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1201Re: [Earth-3 Remembered] Re: Bleeding Cool joins dots of Forever Evil. Earth 3 connection..

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  • Scott Marquis
    Jun 8, 2013
      I haven't read the Volthoom story yet but it doesn’t sound like he was a “creation” of the Gaurdians of the Universe.  From what has been said so far I got the impression that when Volthoom was revealed for the first time he was wearing a uniform of some kind that had a United States of Amerika patch on it which implies that he was originally from the Earth 3 universe and also the image that aarnathx posted to the group…
      …states that Volthoom and his corrupt ring were banished back to his universe so it sounds like he did not originate from the Earth 1 universe and in fact was indigenous to the Earth 3 universe.  So, his point of origin at least, sounds as if he is from the universe where the Crime Syndicate will eventually come from.  So his uniqueness sounds like it is still intact unless there were parts of the story where they ruined it that I’m unaware of, if so please enlighten me because it might save me a purchase later.

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      I really hate the idea of making everything in every universe revolve around the Guardians and/or the E1 universe. Making 'the Starheart' come from the E1 universe damaged Alan Scott's uniqueness, and now making Power Ring a creation of the Guardians (if they do that) really damages the uniqueness of E3. Are we going to learn next that the Lords of Order are really Guardians who migrated to another universe? Leave them all with their own separate stories!--- In mailto:Earth3Remembered%40yahoogroups.com, "funkyfumanchu42" <funkyfumanchu42@...> wrote:>> Volthoom, the monk who gave Power Ring his ring and battery, was revealed as the first Lantern in Green Lantern issue 20. He was from another universe and wore a space suit with a United States of Amerika patch. Volthoom died and his ring and battery returned to his universe. Possibly to a new version of Power Ring?> > http://www.bleedingcool.com/2013/06/02/joining-the-dots-on-forever-evil/>

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