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LSH in The Return of the Butcher Chapter 8

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  • Dave Barnowski
    Chapter 8 Brainiac 5 was not at Legion Headquarters, but he was on Earth. Shadow Lass was trying to get in touch with him as he was one of the Legion s top
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      Chapter 8

      Brainiac 5 was not at Legion Headquarters, but he was on Earth.
      Shadow Lass was trying to get in touch with him as he was one of the
      Legion's top detectives and she wanted him on the team that she had
      assembled to deal with the Bismollian Butcher when she arrived on

      Tasmia Mallor her self was going to lead the team because the
      beautiful blue skinned, blacked haired hereditary heroine of Talk
      VIII was now the Legion Leader. Her powers allowed her to cancel out
      light and leave in its stead darkness over any area she wished. She
      could also see in the absence of light. As the hereditary champion of
      Talk VIII she was an excellent hand-to-hand combatant. Unlike most of
      her fellow Legionnaires she had had a solo career as a heroine before
      joining the Legion and was very sure and comfortable in her abilities
      and made the most of them.

      Joining her was the other two Legionnaires besides Ultra Boy and
      Phantom Girl. The Earth man who could grow to fantastic heights and
      gain corresponding strength and resistance to harm- the Legionnaire
      known as Colossal Boy. Gym Allen had been a cadet at the Science
      Police Academy on Mars when he came in contact with a strange meteor
      that gave him his power. He had been on the team that originally
      brought in the Bismollian Butcher. Gim was one of the Legion's few
      members, who could actually be called a detective thanks to his
      studies at the Science Police Academy thought Shady, but she wanted
      the best and the best was Brainiac 5 and he was incommunicado

      Starboy was another member of the team that first took down Alkia
      Seltzius. At that time he was possibly the Legion's most powerful
      member as he had nearly all the powers of her lover Mon-El and a few
      more like electric vision and the only superpower he retained- the
      power to increase the density of things just by pointing at them. The
      bearded Thom Kallor from the Planet Xanthu was the immediate past
      Legion Leader and while his style of leading of the team didn't vary
      from the others he had gladly returned to the ranks as had every past
      Legion Leader. Thom actually preferred just being a member as it left
      him more time to spend with the newly returned Dream Girl and play
      his incessant games of all types.

      Quislet was the third member of this team. He was an annoying energy
      creature from an other dimensional planet named Teall. He was also an
      explorer from that universe and traveled ours in a small ship. He
      could only exist outside that ship for a brief period of time unless
      he entered and animated an inanimate object. The trouble was that the
      inanimate object would disintegrate after a minute and Quislet would
      either have reenter his ship or animate another object. He was very
      inquisitive and a gossip. He was also very immature by human
      standards and a braggart as well.

      The powerhouse of this particular team was the Legion's newest member
      the young girl was a descendant of the Kryptonians from the old
      bottled city of Kandor who settled the phase Planet Rokyn. Rokyn was
      permanently out of synch with our universe and Andromeda was now an
      exile. She had all the standard powers of a Kryptonian and the
      distant cousin of Superboy as she was a descendent of his Uncle Nim-
      El. Unlike most Kryptonians she had energy based powers under a red
      sun like another esteemed ancestor, Lesla Nim-El-the original Rokyn
      Heroine known as Valor. At sixteen Lesla Vol-Lar was the youngest
      Legionnaire. His would be her first case where she wouldn't be
      working with big brother figure Mon or either of the two female
      Legionnaires, Lightning Lass and Phantom Girl, who had taken her
      under their wing. Even Bloc who had become her tutor as she studied
      the Legion Archives wasn't going to be there as he was on Bismol.
      Shady was interested how the girl handled the situation though she
      was sure that Andromeda would be fine-otherwise she didn't have what
      it takes to be a Legionnaire.

