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1204Don't click on spam links

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  • The Time Trust
    Jun 19, 2013
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      Hey everyone,

      A few of our members have had their email accounts hacked lately, resulting in a widespread spam across all the groups they belong to. If you see a message in one of our groups that contains just a link, or that looks strange, just don't click on the link.

      Our apologies for these spam messages. I know a lot of Yahoo Groups have become nothing but spam over the years due to lack of moderation or participation, but we strive to keep the 5 Earths groups free from all that. Once in a while, though, these get through due to one of our emails getting hacked.

      It's always a good idea to have unique, hard-to-guess passwords for each one of your accounts, rather than the same password for all. If that becomes too difficult to remember, you can always use a trusted password manager to store all your passwords. I use LastPass (lastpass.com), both professionally and personally, and I haven't had any problems once I figured out how to use it properly. LastPass only requires you to remember the master password, which should be utterly unique from all others. You can also set it to remind you to change your passwords on a regular basis, say every three months or so. And you can use it to generate random strings of letters, numbers, and characters to create new passwords as needed.
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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