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Books of Magic Tim Hunter: The Mysterious Student

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  • christine nightstar
    Books of Magic Tim Hunter: The Mysterious Student Tim Hunter was starting his second year at the Grimoire School, and was watching the new students and
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      Books of Magic Tim Hunter: The Mysterious Student

      Tim Hunter was starting his second year at the Grimoire School, and
      was watching the new students and teachers come in to the main hall.
      A catwalk, which circled the main hall, had been created during the
      break. Tim found that this was a perfect vantage point to just stand
      and relax and watch the kids who were coming to the school as well as
      the new teachers.

      Most of the new students looked very typical… coats, stocking caps,
      and boots. There were a few that looked like they had no idea what
      the weather was like, and one that really stood out to Tim, that one
      was dressed in black, Old world style cloak with the hood pulled up
      over their head, the cape down to their feet and couldn't see any
      details of their body.

      The new teachers were something to see as well; one of the new ones
      had long dark brown hair tied back, was wearing blue jeans, button up
      shirt, suede vest, with a satchel slung over one shoulder, and dark
      brown boots. Tim didn't get a chance to see the other two as his
      attention was distracted by the new student in black… and finally the
      last teacher came in, standing about Eight foot tall walking on four
      legs with scales, feathered style scaly wings, and was about forty-
      five feet long with a long broad tail similar to that of an
      alligator's or crocodile's.

      "He's really quite impressive isn't he Timothy and He's not even full
      grown yet…" came a voice from beside Tim as he looked to see Mister
      Gallowglass standing hunched over the rail as Tim had been.

      "Yes he is… who, what is he?"

      "That is Thunder wing one of the last surviving dragons on his world…
      and he's one of your new teachers."

      "What does he teach?"

      "You are going to have to attend his classes and find out, Timothy."

      "But I thought…" Tim started to say but found His principal gone…
      Just then Rick Billings came running down the hall leading to the

      "Did you see the dragon? I can't believe that we have a Dragon here
      this year. Can you believe it?"

      "I Saw him he's a teacher."

      "He is?"

      "That is soo cool. I wonder what he teaches."

      "I don't know but I heard his name is Thunder Wing and he's one of
      the last surviving dragons on his world."

      "ThunderWing that sounds soo dangerous and fitting I wonder what he's

      "Instead of asking me a lot of questions I don't know the answers to
      why don't you go follow the Orientation group and find out."

      "I better hurry, did you see which group he went with?"

      "Baron Weirwuff's I think…" Rick ran off after the group that Baron
      Weirwuff was showing around. Tim walked over to one of he benches
      that were in the hallway and sat down. Rick didn't even ask how he
      had been over the break, what he had done, or anything. So far the
      New Year of nineteen eighty-eight sucked…

      The clock tower said it was about one forty-five, and lunch seemed
      like ages ago and the dinner feast at seven seemed to be ages away as
      well. Tim decided that he could sit around and feel sorry for himself
      or go find something to snack on while the Orientations for the new
      students went on.

      Tim was munching on an apple following the path that Thunder Wing had
      left, whose tail had cleared the dust on the ground as it swayed from
      side to side. He walked by the Bestiary, the Clock tower, to an area
      he hadn't seen before. The Area seemed to be a cave the opening about
      ten foot tall, and hot and Humid. The mouth of the cave opened up
      into larger region with stone benches and desks…

      "Can I help you, Sstudent?" a voice from the back of the cave asked.
      The room seemed hotter as voice came at him. He could see heat
      radiating from pools of what looked like molten rock near the far the
      end of the classroom, as well as one very large shadow moving around.

      "I was just passing by and saw this cave… and decided to look into

      "Curiossity killss you know don't you, Sstudent?" Thunder wing came
      into the light he was standing on his hind legs holding several
      scroll cases. From this view he looked sort of like a very large
      kangaroo except for the head, with feathered wings, though Thunder
      wing was very adept on walking on his hinds it seemed. The large
      glasses over his eyes gave Thunder wing a scholarly look, but Tim
      didn't think for one second that this Dragon wouldn't be capable of
      taking care of himself with a class of students.

      " I guess so… I'll be going now Mister Thunder wing…" Tim said as he
      tried to slowly inch his way out of the cave.