      Andromeda was even now reading up on the case. Starboy and
      Colossalboy were explaining to Quislet the dangers of the Bismollian
      Butcher. Quislet didn't have the temperament to read up on the files.
      He was one to learn by experience and conversation. He could also
      learn by entering a computer terminal but if he did that he would
      also turn the terminal to dust once his possession of it ceased.

      Brainiac 5 finally contacted Shadow Lass. He told her that he was at
      the United Planets Militia HQ and that was why he couldn't receive
      her communication as it was jammed. Querl Dox told her that some kind
      of virus had started to affect all of the Militia communication
      equipment and that they were jamming all incoming signals He said he
      get them to stop jamming the Legion frequency and then asked why she
      was calling him.

      Shady explained about the escape of the Bismollian Butcher and how
      she now had three bodies and that one was headed for Earth.

      Brainy frowned as he heard the news. "The fact that Alkia Seltzius
      breaks out of prison on the same day that a virus infects the UP
      Militia's communication equipment is not a coincidence. She designed
      the equipment."

      Shady shook her head as she said "Come on now Brainy; that would mean
      the equipments over fifteen years old. I'm sure they've modernized it
      by now."

      "No Tasmia, Seltzius's designs were generation ahead of her time. I
      even adapted it for our Legion communications. The most the Militia's
      had to do is create some patches. The essentials of her design are
      still in effect. Now you say she has three bodies correct."

      "Yes Brainy, one's headed here, another towards Bismol and the third
      towards Kundish Space.

      Brainy's eyes narrowed at that piece of news. "Shady she can't be
      allowed to reach Khundish Space. I don't know how yet but some how
      she's manage to sabotage UP Militia's communication system. We'll be
      ripe for yet another attack."

      "Right, any idea why she's going to the other planets?"

      "Revenge, given the psychological profile I read on her. We'll need
      to protect the prosecutor and judge who presided at her trail here on
      Earth. Also we need to protect the families of the Legionnaires who
      worked on her case. Ultra Boy's parents and Starboy's are on their
      home planets and therefore safe as both Rimbor and Xanthu not on the
      way to either Earth or Xanthu. Phantom Girl's brother and Mother live
      on Bgztl so the only way she can get there is by an interdimesional
      travel ship. Have the SP"S watch for her at the terminal, but I think
      she'll attack on earth first. Gim's father is here and I'll see to
      his safety but you better see to Marte Allon's safety as well as
      Gim's wife Yera. Tenzil's parents are still on Earth Shady so someone
      will have to go bring Mitz and Rall Kem to Legion HQ."

      "Right Brainy"

      "Shady there one other family you need to see to-Lyle Norg's."

      "Invisible Kid's parents?"

      "Yes Lyle led the team that captured her the first time and I'm
      certain she'll take out her revenge on them.

      "Right, What about Bismol?"

      "She'll go after Tenzil's younger brother Renkil and his life partner
      Deena. I think she has to have other candidates from her past there
      as well."

      "Right, I'll tell Bloc's team."

      Brainy's eyes now widened as he said "Tasmia please tell me you
      didn't send Bloc to Bismol."

      "Of coarse I did brainy-he's the Legion's Deputy Leader, why?"

      "He's living rock. Bismollian's eat rock and at the same time have an
      almost irrational desire not to harm living things; this could cause
      a great moral dilemma for the planet's populace as his very existence
      could send some of the more orthodox members of the Bismollian
      society into a state of apoplexy."
    • mcmaenza
      Dave, your spellchecker must have gotten to you. Shadow Lass is from Talok III, not Talk III. Martin
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        Dave, your spellchecker must have gotten to you. Shadow Lass is from
        Talok III, not Talk III.

      • dave barnowski
        Yes I caught that after I posted it, but then again maybe they changed the name after the cities hooked up deep space radio broadcast equipment and they
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          Yes I caught that after I posted it, but then again maybe they changed the name after the cities hooked up deep space radio broadcast equipment and they started their own talk radio station. Or maybe not.

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          Dave, your spellchecker must have gotten to you. Shadow Lass is from
          Talok III, not Talk III.


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