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LSH: "The Return of the Butcher" Chapter 20

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  • Dave Barnowski
    Chapter 20 Matter-Eater Lad was flew across Bismol s capital city of Pepcid towards his apartment as fast as he could once he heard that Brainiac 5 had
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      Chapter 20

      Matter-Eater Lad was flew across Bismol's capital city of Pepcid towards his apartment as fast as he could once he heard that Brainiac 5 had surmised that the Bismollian Butcher was back on her home planet for revenge against the Legion. He and his life partner Deena Coe had had an argument just before he went to the spaceport to meet the Legionnaires.

      Deena was a lawyer and had worked for the Sentient Civil Liberties Union before coming to work for the Bismollian Parliament. When she worked for the SCLU she helped change the binding helmet of Bismollian criminals. The helmet kept Bismollians from using their digestive and chewing powers by keeping their jaw shut. The original helmet was a one piece design that the SCLU thought was too confining and impinged on Bismollian criminal's rights.

      The two-piece transport helmet that had been used since then had a design flaw that Alkia Seltzius exploited and used in her escape from the Labyrinth Prison Planet. She killed three Science Police Officers in that escape and later killed a Carggite bioengineer, who was an expert in correcting Carggites with a birth defect that would not allow them to split into three separate identities.

      It had been a revelation to Tenzil that Alkia Seltzius was evidently part Carggite and had now split into three separate individuals. One was headed to Khund Space; Mon-El, Wildfire, and Dawnstar were in pursuit of the body. Another one was on Earth, while the third was evidently headed to Bismol.

      Tenzil's brother Renkill and his life partner lived on Bismol and either one or more likely both were probable targets of the Bismollian Butcher's revenge. Renkill was a Dietary Police Officer and had some defenses against an attack, but Deena had none. There was no choice in the matter as to which loved one he would go and protect. He therefore rushed off to his apartment when he heard the news.

      Element Lad had taken off after his friend almost immediately after matter-Eater Lad flew off. Phantom Girl and Ultra Boy were just behind him. Jan Arrah looked behind and saw the pair flying behind him. Element Lad slowed down enough to let them catch up and then said: "Jo, catch up to Tenzil and tell him to wait for us. Then Get over to his apartment using the flight ability from your ultra energy. It's a lot faster than a Legion flight ring."

      Ultra Boy nodded and took off after matter-Eater Lad, whom he caught up to in seconds. Ultra Boy relayed Element Lad's words and then headed to Tenzil's apartment. Matter-Eater Lad waited for Element Lad and Phantom Girl before hurrying on.

      Element Lad saw the worried look on his friend's face and said "Try not to worry Tenz, Jo one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He'll protect Deena."

      Tenzil looked at Jan and shook his head as he said "Jan you weren't around when we first fought Alkia Seltzius. Starboy was a lot more powerful that Ultra Boy back then as she almost killed him."

      Phantom Girl tried to reassure Matter-Eater Lad by saying "Tenzil we were all a lot younger then. It was Cos's second term and the Legion was in only its second year of existence. We `re a lot more experienced now."

      Tenzil Kem merely nodded. "Maybe Tinya, but the Bismollian Butcher murdered my older sister and I pray to God she doesn't kill anyone else."

      "She won't Tenz.Vi, Cham and Blok are going to protect your brother and we'll protect Deena" said Phantom Girl.

      Tenzil Kem and the two Legionnaires flew in silence after that as Tenzil Kem involuntarily remembered the day his sister died and he first met the Legionnaires.

      It was years ago on the planet Earth in Metropolis. Tenzil's parents had immigrated to Earth years ago when their youngest son Renkill was born. Ren had never even been to Bismol and Tenzil spent almost all of his childhood on Earth. His older sister remembered Bismol though as she was almost nineteen at the time.

      Tenzil smiled sadly as he remembered her face. She had brown hair and eyes and had dreamed of becoming a Legionnaire. She had made the news the week before she died as she had actually tried out in one of the Legion's auditions for new members. She was turned down because she had just turned nineteen and was therefore over the Legion membership age requirement. She was crestfallen and depressed at her rejection.

      She had been a shy girl and Tenzil remembered teasing her in the months before her audition. It took her well over a year to summon up enough courage to try out. She would have gone the previous month but on the day of the audition Tenzil broke his leg and she and the rest of the family took him to the hospital. By the time he had checked out the auditions were over and she was too old when the Legion had its next audition.

      She moped around the house for weeks after her rejection. When the weekend came Tenzil's mother told her to take her younger brothers out to the park and get some fresh air. The last thing Tenzil wanted to do was be stuck with his siblings and said so. He wanted to go to the holo-videos, but his mother was always one for fresh air and exercise. Tenzil's sister didn't want to go either but Renkill wanted did and thus the three of them set out on a fatal adventure.
    • Drivtaan
      Excellent chapter, Dave. Lee [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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        Excellent chapter, Dave.

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