      "What iss your name, Sstudent?" Thunder wing didn't even look at Tim
      when he asked he was putting the scrolls on the shelves behind a
      large rock between the two molten rock pools. He looked at each
      scroll than decided which rock shelf it would go onto.

      "Timothy Hunter, Sir…" Tim froze as he replied to the question
      apparently this dragon was very aware of his surroundings.

      "Aaah yess I have you down for my One o clock classs, don't be late
      Misster Hunter… You may go now…"

      Tim had nearly dropped his apple and ran but slowly backed out of the
      cave. There was something scary up close and personal about Thunder
      Wing… He didn't know if it was his imposing size, the lisp when he
      pronounced his S's or what but Tim never felt more scared in his
      life. After a quick run to the bathroom he went to find Rick.

      Rick hadn't been able to get close enough to Thunder wing to ask
      questions, and had been distracted by one of the newer students… Her
      name was Naala and she was as unique as her named sounded.

      Naala stood about five foot four. Her chestnut brown hair was worn
      short, the hat she wore was pushed up towards the back of her head by
      two three quarter inch thick horns jutting from her temples each one
      about three inches long, her torso was covered by an oversized T-
      shirt with a picture of Darth Vader on it. The denim vest she wore
      over the T-shirt was the same shade of the color as the Denim Skirt
      she wore. With a leather wine skin slung around her waist just off
      her belt

      Tim saw that she had hairy legs and cloven feet. Taking him back

      "You aren't human are you?" He asked meekly.

      "I should hope not, do you know how much trouble humans get into … oh
      sorry I didn't mean it that way… I'm a Satyr."

      Tim and Rick laughed at her reply and she looked at them like they
      were crazy.

      "You are right we do get into a lot of trouble but I never heard of a
      female Satyr before…"

      "We've been around for ages its just that thanks to Pan our society
      has been so male dominated, it wasn't until about fifty years ago
      that women were allowed to do anything fun… just stay home and cook,
      clean, drink, have sex and the usual boring things."

      Tim and Rick's eyes widened to the size of saucers when she mentioned
      "You haven't had… I mean you're not…" Tim Started to ask… but was
      interrupted by Rick.

      "You know who that is on your T-shirt is don't you?" Rick asked

      "Yeah, its Darth Vader, I chose this shirt because he's soo cool.

      "You do know that basically he's an evil Wizard?" Rick continued

      "It's a fantasy story of course he's evil… it wouldn't be much of a
      story if there wasn't an evil Wizard in it. It's that he's soo good
      at being bad that makes him a cool character."

      "And Of Course I haven't had sex yet, my dad would kill me if I did
      at my age, but the way my mom describes it, its more of a chore than
      a pleasure…" She giggled as the two boys, who were sweating by this

      "How old are you, Naala?" Rick asked as they escorted her to women's

      "I'm thirteen and how old are you two?"

      "I just turned thirteen" Tim replied

      "I'll be thirteen in a few more months" Rick said

      "But at least I'm old enough to drink, like some wine?"

      "Is that real wine?" Rick asked as Naala downed a gulp from her

      "My dad made it himself…straight from his vineyards… Blackberry, my
      favorite." Naala said with a grin.

      "No thanks, we have to get going… see you at the feast, Naala" Tim
      replied finally. Rick looked at him like he had gone crazy.

      As they walked away from Naala and the women's dorms

      "Why'd you do that, Tim? We could have had a taste of some wine…"

      "You are such a dork, if WE are found drinking it means we could get
      expelled or worse. Let her have her wine like she said at least she's
      old enough to drink."

      "But…" Rick gave a big puppy dog face to Tim as they walked to their
      dorm room to change for the feast.

      The feasts defied description last year; there were foods of every
      type on the tables. Elegantly set tables before the Teachers' table,
      which had a tiny podium in the middle. All of the Teachers were in
      their finest outfits it seemed except for one, the dark haired new
      teacher that Tim had seen earlier. Thunder wing wasn't present at the
      table either… Tim figured it would have been a hard fit since he was
      as long as the Teachers' table.

      This year the settings were bare, as the students mulled about
      finding seats next to their friends. By the time all the students had
      seated themselves there was a loud bang…

      "Attention, Attention all… I have a few announcements before we start
      on the feast that will certainly bewilder and beguile our senses…"
      Mister Gallowglass began…

      "First I'd like to introduce some of our new teachers… You all saw
      Professor Thunder Wing this afternoon who will be teaching Magick and
      Ethics and how they interact… He will not be able to attend this
      feast due to certain spatial restrictions," The students giggled at
      the joke while the principal continued.

