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LSH The Return of the Butcher

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  • Dave Barnowski
    Chapter 15 Chameleon Boy looked at the Chief of the Science Police on Bismol and then put his head in his hand as what the chief s revelation that the man
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      Chapter 15

      Chameleon Boy looked at the Chief of the Science Police on Bismol and then put his head in his hand as what the chief's revelation that the man lying on the ground before them was Calorie Queen's life-partner. That meant that she was trying to catch the Bismollian Butcher alone and Cham knew that Bismol's native heroine was no match for the planet's most infamous villain. Cham started trying to wake the fallen man. He had success as the man awoke after being gently slapped by Cham.

      "Wha… where, who are you?" asked the confused young man. "I thought I saw a…a;" he fainted again as he saw Blok towering above the others.

      "Grife" said Shrinking Violet who had by now overcome a bout of her old shyness at Cham's explanation that his powers allowed him to sense not only what people looked like superficially, but also under their clothes. Turning to Bloc she said "Why don't you go behind him Bloc so he can't see you. Better yet" she said as she handed him the distorter that Lon Wasrer had been using to look like Calorie Queen, "why don't you use this?"

      Blok took the distorter and tried to set the controls but his hands were too big and the machines controls were too small. This was a problem that he continually ran into with various UP machines and equipment. He broke the machine in two accidently as he moved behind the passed out man. UP equipment also wasn't strong enough for his general use as a rule either. The granite Legionnaire shook his head in disgust as he threw the now useless piece of junk over his shoulder.

      The SP Chief gaped at the big Legionnaire and Violet put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh while Cham ignored the scene and redoubled his efforts to awaken Calorie Queen's life-partner.

      When the man awoke this time Blok made sure to stay out of his line of sight. Cham asked him where his life partner was. The man was clearly still confused as Cham had to ask him several times. He then refused to answer as he said he promised his life partner that he wouldn't.

      Shrinking Violet inhaled deeply at that piece of news. She shrunk down to the size of a small bird and got right in the man's face. "Listen you damned fool, Calorie Queen's in danger. More danger than she can handle. The Alkia Seltzius will make mince meat out of her and use her body parts for weapons if she finds her before we do. Now if you don't tell us I'm going to have the SP's arrest you for interfering with the Legion."

      The man on the ground eyes grew very large at the name Alkia Seltzius as he didn't know that she was the criminal his life partner was after. He was now very afraid for Taryn Loy. "She's following Matter-Eater Lad's younger brother, Renkil on his rounds a Bismollian Dietary Police Officer." He stammered.

      Cham quickly looked at the SP chief and asked him where Renkil was. The Chief responded that he didn't know because the Dietary Police weren't part of his department. "Give me a second and I'll find out though." The chief then tried contacted his headquarters only to get nothing but static on his com-link as the communication problem that was affecting the entire United Planets was now causing problems on Bismol.

      Cham asked where the Dietary Police Headquarters were. The three Legionnaires flew off immediately after they were told. Lon Wasrer fainted again when he saw Blok
    • Drivtaan
      Hope nothing happens to the kid brother. Good chapter, Dave.   Lee [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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        Hope nothing happens to the kid brother. Good chapter, Dave.

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      • Dave
        The Bismollian Butcher looked to get away. She immediately tried to use her armored suit to teleport along the same bands that she had used earlier. It was
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          The Bismollian Butcher looked to get away. She immediately tried to use her armored suit to teleport along the same bands that she had used earlier. It was this teleporting that had the side affect of destroying the United Planets communications system. Unknown to her, Brainiac 5 had sent out a new wave that disrupted her ability to teleport. The Bismollian forgot all about the pursuing Legionnaires because she quickly became frantic. Alkia Seltzius knew that she was too far away from any known star systems and that she would die long before she could reach any of them without being able to teleport.

          She didn't see Dawnstar coming in from behind her. Dawnstar knew just how dangerous the Butcher was and she also knew that she was no match for the Bismollian Butcher while she was in her armor. Dawnstar's dilemma was that she also knew that the armor was the only thing keeping the Bismollian Butcher alive in the depths of open space.

          Dawnstar saw that the other tow Legionnaires weren't with her, but that didn't stop her as she flew in and grabbed the Bismollian Butcher by the ankles and spun her around and around repeatedly in a twisting summersault. Alkia Seltzius didn't know what was going on as she became disoriented.

          At first she thought her gyrostabilizers had broken. Then she checked her sensors and detected a fast moving object flying near here in the vastness of space. The object was moving too fast for her to get a visual read but she assumed that it must be one of the Legionnaires who had chased her since her escape from the Labyrinth. She fired a quick shot at the Legionnaire and missed by several miles as she knew she would. She also knew that the shot would allow her to get her armor's computer to calibrate a more accurate second shot in the next few seconds. It was now a matter of her tracking computer versus the speed of the Legionnaire.

          Wildfire was continuing his pursuit of the Khund Fleet when he heard a very soft "Damn" in the voice of Mon-El. The Legionnaires had not been able to communicate with one another for several hours and Mon's voice stopped Wildfire dead in his tracks.

          "Mon, the comm.-link is back" said Wildfire.

          "What?" said Mon-El as he quickly processed the information he added. "The Khunds left some of their dead here."

          "You didn't really think you'd find any did you?" queried Wildfire.

          "No, but you always have to hope that there are; and help them when you do find any" responded Mon.

          Drake Burroughs shook his head as he said "Why bother?"

          Dawnstar flew around the Bismollian Butcher at her top sub warp speed. The armored villainess had fire three more shots at the Legionnaire. Each shot was getting closer to her intended target. Not close enough that Dawnstar was concerned about being shot, but close enough that the Legionnaire could not close in on the Bismollian Butcher.

          "I could use a little help here" she said in an exasperated tone.

          Wildfire looked across the vastness of space and saw nothing because Dawnstar and the Bismollian Butcher were to far away for him to see. Mon-El used his telescopic vision to quickly spot the sparring duo. He then looked to Wildfire and said "Wildfire, they're at your seven, seven hundred kilometers of so" even as the Daxamite Legionnaire flew towards their quarry.

          The Bismollian Butcher was swearing now because she hadn't been able to hit Dawnstar and she was running out of ammunition. Her attention suddenly shifted when a series of energy blast came near her. She turned and saw the Legionnaire know as Wildfire come straight at her. She smiled as she saw that the foolish Legionnaire wasn't varying his course at all. She fired one shot.

          Wildfire was overprotective of Dawnstar. Dawny resented it. Drake knew it, but he couldn't help himself because he loved her. He was not firing madly, for he would have been hitting the Bismollian Butcher if he had and her armor would have probably have cracked and she would have died in the openness of space. Instead he was getting her attention because he knew that he was the one Legionnaire that the Bismollian Butcher could not harm.

          He did make one slight miscalculation however; the bullet that Alkia Seltzius fired hit his face plate. The other two legionnaires heard Drake start to scream the 30th century curse word "Grife" as the face plate shattered and his energy form flew out of his containment suit.
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