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  • The Time Trust
    Nov 15, 2013
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      I do remember Princess Mei and that two-thousand-year-old mummy case from an old Wonder Woman comic from the early '70s. It was one of several comics that was passed down to me from my big sister. Princess Mei should be a great addition to the Asian Global Guardians you've been developing over several stories!
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      Beijing, China
      Hai Chen stifled a yawn as she carefully filed another invoice in her small office. As a secretary at
      Golden Wind Records, she was used to her boring routine but that did not mean the pretty twenty-four year old didn’t occasionally yearn for something more.
      She was grateful to have a job in a traditionally male dominated sphere and she also realized that association with prominent executives gave her privileges denied most women her age; however, she was not satisfied with the government of her country.  She was not exactly an intellectual but she knew the price so many young academics had paid during the harsh repressive purges of the sixties. Her late uncle had died in a labor camp and she had been raised to keep her mouth shut and never associate with anyone who could even remotely be classified as an enemy of the Party.  This did not mean that she did not have her own ideas and she kept her hatred of the Communist doctrine to herself. She knew not to express views that could lead to trouble or even arrest. She was iron-willed in her self-control. Nothing would cause her to reveal her true feelings even though keeping such feelings inside was a matter of nearly constant effort for one who hated the oppression and injustice around her.
      Luckily, mild mannered secretary Hai Chen had a secret. She had far more going for her than her demure outward appearance and soft whispery voice would indicate. She had a second identity and in this role, she was a dynamic champion of the old China that existed long before the Communists came!
      She frowned as a loud crash seemed to shake the building. She rushed to the window and saw a remarkable sight.  A crater-like hole now marked the street and from this point of impact a woman in a red, blue, and gold costume emerged and then screamed in anger!
      “Wonder Woman! I know it must be her! Only she could crash to earth in such a manner and survive! This is indeed fitting since she played such a fateful role in our family history!” she thought.
      She locked her office door, removed her thick glasses, let down her long silky hair from its customary tight bun, and brought both arms together in such a manner that the ornate golden bracelets she wore on each arm beneath her white blouse struck one another!
      A glow surrounded her and she was suddenly transformed into a taller and entirely more striking woman! She was radiantly beautiful! She wore an elaborate pink and gold patterned lamellar armor
      that covered her chest and torso while leaving her legs and arms bare except for the gold bracelets on each arm and golden laced sandals that wrapped around each leg and ended just below the knee.
      Pink ribbons decorated each limb. A small golden tiara rested within her luxurious black hair. She wore a bow across her shoulders along with a quiver and a sword hung over one hip.
      “It is entirely fitting that the famous Wonder Woman who was benefactress to my esteemed ancestor now meets the Wonder Woman of China- Princess Mei!” she said with a broad smile.

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