      "At the End of the Table is Mister Christopher Drake, Who will be
      teaching Magickal Lore and Magickal Fact…," The Long haired Teacher
      stood up and held his glass in salute before sitting down. For some
      reason Mister Drake didn't seem to be the in the Library type
      researcher to Tim.

      "Next to him is our new Techno-Magick teacher, Miss Raquel Reynalds…"
      The large but shapely woman with blonde hair wearing a cowboy hat and
      pant suit stood up holding her glass in salute like Drake did before
      sitting down.

      Josh Cantrell looked over at her and poked Alfred Twitchell and said
      "Look at the rack on her I bet you could get lost in there, Twitch."
      Before receiving two kicks under the table one from Patsy Ambrose and
      the other from Naala both who were sitting across from him.

      "Ouch, what I do to deserve that?" Josh asked faux innocently as he
      rubbed his leg under the table.

      "You were being a pig, Joshua Cantrell"

      "As if the boys back where I came from weren't bad enough…" Naala
      added on to Patsy's comment.

      "Well at least I don't have to beg to get a date…"

      "This year if your attitude doesn't change towards us girls you will
      have to beg, Josh." Patsy threatened.

      "And finally our New School Physician and Mystical healing
      instructor… Doctor Marisa Mortale" a younger woman stood up with
      brown hair stood up and did like the other two did raising her glass
      in salute, before sitting down. She wasn't as pretty as Miss Reynalds
      or any of the other Teachers, but she had a mom type quality in her
      face. She was wearing a conservative blouse jacket and skirt.

      "I'm letting you all know that there will be no activities allowed,
      until further notice, in the Bestiary without Mister Frankenstein's
      permission… He has gotten a few new monsters over the break and is
      trying to acclimate them to their new environment. Also Students in
      Mister Drake's class who would like to go on the field trips must
      collect permission forms to send to your parents or guardians…"

      With a gesture from Mister Gallowglass there appeared foods from
      every culture and of every type imaginable in quantities suited for
      all attending.

      For some reason the food tonight tasted better than any Tim had had
      previously. The Teachers were enjoying their meals, as were the
      students. Tim noticed something as he reached for some butter for a
      roll… The Student or whoever it was in black had returned and was in
      a far corner standing silently. When he asked Rick who the person in
      black was Rick said that he didn't see anyone over where Tim had
      indicated… and when Tim looked again there wasn't anyone there. Was
      Tim losing it and seeing things or what?

      When the feast was over and everyone was heading towards their dorm
      rooms. Something tripped Tim and in his face he found an envelope
      made of a paper unlike anything he seen before with pictures of an
      infant, than as a Toddler, and the first day of grade school, the
      child was Tim. There were also notes on a type of paper that he had
      never seen before as well and in a language and handwriting style he
      had also never remembered seeing before… but though it looked like
      chicken scratches to him… he could read it word for word. On the
      front of the envelope was his name, Timothy Hunter. A Mysterious
      Student, A Mysterious envelope full of pictures and notes about him
      in a language that never remembered seeing but could read as if it
      were English, and now a chill shot up his back.

      He felt as he had jumped out of his skin when a large hand wrapped
      around his shoulder… It was the care of Magickal creatures
      instructor, Adam Frankenstein.

      "Are you alright, boy? You aren't hurt are you?" came the soft but
      husky voice of the teacher.

      "Uh… No, No I'm not Mister Frankenstein… thank you but I must be
      going now."

      "No running in the Halls… you should know better than that."
      Frankenstein shouted after Tim as he shot off like rocket.

      Tim had trouble sleeping because of the adrenaline that was pumping
      through his body from the scare in the halls; even though the lights
      were off he still tossed and turned trying to find a comfortable
      position. Punching his pillow, fluffing it getting up and walking
      around in the dark, going to the Bathroom, trying to find a
      comfortable position in which to sleep again, punching his pillow
      again, fluffing the pillow up again over and over through the night.

