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Hawkman: Liberty or Death! 5

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  • libbylawrence
    Meanwhile, after securing the golem in a storage facility aboard the JLA satellite, the Hawks had returned home to prepare for their evening guests. Shayera
    Message 1 of 41 , Sep 1, 2005
      Meanwhile, after securing the golem in a storage facility aboard the
      JLA satellite, the Hawks had returned home to prepare for their
      evening guests.

      Shayera wore a short pink dress with a lilac bow along with matching
      heels and a lilac sweater.

      She placed plates on the table while her husband Carter measured
      seasoning and added it to a pot on the stove. He wore a crisp white
      shirt with creased gray pants and a striped tie.

      "I think this Thanagarian stew is about ready. It's a shame Whitney
      had to cancel. She would have loved it. Of course, we would have had
      to tell her that it was Romanian or something equally esoteric!" he

      Shayera laughed and said, "Of course, we don't have to disguise the
      source of the food from Stewart. He loves anything from our culture!"

      She referred to the fact that the handsome and capable police officer
      knew their true identities and relished data about their home planet.

      A knock on the door led her to jump to her feet and open the door.

      "Stewart, how well you look tonight! Please come inside!" she said
      with a smile as she placed one hand on the young man's arm.

      Stewart Frazier smiled and wiped his feet on their porch mat before

      "Thanks! You always are a treat for these world-weary eyes! I brought
      you some flowers. Hope you like carnations!"

      As Shayera placed the flowers in a vase, Carter slipped into his suit
      jacket and greeted their guest.

      "Stewart, I know you have big news for us. Well, I'm eager to hear
      it!" he said.

      Stewart said, "Well, you two are looking at the newly appointed
      Police Commissioner of Midway City. George Emmett resigned today. He
      called me personally and told me the news. He has some political
      ambitions. He might even make it here tonight if his train arrives on

      Carter shook the smaller man's hand and said, "Congratulations!
      You've been the best leader the force could hope for in George's
      absence and I know you'll do him proud!"

      Shayera kissed Frazier's cheek and said, "I'm so happy for you! What
      exactly are George's plans? I can't see that clever old fox sitting
      idle for long!"

      Stewart said, "Well, I don't want to spoil his own surprise but I
      think he's eyeing the office of Mayor. There is an election coming up
      next year!"

      Carter smiled as he thought of the stately George Emmett. The wise
      old cop had been their first ally on earth. He had helped them
      establish their roles as Carter and Shiera and even secured their
      jobs and home for them since both had previously been occupied by his
      own retiring brother! Emmett had been their friend in both of their
      roles and he was not the kind of man the city could well do without.
      He would be a terrific mayor.

      A sudden flash of colored light caught their attention and the trio
      all hurried toward the front windows. They looked out the window but
      all that could be seen was a strange fog that swirled wildly and only
      cleared briefly to reveal a stark and barren landscape.

      "Carter, the city's gone!" gasped Shayera.

      A dark and gaunt figure loomed up out of the shadows behind them.
      Laughter rang out and they whirled to see an infamous form!

      "Shadow Thief! You've got your nerve coming here! What have you done
      to Midway City?" demanded Shayera.

      Shadow Thief grinned as Frazier's sudden leap failed to connect with
      his altered body.

      "Tell Super Cop here that no one lays a hand on me unless I allow it.
      Hence the name Shadow Thief! Oh, and as for Midway City, it's just
      fine. In fact I'd call it ripe for the taking!" he said.

      Frazier said, "Sands, you just stay where you are! We don't want any
      trouble here!"

      Carter said, "He knows our secret Frazier. There's no need to play
      coy with this snake!"

      Shadow Thief laughed and said, "Very well, let us put all our cards
      on the table! I'm here to tell you goodbye. This will be our final

      Shayera had started to ease closer to the rogue when he nodded toward
      her and said, "I see you, Legs. Just freeze for a moment! This won't
      take long!"

      He raised his hands and said, "I have the honor of being the one to
      finally eliminate you. One of your own people has equipped me. She
      combines brains with curvesÂ…much like Mrs. Hawk over there!"

      Carter said, "I'm warning you SandsÂ…!"

      Shadow Thief said, "My, aren't we THE hero? Well, some people never
      change! So, I'll cut through the formalities and simply end this now
      by saying that my lovely Thanagarian ally equipped me with a Dimensio-
      meter large enough to shunt your precious home into this limbo
      between dimensions! The city is fine. You three and this lovely
      domestic scene have been cast away though! I hope you all rot here!"

      He vanished abruptly as his laughter faded away.

      Carter said, "He's right. It is not the city! It's our home! He's
      shunted the whole building into another dimension!"

      Frazier said, "I don't understand. I thought he was just a thief who
      used some fancy gimmicks to blend into shadows!"

      Shayera said, "No. Not exactly. You see, he was given a device called
      a dimensio-meter by a friendly alien with whom he had accidentally
      made contact.
      The device allowed him to become the Shadow Thief. It basically gave
      him access to the alien's home dimension where his physical body
      would remain while only his shadow could be seen back on Earth."

      Frazier said, "So, he used some kind of projector version of the
      device to put this building into that other dimension?"

      Carter nodded and said, "It is more complicated than that. You see,
      he would never have been able to touch things in our dimensional
      plane while using the Dimensio-meter had he not been given a second
      gift by the alien. He was given special gloves that allowed him to
      stay in that other dimension- a place called Xarapion- and still
      touch things on Earth when necessary."

      Frazier whistled softly.

      "So, since we don't have gloves we can't make contact with Earth nor
      can we shunt the building back to Earth without a Dimensio-meter!" he

      Shayera said, "He once trapped our bodies like that but we had two
      things going for us that we lack now. We had access to birds that
      helped move our frozen forms and we also made contact with the alien
      who started Carl's Shadow Thief career by giving him the alien
      devices that gave him those powers."

      Frazier said, "Well, we can't just sit here. Why don't we head out
      there and find the alien?"

      Carter said, "We aren't in Xarapion this time. Sands stranded us and
      the whole house in some half way point between realms. No birds exist
      here. No aliens either. We are on our own!"

      Shayera said, "How did he ever whip up a Dimensio-meter big enough to
      move a house?"

      Carter said, "Honey, he claims one of our race helped him. I begin to
      suspect the same help enabled Matter Master to make that golem!"

      Shayera said, "Hyathis may have sent this agent. Her dominion of
      Thanagar can't be as sweet for her because we're alive and well here!"

      Carter began to remove his coat.

      "She may think she's won but Hawkman's just begun to fight back!"
      he vowed grimly.
    • libbylawrence
      Right. Give Thanagar and Rann a break. Evil tyrants looking for a target can just trample over New Mars again!
      Message 41 of 41 , Sep 13, 2005
        Right. Give Thanagar and Rann a break. Evil tyrants looking for a
        target can just trample over New Mars again!
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