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DC Comics Presents the Just Us Brats Chapter 2

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  • christine nightstar
    DC Comics Presents the Just Us Brats Chapter 2 The Nine new children were fitting in fairly well at the orphanage. With Minor considerations, Cal, Barron, and
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      DC Comics Presents the Just Us Brats
      Chapter 2

      The Nine new children were fitting in fairly well at the orphanage. With Minor
      considerations, Cal, Barron, and Earl were outside on the playground equipment. Deana
      and Artie were playing with Dolls. Mary was coloring in a book with fish in it. Jann was
      watching everyone else… And then there was Carson and Sherry…

      "Take it Back, Carson. Boys are not better than girls"

      "No way… Girls are stupid just like you Sherry."

      "Lets see if you feel that like when I pound your face."

      "I'd like to see you try."

      Dane just looked out the window did those two ever stop fighting with each other? If it
      wasn't one thing it was another… Boys are better than girls, chocolate is better than
      caramel, Barbie is better than G.I. Joe, and the list went on.

      "Cal, Artie… Could you please Bring Sherry and Carson in here please?" Dane shouted out
      the Window… If any two were going to stop a fight between Sherry and Carson it would
      have been those two… Under normal circumstances… A minute later the arguing grew
      louder as Cal's and Artie's voices were added to the mix.

      "Girls are better than boys Carson…" Artie yelled

      "You're only saying that because you have to … you're a girl." Carson Retorted

      "Artie's right Girls are better than boys…"

      "Uh uh… Sherry, Everyone knows that boys are better than girls… Just ask Barron." Cal

      "Barry is a freak just like you and Carson Are Cal… All boys are Freaks." Sherry countered.

      Barron wasn't paying attention he was on the slide…

      "Would the Four of you please come in here?" Dane shouted out the window again.

      "Now see what you done Carson you got all of us in trouble." Artie said…

      "I did not… It was Sherry's fault all she had to do was agree with me that boys are better
      than girls."

      "Carson Boys are not better than Girls…" Dane Started before being interrupted

      "Told you… Girls are better." Sherry stuck out her tongue at Carson.

      "I'm not finished Sherry… Girls aren't Better than Boys either.."

      "But you said Boys aren't better than girls… how can that be?"

      "There is no better Sherry… Boys and Girls each have a role to play… each as important as
      the other. Girls are better at some things than boys are… While boys are better than girls
      at some things…"

      "Cal, Artie I thought you'd be better than joining in Carson and Sherry's petty arguments…
      That's why I asked you bring them in here. Because I figured you wouldn't join in…"

      "But…" Cal and Artie both said at the same time.

      "Go help set the tables for lunch, Cal Artie… Carson and Sherry you are going to sit in the
      living room and be quiet until I get you for lunch. Recess is over for both of you."

      "This is all your Fault Sherry…" Carson said as they headed out of Dane's office.

      "Carson I said be quiet… unless you want to miss lunch entirely."

      "Yes, Dane…"

      As Sherry and Carson were sat across from each other in the living room, Cal and Artie
      were being led to the dining room to help set the table. The Cook, Lynn, came out from

      "Dane it seems that we have a cookie thief… a very resourceful at that."

      "Why do you say that Lynn?"

      "The cookie jar was set on top of the fridge, there were footprints scaling the door, and
      this attached to the cabinets above the fridge." Lynn presented him with a suction cup
      arrow attached to a nylon cord."

      "Thank you, Computron… I knew that I chose wisely in reviving you first and entrusting
      you with helping me with my cover." The smaller worm-like being from the other
      dimension said as he pulled himself into the wheelchair."

      "You are welcome, Executive Producer Phanos…" Computron said holding the wheelchair
      for the head of casting/ executive producer.

      "Have you been able to find your errant Rivals yet?" Phanos asked.

      "They are three zones away at Mark fifty seven, Executive Producer." Computron
      responded nodding to the Southeast.