      When the Morning bells tolled, vibrating all the rooms in the
      dormitories Tim looked up and out of the window after putting on his
      glasses at the dim sunlight peeking over the horizon… He wasn't ready
      for morning yet; he had just got to sleep. When Rick burst into his
      room dressed and ready for breakfast and the new day…

      "Come on Tim you don't want to be late for breakfast…" Rick said, The
      energy he had at this time in the morning was positively repulsive to
      Tim today… How could someone be so happy about waking up so soon
      after such a short night's sleep? Tim drug himself out of his bed and
      pajamas giving his best friend a look that might not had killed but
      would have done deadly damage. Why did Rick have to watch him change?
      It was bad enough he saw him in bed.

      "I'll be down in a while… just get me something to drink, Ok?" Tim
      said in a quiet tone…

      "Ok Tim… I'll wait for you at the tables…"

      Breakfast time was almost over with by the time that Tim got down to
      the tables. Not much was left to eat, but then he didn't have much of
      an appetite anyway. He got a few slices of toast and some once hot,
      but now warm, tea.

      "You okay, Tim?" Patsy asked as Tim nibbled on his toast, and slowly
      drank his tea.

      "Just had trouble getting to sleep last night…" Tim said…

      "No wonder you have circles under your eyes darker than Robin's
      Mask…" Patsy replied.

      "Something bothering you?" Rick asked who had overheard this as Tim
      ate his toast…

      "I keep seeing a figure in black, I tried to show you them earlier,
      Rick, but it keeps disappearing. And last night I tripped on my way
      to my room and found an envelope made of a strange paper with
      pictures of me, notes about me. In an language I don't remember ever
      seeing before but can read as easy as pie, and a feeling that someone
      is watching me now."

      "Creepy" Rick and Patsy said almost at the same time.

      Tim's First two classes made his head hurt, Second year
      Transfiguration and Second year Enchantments and Charms… He found
      himself thinking that it should be illegal to make someone think that
      hard so early in the morning. He wasn't going to get out of doing it
      either not with the teachers he had.

      The period before Lunch was one of the new teachers Mister Drake and
      his Lore class. Mister Drake didn't look like he was dressed for a
      typical scholarly/debating class.

      "Hello, everyone, My name is Christopher Drake, in case you missed it
      last night. I hold Doctorates in Archeology, Occult lore and
      Demonology. You don't have to call me Doctor Drake, Mister Drake or
      Sir will be sufficient. Any questions? "

      Tim and Several others raised their hands, Tim was surprised when he
      got called on.

      "So what does this class cover I heard the description what does that

      "Good question… Mister Hunter, over the next year we will be
      examining three types of lore common in everyday Magick. You will be
      discerning the facts from the fiction in this class and every month
      we will have two field trips to places where the type of Lore we are
      studying at the time is abundant. The Three Types of Lore are Spirit,
      Faerie and Demon Lore in that order."

      "We're going to study Demon Lore? Cool…" a voice in the back said

      "Yes you are but not until you proven you can handle the other types."

      "Will we be interacting with Spirits, Faeries, and Demons, Mister
      Hunter?" Patsy asked…

      "No more than you already have in the course of your regular studies…
      What do you think powers a good portion of Ritual Magick?"

      The class looked at each other with an `I never thought of that, did
      you?' expression on their faces.

      "But I will help keep you from the more Malevolent entities' lore out
      there. That is for the Advanced Classes."

      "But for our First week we will be getting to know each other and
      finding out our strengths, Weaknesses and other tidbits."

      The class looked at each other again was this teacher crazy, as he
      walked center of the classroom looking at all the students, seated in
      a circle facing inward. They had spent a good portion of the previous
      year getting to know each other and all that.

      "You will be divided into work groups of five, with two Leaders… I
      will select your groups so that there will be no `clique' forming in
      Work groups… the Two Leaders will be responsible for way the group
      presents their findings, opinions and everything else. But this class
      isn't about working in a group; it's about the Lore… or the Facts as
      they may be. Your work groups will be posted at the end of the Week."

      "Does that mean that we will have work with someone who definitely
      not in the same `Class' as we are Mister Drake?" A snooty-sounding
      boy beside Naala; who was on the other side of the room, and wearing
      a similar outfit to the one she wore the day before; asked.

      "It means that you will have to work with and possibly listen to
      them. If they are your Group Leaders and as I choose the groups and
      their leaders it's a good idea not to irritate me." Drake responded
      to question.

