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1240Crime Syndicate: Qward War 9

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  • lawrenceliberty
    Jan 30, 2014


      Isis opened her eyes and frowned as she realized that she, Superwoman, Johnny Quick, and Microbe were in a prison cell. She shook her long hair out of her eyes and tried to move. She soon found out that her arms and legs were chained to a wall and a metal collar covered her lips. She could not speak her spells!

      “Superwoman, Quick, and Microbe are stunned. Power Ring, Ultra Man, and Owlman are missing! I can see no advantage in staying here a second longer!” she thought.

      She strained and then shattered the chains that bound her!

      “They thought I was merely a magic user who was helplessly without the ability to speak her spells. I need no spell to use my super human strength!” she thought as she ripped off the binding collar and freed the others from their own bonds.

      “Trio heal, my power is real!” she said as her magic restored the three captives.

      Superwoman nodded approvingly.

      “Sister, you have proven yourself to me. I count you worthy!” she declared.

      Quick said, “What happened? They knew we were coming! This is all Power Ring’s fault! If only Bill was still alive! Ken is a tool!”

      Microbe said, “We need to retreat to fight another day!”

      Superwoman said, “What of Ultra Man and Owlman?”

      Isis stared into space for seconds and then said, “My magic can only determine that they are not on Qward! They have either died or escaped in some unknown manner!”

      “What of Power Ring?” she asked.

      Superwoman said, “Quick gave me an idea! Can your magic bring the ring itself to us? If so, surely we don’t need that useless pup!”

      Isis smiled wickedly and said, “Power ring come here, leave Ken Raynor in his fear!”

      The green ring appeared in her palm as she smiled again.

      “To Earth return, Qward burn!” shouted Isis!

      The group materialized back on Earth as flames swept across the city they left behind!

      Seconds later, the power ring burst into green flames as Isis dropped it and the fiery energy shaped itself into the form of a now familiar man!

      “Bill!” cried Quick as he recognized the original Power Ring!

      “I’m back! I got pulled inside the ring when the explosion caught us! I’ve been inside trapped ever since but I was able to drain strength from that punk who found my ring! It took me this long to get enough strength back to escape!” he said.

      Isis said, “I assume this is the original Power Ring?”

      Power Ring looked at the beautiful Egyptian and smiled like a hungry wolf.

      “At your service, Gorgeous!” he said.

      Quick slapped him on the back and said, “I am glad you are back, pal!  Ultra Man and Owlman are missing though. They could even be dead!”

      Power Ring grinned at his best friend and he shrugged, “What a drag! I guess we’ll just have to divide up Earth between us and drink to their memory.”

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