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20471RE: [Earth-1 After the Crisis] Wonder Woman The Forgotten 6

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  • The Time Trust
    Nov 15, 2013
      This reminds me of the way the Titans of E-2 also imprisoned the Olympians, forcing Wonder Woman to do 6 labors.

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      Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter were concluding their search of the deserted Mount Olympus.


      “I know distances may not be exactly as they appear to our mortal senses but we have combed this citadel thoroughly and found no one!” said J’onn.


      Nubia nodded and she walked toward him. She hated to give up when so much rested upon her success.


      “I do not think there is anything left for us to do here and yet something makes me want to remain!” she said.


      She frowned as she gazed across the compound.


      “We’re being watched. Call it a warrior’s intuition if you will but I feel some hostile force is watching us!” she said.


      J’onn said, “I agree. I can not detect any thoughts but I sense something just beyond the range of my mental powers. I would call it cerebral static for lack of a scientific term!”


      At that moment they were abruptly transported from Mt. Olympus itself to a smaller mountain that rose directly across from it.


      A series of ornate palaces lined the misty slope and two majestic figures lounged on thrones of marble.


      “Welcome to Mount Othrys, mortals!  Your courage and wisdom have earned you this audience with the true rulers of Olympus. We are the Titans and your quest for our rebellious heirs will cease now!” said a powerful looking blond man in a black cloak.


      Next to him sat a lovely blonde in a dark hooded cloak of her own.


      “My brother-husband Creus speaks the truth. While we honor your valor, we will not allow you to undo our work!  I am Mnemosyne and it is through our combined might that we have regained our former glory by robbing our spiteful heirs of their memories and their powers!” she said.


      Wonder Woman said, “You are two of the surviving Titans! You were overthrown and imprisoned by Zeus before the dawn of time! My sister Artemis said you had been freed and had made peace with your offspring!”


      Creus said, “What peace may be had with spoiled brats? Would you allow your own infants to dictate your conduct or circumscribe your every action? It was intolerable and we have regained what our usurpers took from us!”


      Nubia said, “By removing Zeus and the others you have also prevented their blessing our island home and from securing monsters that threaten all who have any connection to their former Olympian captors!”


      Mnemosyne said, “You are full of grief and anxiety but do not fear. What troubles loom large in your frail mortal soul at this moment shall be forgotten ere long! Such is my power and such is my gift!”


      At that moment she gestured with one delicate hand and the duo knew no more!

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