      "My father will have something to say about this." The Snooty-
      sounding boy, whose name was Devin Crowley, said in a hushed tone.

      "Unless your father wants to take this class he'll have nothing to
      say about this, Because how I treat you in this class is fair and
      just. Don't think Fame or Wealth will get you better treatment from
      me… And tell your Father, Mister Anton Crowley that Doctor
      Christopher Drake sends his regards."

      Devin was storming out of the classroom when he felt his feet lift
      from the ground and was redepositted back into his seat.

      "In My class, young Crowley, you will abide My rules and nobody
      leaves until I dismiss them and in the contingency that you are
      planning to disrupt my Class I have put a little behavior modifier
      charm on you… I don't particularly care for spoiled rich kids or
      spoiled kids of any class but I do expect the kids in my class to
      treat myself and their other students with courtesy and respect,

      Devin Crowley mumbled a yes sir… than with a look from Drake… replied
      loudly and clearly "Yes Sir." In a defeated tone, that meant he
      understood that he wasn't going to be calling the shots.

      Drake started next to Crowley, as each student introduced himself or
      herself to the class and Drake, saying a few things about themselves.
      Drake was silent as he scratched down his notes. When the bell
      signaling the end of the class and the start of lunch rung half of
      the students made a mad dash for the door.

      "Young Crowley you are dismissed now, and if you ever try and pull a
      stunt like that again in my Class I won't just punish you like I did
      today you will suffer the worst punishment I am capable of…"

      "Yes, DOCTOR Drake…" Devin replied as he looked over at Tim with
      hatred. Apparently Tim's witnessing the whole ordeal was much worse
      for him than the actual ordeal itself.

      "Mister Drake, Sir… I was wondering if you could help me with
      something…" Tim said as he approached Drake's Desk.

      Lunch was a simple affair today, a hot roast beef sandwich with
      cheese and other toppings available, some potato chips, and a bowl of

      After talking with Mister Drake, Tim felt famished for some reason he
      had gotten two sandwiches and piled them with his favorite toppings.
      There was also something about the soup that was unusual too. He
      couldn't put his finger on it but he wolfed it down almost as fast as
      his sandwiches. He looked at the potato chips and wondered how
      someone could something this greasy and salty… He gave his bag of
      chips to Naala, who ate the bag wrapper and all. Naala was wearing a
      T-shirt with a tiger and Dragon facing each other on the outside of a
      yin-yang symbol, with a leather vest and long skirt today along with
      the hat she wore the day before.

      "The bag is a little plasticky tasting, but the rest is good."

      "Uh… Naala you do know that you were just supposed to eat the potato
      chips and not the bag?" Rick asked.

      "The Bag's usually the best part…" Naala replied. Patsy, Tim and Rick
      just looked at her strangely before she asked "What?"

      The whole group just laughed.

      Devin Crowley yelled across the room "Hey Goat girl do you want my
      bag too? I'm not going to eat it…"

      Naala looked at Crowley with a look that could kill and coolly
      replied… "I only accept things that my friends give me, not some
      garbage dwelling rat. Never know where it's been."

      "Why you impertinent inhuman beast… I should kill you for that."

      "Just try it Crowley you wont even get close enough…"

      Crowley drew his wand when he felt a hand grasp around his wrist… and
      heard a voice very gruffly say

      "If you want to get yourself expelled continue with that spell but
      know that if you kill her you will be taken before the Sentinels of
      Magick." Standing behind Devin was Baron Weirwuff.

      "She insulted me and my family Baron…"

      "And you had insulted her and hers. Let it drop Young Crowley. Your
      father may have enough influence to get you into the school but he
      does not have enough to protect you from the Sentinels."

      "This isn't over Goat-girl"

      "I bet it is, Garbage Rat." Naala replied and stuck out her tongue at
      Devin as the Baron's back was turned.

      The Baron just said…"Keep your tongue in your Mouth, young Satyr. A
      tongue that sharp should stay in its scabbard."

      It took Naala a second to figure out what he had said before she
      giggled herself.