      "That close eh? Than I should revive your brothers and sisters lest we lose our chance… Is
      the boosting transmitter up and running yet?" Phanos inquired…

      "Yes executive producer…and the Writer is suggestion that we send Heckler and myself
      out to draw out our errant rivals and to gauge their abilities."

      "I want Blue Bolt and Hummingbird to go out first… Activate them and send them to me…
      I want to everything to go exactly as I plan… You and Heckler will be going out tonight
      because we need technical support and equipment and you are the best two to acquire
      that for our Station."

      "As you command Executive Producer…" Computron signaled to an intern to push the
      wheelchair while he went to revive his brothers and sister."

      "Can we Kill them? The Heckler asked Computron as they quickly overcame the security
      guards at the Electronics Store in the local mall.

      "They are only bit players… no impact on future plot developments foreseen…
      Termination is acceptable."

      "Hoooray…." Heckler did a dance for joy and hopped and skipped over to the down
      Security Guards… and with a single fluid motion snapped the first ones neck than painted
      a smiley face on his cheek. Computron just lifted the guard up by the ears… until he was
      the android/clone's eye level and squeezed his hands together…

      "Messy, Messy, Computron…see how mine has a smile on his face?"

      "I do not see your fascination with leaving a smile on his face Heckler… It is illogical."

      "So what are we shopping for Compy?"

      "The executive producer gave you a list of the parts we needed… Do you not have it with

      "When you crushed his head you got blood all over my list I can't read it… so I guess we'll
      have to take it all."

      "Processing…. Processing…. Acceptable course of action suggested… I shall get a cart."

      "and I'll get one of these and two of these and four of these, these don't match my eyes
      whatsoever…" Heckler said rifling through the guards belongings and while throwing stuff
      in the cart that Computron was pushing…

      "The executive Producer said that we had to draw them out…Hummingbird Not smash
      their skulls in…"

      "I don't care… Hawkgal is standing between me and my own Network show…"
      Hummingbird said as smashed window after Window "I want my own Network show…"

      Within Moments Superlad, Batboy and Blackbird arrived on the scene…

      "It's the goody goody patrol… lets get them…" Blue Bolt said firing off dart after dart at
      the arriving heroes.

      Hummingbird and Blackbird were fighting intensely… "You aren't Hawk gal but If I take
      you out I'm all the closer to my own Network show…."

      "You can have it… and just so you know green is so not a good color on you…"

      "Why you little witch… Like you know anything about fashion… Black is so last year."

      Blue bolt shot dart after dart from his gun at Superlad… which just bounced off his chest
      as he flew closer and closer…

      "You wouldn't Hit a guy with glasses would you?" Blue bolt asked as he quickly put on a
      pair of glasses when super lad got close.

      "You don't have to worry about him hitting you… He's too nice." Batboy said and punched
      Blue bolt in face, breaking the glasses and Blue bolt's nose.

      "That hurt…"

      "Good, it was supposed to…" Batboy said. The fight between Hummingbird and Blackbird
      was really starting to get fierce… as the Police started to show up as well as the media…

      "Hummingbird forget her the gumdrops are showing up…. Remember what the Executive
      producer said?"

      "Your lucky… next time I'll finish you for sure." Hummingbird said as she flew up and
      grabbed Blue bolt just in time to make an escape…

      "Who's the executive producer and what does he want with us?" Super lad asked.

      "For our leader, sometimes you are so dense. They want to take us back to the Network…"

      "I don't want to go back to the Network… the classes were no fun." Blackbird said.

      "Agreed but it seems we have another problem on our hands." Batboy said motioning to
      the surrounding police and media…

      "Up, up and away…" Super Lad said grabbing Blackbird and Batboy before the police could
      get close enough…

      "What is this? A miniature Justice league?" Snapper Carr asked as he saw a video tape
      footage taken from the night before, on the Bar's television where he sat.
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