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LSH in "The Return of the Butcher" Chapter 21

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  • Dave Barnowski
    Chapter 21 As Matter-Eater Lad flew back to his apartment in Bismol s capital city with his fellow Legionnaires, his memories flooded back to last day of his
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      Chapter 21

      As Matter-Eater Lad flew back to his apartment in Bismol's capital city with his fellow Legionnaires, his memories flooded back to last day of his sister's life. She had missed the open auditions for monthly Legion membership that the Legion had during the first year of its existence the month before her nineteenth birth day due to a family emergency and she had a her birthday when the Legion had their next one. Consequently, she was rejected because she was too old as the Legion had an age requirement that no one be over the age of eighteen.

      Their Mother grew tired of her moping around the house. She made her take Tenzil and young Renkil to the park as it was a supposed to be a beautiful fall day after school. She didn't really want to take her younger brothers anywhere as she was feeling sorry for herself, but her mother insisted. Tenzil was in the equivalent of 20th century high school while Renkil was still in grade school. She was should have been in college, but she missed signing up and would have to wait a semester. Mitz Kem wanted her daughter to find work since she wasn't in school; but her husband, Rall always doted on their only daughter said let her be. But Rall was at work when Mitz sent her out with the boys. It was a decision that Mitz would regret for the rest of her life.

      Tenzil was three years younger than his sister Ritzall, which was combination of their parent's names. He had a a bit of the prankster in him in those days, especially towards her, but he had stopped ever since she had been rejected by the Legion because he blamed himself because the family emergency the month earlier had involve his breaking his femur and almost losing his own life when he severed the artery and there was no cell repair kit available. Ritzall had saved his life that day. Ten year old Renkil was still being a pain though as he was oblivious to his sister's feelings.

      They walked to the park and on the way met a handsome young Bismollian man named Jed Rikan, who had been on the high school moopsball team. He had dated Ritzall on and off through out high school. The tow started to talk. Tenzil remembered how Renkil tried to crash in on what they were saying but he twisted his little brother's arm and gave his big sister some privacy. Months earlier he would have joined his brother but not that day. Tenzil smiled as he remembered Ritzall's surprised smile at his actions.

      That summer and fall found the Bismollian population on Earth in fear because someone who the holo-news dubbed the Bismollian Butcher had been murdering and butchering Bismollians. Worse they then desecrated the corpses and used the teeth and stomach acids of the dead as weapons to kill other sentients.

      Earth was the home of millions of emigrant population and Metropolis was usually where most of them wound up. It was strange but the different populations usually stayed within the same city blocks of one another and it had apparently had been the same way on Earth when people emigrated from one continent to another.

      At that moment in the park all those thoughts were out of the minds of the four Bismollian youths. Ritzall was smiling for the first time in months as she found her hand in the hand of the former moopsball player's hand. Renkil was playing on the swings while Tenzil was looking at some pretty women jogging by while nibbling on some pebbles on the track. Unbeknownst to him, one of the pretty women running by was Alkia Seltzius.

      Alkia Seltzius was head of the United Planet's Communications and had designed their equipment. She was also a complete sociopath and contract killer. She killed Bismollians out of a pathological need and other sentients strictly for hire, but killed them only with Bismollian body parts. She was running low on her ammunition. Bismollians were now traveling in groups and not at night or in secluded areas. It was getting harder and harder to get her ammunition, not to mention her satisfaction.

      She had been on Earth only since early that June. Before that she had been traveling throughout the UP murdering wherever she could under the cover as a communications expert. Then she was hired to design the new UP communications system. She created it in less than a month and was now busy implementing it. In another few weeks she would be able to leave Earth and oversee other sites where the grids needed to be implemented and contract killings could be fulfilled.
      She also needed to get off Earth soon because the Earth had the damned Legion on it as well as the Science Police. She met them once. She almost killed one of their most powerful members in Starboy, but she didn't want to meet the legendary Superboy or Supergirl that she had seen occasionally flying across the Metropolis skyline. Alkia Seltzius wanted to get of Earth as soon as possible, but she wanted to do that armed with her own unique weapons. The boy in the park alloted her the opportunity to do both.

      She raced back to he apartment which was fortunately near the park. She donned he costume. It was a simple dark blue outfit with matching gloves and boots. She wore a domino mask and a brown long haired wig over her own short blond hair. She was two pistols with Bismollian teeth as bullets that were holstered at her hips and carried bags of stomach acid in sacks on her thighs, shins, and waist. Attached to the inner part of her boots were a set of butcher knives which she used on her Bismollian victims. On her back was a jet pack with which she flew short distances.

      Alkia Seltzius opened up her balcony and looked around at the skyline as well as the ground below. Her apartment was secluded in the back, but she didn't take any chances and it was still daylight. She flew the short distance to the park and headed to the park. Her eyes lit up when she saw not one Bismollian,but four.
    • Drivtaan
      A wonderful glimpse into Tenzil s past. You ve done a fine job capturing the sadness that he feels thinking about his sister. Lee [Non-text portions of this
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        A wonderful glimpse into Tenzil's past. You've done a fine job capturing the sadness that he feels thinking about his sister.

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