      The One O' clock class in the dragon cave was hot… and humid.
      Rephrase that, it was stiflingly hot and Humid, so much so that a lot
      of students were taking off their outer layers… Some of the girls
      were even talking about taking off their blouses…

      "I know that the heat and the humidity iss hard on you, sso I will
      keep thiss short and to the point. If you wish to wear nexxt to
      nothing in my class wear your sschool sswimssuitss, Ladiess.
      Gentlemen you will be allowed to wear shirtss and shortss. Today I
      will keep the Classs short to prevent you from falling unconssciouss
      ssooner than you normally would in a Classs like mine." Thunder wing
      said as he basked between the molten rock pools.

      "We will be talking about how our Deccissionss in ussing Magick
      influencess thosse around uss, For the Firsst month. And After that
      we will ssplit into disscussion groupss and take on different hot
      topicss… Like the hunting of Magickal Creaturess, Magickal birth
      control and abortionss, and every oness Favorite Topic are Nonhumanss
      due to the ssame resspect that Humanss are and vicce verssa?"

      That iss the end of our time together today… Tomorrow I will exxpect
      you to sstay the whole two hourss."

      "That was intense." Tim said as he left Thunder wing's classroom next
      to Naala, who was showing no signs of sweating or suffering from the
      heat like Tim and Rick were.

      "I thought it was refreshing, but since he says I can wear my school
      swimsuit to class… I will." Naala said with smile. Tim then noticed
      that her little tail was wagging excitedly from side to side, elbowed
      Rick and pointed at it. Rick giggled.

      "I know you like looking at my tail is another reason I get to do it
      too" She said and winked at them as she headed to her dorm. Their
      next Class was scheduled for three and they had gotten over an hour
      and half break. They were going to do what all kids do when given a
      chance to get out early… Goof off.

      Tim and Rick had found a nice little place through one of the portal
      worlds to spend time just lounging around. The Teachers had called it
      the Picnic world… weather was sunny ninety percent of the time, the
      only threats were the occasional roaming dinosaur, raptors mostly and
      the occasional Triceratops, but they didn't usually come to close to
      the portal. The best part was that there was a pollen or something
      else that was carried by the wind that just relaxed humans and made
      them feel good. Nobody had been able to figure out what it was… and
      possibly the only person that would have been able to find out had
      left with the last session, willingly.

      Time seemed to fly on the Picnic World, but with a portal open one
      could always tell when the clock tower went off. And in close enough
      proximity to the portal when closed, but being used as well, you
      could feel and hear the portal reverberate. Tim and Rick were close
      enough to hear it do so.

      But the portal's reverberations weren't the reason that the two boys
      were early to their three O'clock classes. At two thirty Tim had seen
      the figure in black again, this time walking towards him. He hadn't
      seen or heard the Portal open either so they ran to the portal and
      used the recall keys that they had been given. This time there was
      something different about the figure, something scary and possibly
      sinister. It was also the first time that Rick had seen the figure
      that Tim had been seeing all along.

      To Be Continued…
    • mcmaenza
      Christine, wonderful work. You managed to capture elements of the previously written tales in the Books of Magic series while setting up a foundation for the
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 3, 2005
        Christine, wonderful work. You managed to capture elements of the
        previously written tales in the Books of Magic series while setting up
        a foundation for the new school year. You touched upon both the
        established cast from year one and introduced some new elements for
        the new year as well. Way to do your research.

      • immortalwildcat
        ... Hmmm, is it just me, or is there something increasingly familiar about the Grimoire School? Seriously, that was more or less the original intent. I
        Message 3 of 4 , Nov 3, 2005
          --- In Earth1AftertheCrisis@yahoogroups.com, "christine nightstar"
          <ptc@n...> wrote:
          > Books of Magic Tim Hunter: The Mysterious Student
          Hmmm, is it just me, or is there something increasingly familiar about
          the Grimoire School? <grin>

          Seriously, that was more or less the original intent. I like the way
          you're arranging the "pieces" for what will likely be a lengthy chess
          game of a story.

          da 'Cat!
        • mcmaenza
          Ah, Cat, you know the Grimoire School was always presented here in that fashion. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Given the fact that the
          Message 4 of 4 , Nov 3, 2005
            Ah, 'Cat, you know the Grimoire School was always presented here in
            that fashion. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Given the
            fact that the original Tim Hunter comics from the late 80's and such
            could easily be seen as an inspiration of a certain British literary
            character (though J.K. disavows any knowledge of the comics - pretty
            likely given how she lived back then - just an odd coincidence), it is
            kind of nice for things to come full circle here.
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