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Lost and Found: at the ball

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  • christine nightstar
    Lost and Found: at the ball Jaicen felt uncomfortable in the monkey suit that Maddie had bought for him. It fit like a second skin, and was just about as
    Message 1 of 2 , May 8, 2005
      Lost and Found: at the ball

      Jaicen felt uncomfortable in the monkey suit that Maddie had bought
      for him. It fit like a second skin, and was just about as tight. He
      couldn't even wear his belt with all his gear as Legacy in it. If
      Legacy was going to be needed tonight Jaicen North would have to
      disappear without notice… Not an easy trick as there were people by
      the restrooms, exits and windows…

      Something felt weird, besides the suit… all of the people at the
      party were among the richest in Australia, if not the world. Yet he
      hardly saw any security anywhere in the area. He found a few hidden
      cameras, audio recorders, and a few other odds and ends yet he saw no
      guards. Even with his X-ray vision and telepathy, there were no signs
      of this being a secure party… and it raised the question of Why?
      Keeping to the wall was the easiest way to keep out of conversations,
      and keep an eye on the party.

      It was then he saw one of Australia's more notable citizens… The
      Tasmanian Devil. He looked ridiculous with a tuxedo over his furry
      outfit. Jaicen wondered how he got talked into coming, and even
      though Tasmanian Devil's mask hid his face… Jaicen could see that he
      was just as unhappy as Jaicen was.

      During the dinner Jaicen wrote down every detail about what they were
      serving, how things were arranged, everything… Dirk would probably be
      able to tell who was talking to who, what the wine and meal was and
      if it was good or not, and all those petty little details he usually
      saw in Dirk's column but Jaicen didn't know or care… He was just
      writing what he thought of it… the company was boorish, stuck up and
      opinionated about the silliest of things. He didn't really care for
      the coffee, too many people smoked smelly cigars, the wines were ok
      they seemed to go well with the various courses, the servings were
      small and the dancing part hadn't begun yet… He wished he could get
      out of this unending boredom. That was until the Tasmanian Devil
      started to talk to him…

      "I see you are enjoying this party as much as I am, mate"

      "Yeah, I'm Jaicen North from Point Blanke… My publisher sent me here
      to cover the party."

      "Jaicen North, the cartoonist?" Jaicen just nodded in response…

      "I love your stuff, Mate… your cartoons seem to capture your subjects
      so realistically… showing them for what they really are."

      "Thanks… I wish I could say I've caught your work too but I've heard
      good things about you…"

      "No problems, Mate…"

      "Did you notice that Security seems a little lax here, Devil? Or am I
      missing something?"

      "Ye do have a sharp eye, Mate. The Governor figured that he could cut
      down on security with me here... but I don't like it either… seems to
      be asking for trouble."

      "How did you get talked into this?"

      "That stuffed shirt of a Governor promised to make life very hard for
      some of the aborigines if I didn't attend at least three parties this
      year… Luckily this is me third."

      "Why do you care about the Aborigines? And how could he make life
      harder for them than it already is?"

      "Long Story, mate, about why… but he promised to sign a bill that
      would make them get permits and licenses to sell crafts, give tours,
      all the things they need to do to live. The permits and licenses for
      a year would cost more than most would make in that period of time."

      "So they'd go to jail… or starve… nice…"

      The Black Kryptonite was picked up by another of agent of Luthor, at
      the designated place, and was on its way to the criminal scientist
      when something happened… The Car with the criminal agent it was hit
      by a semi trailer at an intersection, killing the driver instantly…
      The semi exploded after its driver got out in time… Crime scene
      evidence collection cataloged the Black Kryptonite as something else…
      Nobody would know what happened… except for those that set it up… The
      Semi driver disappeared several days later out of Central city's
      Hospital. As did the evidence of the accident…

      Upon finding out about this, Lex Luthor was infuriated… he had a spy
      in his organization, worse yet it was a spy that had been able to
      escape not just his detection but had been able to let a rival know
      about his operations at the highest level… The collection of the
      Black Kryptonite was an inner circle knowledge operation… But who
      besides Luthor had knowledge of the New Kryptonite… Intergang?
      Braniac? Which of his Rivals could pull off such a smooth operation
      and disappear? Lex Luthor was going to find out…

      The Night was going ok; The Tasmanian Devil was decent company for
      the most part… they had a lot in common it seemed. Then it happened
      the Security of the mansion was compromised… several dozen heavily
      armed criminals appeared; they had submachine guns, grenades, and
      plenty of ammunition; as the desert was being served. Jaicen wasn't
      being watched so nobody saw him use his heat vision to set off the
      sprinklers. The sprinklers provided enough cover for him to change to
      Legacy, the Tasmanian Devil to start taking out the criminals, and
      contacting the authorities…

      Legacy appeared after the sprinklers ran dry…wet blonde hair in his
      usual outfit, except it was wet. A quick spin, which knocked several
      of the gunmen out, dried him off. The Tasmanian Devil confronted him

      "My Names Legacy, I'm here to help, I heard the Alarm while I was out
      at sea."

      "I'm the Tasmanian Devil glad to meet you, Legacy"

      Several seconds later, due to the efforts of Legacy and the Devil…
      the gunmen were subdued… The Leader tried to escape but was stopped
      when Legacy landed on his car… rather to say landed through the car…
      going through the hood, engine and front end and disappeared into the
      night sky as Tasmanian Devil pulled the leader from the car.

      Jaicen North was found moments later claiming he was knocked
      unconscious at the start of it. Piquing the Tasmanian devil's
      Interest… Two of Point Blanke's more notable citizens in the Capital,
      at the same time… they had several similar features except one was
      dark haired and the other was blonde… changing hair color that fast
      wasn't impossible, but it was highly Improbable. Another thing was
      Jaicen North didn't have a mark on a spot that would have knocked him
      out, nor had any sign of bleeding… Which piqued the veteran hero's
      interest more. He'd wait and see what was written in the Point Blanke
      Newspaper that North worked for.
      ... of The Tasmanian Devil and the heist of a Luthor operation ooh somebody has got some big... plans. Good writing. Wolf Co-Author- FEARDEVIL:REBIRTH OF A
      Message 2 of 2 , May 9, 2005
        --- christine nightstar <ptc@...> wrote:

        > Lost and Found: at the ball
        > I really enjoyed this especially for the appearence
        of The Tasmanian Devil and the heist of a Luthor
        operation ooh somebody has got some big...

        Good writing.



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