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Re: Black Canary and Zatanna: Decisions (Part Four)

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  • libbylawrence
    Good use of Ozone. I had wondered what your plans for him were. I m glad he was not forgotten.
    Message 1 of 32 , Jun 1, 2002
      Good use of Ozone. I had wondered what your plans for him were. I'm
      glad he was not forgotten.
    • harveykent
      That s better, Black Canary said, as her Crash disguise faded. I was beginning to develop a split personality! I m sure we re being watched, Zatanna
      Message 32 of 32 , Jun 9, 2002
        "That's better," Black Canary said, as her Crash disguise faded. "I
        was beginning to develop a
        split personality!"

        "I'm sure we're being watched," Zatanna said. "Now Davis and whatever
        friends he has with him
        know they're up against the JLA!"

        "So we'd better find them," Canary said. "Any thoughts?"

        "Usually find rats in the basement," Zatanna said. She bent down
        toward the floor, and spread
        her hands wide. "Roolf trap, laever ruo seof!"

        At the Mistress of Magic's command, the floor opened like the petals
        of a flower. The super-
        heroines beheld two men bent over a computer console. One of them
        turned his head to gape at

        "Albert!" Kates cried. "They've found us!"

        "They've found us too late!" Kates declared. His finger stabbed

        "NO!" Black Canary cried. "Don't--"

        Before the blonde-wigged heroine could utter another syllable, the
        world around her exploded in
        a fury of noise and flame. On the street outside, thankfully deserted
        at this hour, the building
        disintegrated in a loud roar. Windows shattered all up and down the
        street, and debris rained
        down three blocks in each direction. In seconds, the Days of Knights
        was a charred, smoking

        "You okay, Canary?" Zatanna asked.

        "Yeah," Canary said, a little dazed. Her eyes were wide, as with
        shock. "Just---a little shaken up.
        Wow!" She stared at the carnage around them. If Zee had been an
        instant slower--!

        Black Canary, Zatanna, Davis, and Kates were safe inside a shimmering
        sphere of transparent
        energy. Zatanna had uttered the spell that erected the bubble just in
        time. They had watched the
        store and the base beneath it explode from complete safety within.

        "Erehps fo ytefas etapissid," Zatanna said. The energy bubble
        shimmered and vanished, leaving
        the heroines and their prisoners in open air that stank of burned
        wood and melted plastic. "That
        sure was a desperate act, these two blowing up their headquarters
        while still inside!"

        "Guess they'd of rather died than go back to jail," Canary said,
        shaking off the last of her daze.
        "Well, that's just their tough luck!"

        Kates and Davis glanced at each other, then burst out laughing.
        Zatanna raised her eyebrow.

        "Care to let us in on the joke, boys?" she asked.

        "You two bimbos!" Davis sneered. Canary moved forward, but Zatanna's
        hand on her arm
        stopped her. "You saw our little toy, Senor Juguete. A completely
        lifelike android! So what
        makes you think we'd take the risk of being here ourselves?" And with
        that, the two villains
        collapsed, like marionettes with clipped strings. Black Canary and
        Zatanna gaped at them.

        "Robots!" Zatanna gasped. "Robots, like Juguete! They ran this
        headquarters by remote control!"

        "We'll never track them with the signal-finder now," Canary muttered
        in disgust. "They've cut
        the signal. They could be anywhere!"

        "But we know about them, now," Zatanna said. "We know who they are,
        and what they're up to.
        You can bet there'll be a next time."

        "True," Canary said. She stared at the wreckage around her, then
        looked back at her friend. "Zee,
        mind calling Hal yourself? About the raid on the bar, I mean."

        "Sure, Dinah," Zatanna said. "Why? Got something else to do?"

        "Yeah," Canary grinned. "I have to see a man about a question."

        Zatanna returned the grin. "You do that, Dinah. And tell him I
        said 'Congratulations'."

        THE END
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