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Play Dead (Chapter Nine)

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  • harveykent
    Aaah!! My ears! Toyman cried, clapping his hands over them to block out the sound, but it was no use. It seemed to be coming from the piano. It was a
    Message 1 of 93 , Aug 1 5:44 AM
      "Aaah!! My ears!" Toyman cried, clapping his hands over them to
      block out the sound, but it was no use.

      It seemed to be coming from the piano. It was a childish tune, one
      Batman barely recognized from his halcyon days before the murders of
      his parents; but magnified so loud that even momentary exposure
      would shatter the eardrums. His own were protected within his lined
      cowl, but even that would not hold up indefinitely.

      Batman snapped a mini-bomb from his utility belt and hurled it at
      the piano. The beautifully-crafted instrument was demolished in a
      small explosion, and the deafening sound died away.

      Toyman, panting for breath, slowly removed his hands from his
      ears. "That--I--she nearly--!" The villain stammered, unused to
      being on this end of a cleverly-constructed death trap.

      "What was that song?" Batman asked.

      "Huh?" Toyman said. "The song? `The Teddy Bears' Picnic'. Why?"

      "Just curious." Batman continued walking across the room to the
      other door. When he got within ten steps of it, the voice came on

      "Congratulations, Mr. Schott," it said. "You have made it past the
      first of my little traps. As you have no doubt guessed, the house is
      full of them. You see, I'm giving you a better chance than my poor
      Andrew had. I don't intend to murder you in your sleep, as you did
      him. We'll see if you're as adept at surviving traps as you are at
      making them!" And the door slid open.

      "So this is what this feels like," Toyman muttered. Batman scowled,
      but did not favor Toyman with his wrath.

      Single file, Batman leading, the unlikely duo walked slowly into the
      next room. This was a library, ever wall lined floor to ceiling with
      shelves stacked with books. Batman noticed there were no chairs, no
      tables, no place to sit and read. Obviously another trap; nothing to
      hide behind. The floor was black and white marble tile.

      "Wait," he said to Toyman. The villain nodded, pressing the back of
      his fist against his mouth to stifle another cough. Batman unclipped
      a small capsule from his belt, and rolled it across the floor.

      "Perhaps weight-sensitive triggers," Batman said, more to himself
      than to Toyman. "Nothing for it but to try." Slowly, Batman walked
      into the room. "Stay behind me, and step only on the tiles I step
      on," Batman said. "No point in you setting off any traps that I--"

      "What's that?" Toyman screeched, pointing. As Batman stepped on a
      tile, a book fell off a shelf of its own volition. It landed on its
      spine, flipped open, and a cardboard figure of Robin Hood popped up,
      bow drawn.

      "A pop-up book," Toyman began. "In a library like this? I--"

      His words were cut short as the cardboard figure launched its arrow.
      Batman easily deflected it with his cape. "Some kind of poisoned
      dart, I'd guess," he said.

      "Batman!" Toyman cried out, as dozens more books dropped from their
    • Dan Swanson
      Has there ever been a team up you haven t liked? Dan
      Message 93 of 93 , Aug 11 1:23 PM
        Has there ever been a team up you haven't liked?


        --- In Earth1AftertheCrisis@yahoogroups.com, Drivtaan <drivtaan@...>
        > Batman and Toyman are starting to make a pretty good team.
        > Lee
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