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LSH IN the Return of the Butcher Chapter 40

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    The Three Legionnaires floated silently on the edge of the border between United Plants Space and that of the Khundish Empire. Dawnstar had signaled with her
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      The Three Legionnaires floated silently on the edge of the border between United Plants Space and that of the Khundish Empire. Dawnstar had signaled with her hands to her two fellow Legionnaires that the Bismollian Butcher had crossed over to Khundish space. She obviously wanted to continue tracking the vile murderess.

      Wildfire's body language was exhibiting that he too wanted to continue even though it was ironic that Drake Burroughs was communicating that way because the Legionnaire's body had long since been vaporized. He was now a formless energy being. Only his containment suit gave him a body when the suit incorporated his energy self-otherwise Wildfire was invisible, intangible, and powerless except for the ability to travel.

      Mon-El wanted to continue as well even though it was he who had them stop. Mon-El was surveying the border area for ships because he had a suspicion that the Bismollian Butcher had made some sort of deal with the Khunds. He felt the knot in his stomach intensify when he saw the Khundish Battle Fleet with his telescopic vision exactly where Dawnstar was pointing.

      Warlord Gralt ordered his ships to fire on the Legionnaires with his fleet's entire fire power. He knew that they would destroy Wildfire's containment suit and thereby render him helpless. The concussive force of the blast would certainly kill Dawnstar. Still the warlord watched with an almost idle curiosity as to whether or not the fleet combined weapons could harm the Daxamite because the Legionnaire known as Mon-El had single handedly defeated many Khund warships.

      Mon-El saw the bright lights that signaled the firing of the fleet's weapons. Instantly he flew as fast as he could to intercept them. All the while shooting bursts of his own heat vision to vaporize the solid weaponry fired at them in the form of missiles. Dawnstar and Wildfire had look at one another when Mon took off but soon understood as even they could no see the light flashes coming towards them.

      Both Legionnaires took evasive action, though Wildfire added to Mon-El's heat vision with burst of his own unique energy to intercept the smaller laser blasts. Dawnstar had no offensive power to counter the Khund's weapons. She had an ability to survive and fly in space at speed that rivaled the fastest space ship. This and her unique tracking ability that allowed to unerringly track an individual across the universe made her a Legionnaire.

      The information the Warlord received from his bridge crew made him angry. The damned Daxamite had taken the brunt of the fleet's weaponry and was unharmed while the other two Legionnaires had avoided any damage and now all three were now fast approaching the fleet. Worse they presented too small and fast a target to acquire them accurately.

      The Warlord quickly realized that he needed a fleet three times as large as the one he was commanding to have fifty-fifty chance against these three Legionnaires. The Khundish Empire had once had even larger fleets, but too many of their ships had been lost in other fights with the United Planets; especially during the Earth War. The Khunds, with the help of the Dark Circle had actually conquered the United Planets but unfortunately both the Khunds and the Dark Circle had been dupes of the sorcerer Mordru. Once the Legion defeated him they quickly defeated the Khundish and Dark Circle troops.

      The Khundish Empire still had not fully recovered from that debacle even though it now had an army of cyborgs. Still the benefits outweighed the risks and the Warlord was content to see how the battle would play out.

      The Bismollian Butcher wasn't happy at all. She didn't relish combat like the Khunds. She preferred killing when the victims had little or no chance of survival. She listened to the Khunds tell their warlord what was happening.

      That was why everyone on the bridge assumed that the Bismollian Butcher didn't know what was happening. Behind the faceplate of her armor Alkia Seltzius was frowning because knew what was happening because she spoke the Khundish Battle Language. It was a variation of High Khundish-the language spoken by the Warlord Class; as opposed to the Warlord Khundish, which only those Khunds born to the class were taught. No non-Khund was supposed to know it, but she did.

      Her ears picked up when she heard the ship's communication officer tell the warlord that he was now hearing communication from the United Planets. Her brow furrowed because she now knew that the Khunds would probably exit the battle since they could no longer attack the UP with the advantage of surprise added with the fact that the UP Militia ships would be unable to coordinate a defense without communications.

      Upon hearing the information that United Planets communications had evidently been restore Warlord Gralt made the last decision of his life. He realized that the battle between his fleet and the Legionnaires would be strategically fruitless so he ordered his ships to leave. He also said "teleport" just before the ships warped out of the area.

      Alkia Seltzius knew that the warlord meant to teleport her into outer space just as the fleet left. This betrayal infuriated her and she opened a compartment from her armored suit that housed the dissected stomach of a Bismollian. The stomach contained the strongest acids known universe and only the organ's internal linings were truly immune to the nearly universal solvent. She threw it against the wall even as she disappeared into the depths of space.
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