazon Princess bent down and grasped its rolling treads with both hands.  She stooped down and lifted the whole vehicle over her head! She hurled it straight into the heart of the city and laughed as flames erupted and the impact shook the streets!
      Ultra Man was shouting as he smashed his way through the city.
      “Come on! Come on! I’ll kill you all!” he bellowed!
      The Qwa bolts shattered against his chest and if he felt any pain he ignored it! He was a true engine of destruction and his power was frightening to behold! He moved with super speed and a brutal efficiency that caused the ancient city to seemingly fall apart in minutes!
      Power Ring was holding back. He shielded the others at times and he blasted away with the emerald energy he commanded but he was troubled. He had no guilt. He was a ruthless killer but he was also less confident in his abilities than the others and he certainly lacked their experience. He didn’t understand it but something in the air seemed to whisper to him. It was not the ring this time. It was more of some primal instinct that warned the young man that he was about to face a direct consequence of on of his past actions!
      He kept thinking of a certain perfume and of the texture of a girl’s long, silky blonde hair.
      “Alexandra! Why did you pop into my mind now?” he thought as he recalled a lost lover.
      As the team drew closer to the site of Microbe’s entrance into the first obelisk,  a small figure who was no larger than a child emerged from within the odd structure although no doorway could be perceived on its gleaming smooth surface.
      “Now, they are sending their bratty kids against us!” said Johnny Quick as he saw a childlike figure in gold armor emerge from within the silent structure.
      Owlman frowned as he delicately extended his keen mental powers and made a brief contact with the newcomer.
      “He’s no child! His name is …!” he began even as the entire obelisk exploded!
      The incredible explosion struck the Crime Syndicate like a tidal wave of raw energy!
      As successive waves of energy swept across the city rubble the small being smiled and his normal sized soldiers emerged to stand at his side. He hurled Microbe’s stunned body from one hand to the ground beneath his boots.
      “I am General Fabrikant and in spite of my stature, I stand triumphant over you all! You see, I knew you were coming and I had time to prepare this obelisk  for your arrival!  Did you idiots think that even the rawest Weaponeer would not recognize emerald energy probes and know them for what they were? This Power Ring may not be a real Green Lantern but we have ways to detect any kind of energy that resembles the will focused might of one  of the Green Lanterns?”
      Power Ring shuddered with horror as he saw Superwoman, Isis, and Johnny Quick’s stunned bodies.
      His ring glowed dimly as if something had drained its mystical power.
      A misshapen figure lurched forward and stood by General Fabrikant’s side. He lacked any real definition as far as features or muscle tone was concerned. It looked like a raw blob of pure energy.
      “This ally of mine has been sapping all of your powers ever since you first entered Qward! He lacks a real name but I call him the Quarmer because he originated in a dimension by that name. He is a living parasite and he happens to feed upon the life force of natives of  your universe!” said General Fabrikant.
       Power Ring’s ring enabled him to detect that Isis, Quick, Microbe, and Superwoman were still alive but in response to his hasty command regarding the missing Ultra Man and Owlman, the ring could only whisper, “No trace of them can be detected on Qward or in its vicinity!”
      Power Ring gasped as the Qwardian warriors closed in on him.
      “I’m alone here! I’m all alone!” he cried and then with the last of his emerald energy he flew away over the wrecked city leaving his fallen friends behind!
      General Fabrikant smiled and said, “Do not worry, friend. You will feed on that coward soon enough! He has no place to hide from our forces!”
      The Quarmer said nothing as it waited hungrily by its master’s side.

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