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  • The Time Trust
    Nov 15, 2013
      A very clever twist! The town of Olympia could make for a great setting -- I'm picturing a 1960s era TV show with this town and it's citizens as the backdrop.

      I like how you used the manticore in the fight scene. I used one in The Paragons: Deus ex Astra Book 1 on Earth Four, but not nearly as effectively.


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      The two heroines barely had time to look around the odd little town before hearing yells of distress!


      They rushed forward and saw another scene of horror in which a mythological monster was attacking frightened citizens!


      The creature had the ruddy body of a huge lion; however, it also possessed large black bat-like wings and a lethal looking tail that resembled a scorpion’s sting! The most unsettling feature consisted of its human looking head and facial features! The beast had cornered a couple who were struggling to find an escape!

      The man was distinguished looking with a silvery gray beard and a costly suit. The woman next to him was equally refined with a rather haughty blonde beauty all her own.  While other citizens including some uniformed policemen were trying to help them, the monster seemed to ignore everyone else except for its intending targets!


      “That thing’s got the mayor and his wife!” cried a frightened onlooker!


      Artemis said, “Get them to safety! I’ll tame the manticore!”


      Wonder Girl nodded as she leaped forward and began to usher people away from the beast.


      “Manticore? Donna’s right. This Olympia, Virginia clearly has more than one connection to Mount Olympus or the magical realm of the gods like my Dad!” she thought.


      Wonder Girl helped the couple to their feet as Artemis tackled the manticore and shoved it backward!


      “Follow me, I’ll help you!” said the pretty blonde as she glanced back at the battle!


      The old man looked at her oddly and said, “I know you! You aren’t from around here and yet I could swear that I know you!”


      His wife clutched a small briefcase to her chest. It had a logo that read Peacock Wedding Planners!


      “This is no time for you to be flirting with a young girl! We have to get free from that thing!” she shouted.


      Wonder Girl ignored the woman even as she urged the couple to follow her along with some bruised and battered cops!


      As the teen heroine focused her attention on helping the townspeople, the monster glanced at her with a strange look in its eyes. “You have the same foul scent as our prey!” hissed the beast.


      Artemis had wasted no time in engaging the beast. She knew how strong such a magical monster could be and thus, she had slammed into it with all her considerable strength!


      The manticore clawed at her but she twisted around and avoided its attack. She brought her knee up into its side as she gripped it around the waist and pulled backward.


      Artemis frowned as she pummeled the manticore and dodged it venomous tail!


      The huge stinger almost caught her from behind but she flipped aside to avoid it.


      The manticore rose into the air and tried to grab her but she kicked desperately and managed to stay out of its grasp.


      She started to move closer even as she kept one eye on the darting stinger.


      “It claims Cassie has something in common with the locals. I think I suspect what that connection may be although I’m not sure my theory isn’t crazy!”


      She grunted as the manticore suddenly charged directly at her with surprising speed! She was swift but this monster from myth was faster!


      Artemis fell hard as the beast settled down on top of her! She struggled furiously as the stinger moved perilously close to her face. She caught the sides of it and fought to prevent the pointed barb from touching her.


      She struggled and then slowly succeeded in forcing the stinger away from her body and then slamming it into the pavement with shattering impact!


      In the few moments it took for the manticore to rip free from the ground, Artemis connected with a punch that knocked it out.


      She sighed with relief as Wonder Girl ran back to her side.


      “That was awesome! You’re a real wonder!” she said.


      Artemis smiled and then said, “Thanks. Was anyone hurt? It had the opportunity to harm plenty of people before we arrived but it seemed determined to only go after certain citizens!”


      Wonder Girl said, “Yeah. And it said something weird about me being like its prey!”


      Artemis looked across the street to where a pale man dressed all in black stood at the door of an accounting firm. He looked longingly at a lovely young woman who was arranging a display in the window of the flower shop.


      “Death and taxes?” “ thought Artemis.


      “These people…. this town…I think some of them but not all of them are like you. I think they are descendents of Zeus and the other Olympians!” she said.


      Wonder Girl said, “Artemis, one of them seemed to know me. I think they said he was the town mayor. He was the old guy the manticore attacked. This may be nutty but I think he acted like he knew me. Could he really be Zeus? He looks different but I know them can change shape!”


      The man in question approached them slowly and said, “I overheard you. Young lady, I do feel a connection to you. I don’t know why. You see, many of us here have no memories of our lives before we found ourselves here.  We were known to the others and we seemed to fit our various roles perfectly. I  am a fine leader.  My wife Helen is good at managing things.  This memory loss I spoke of doesn’t seem to bother us. None of us who can’t remember things are motivated to find out why we are this way. It all seems so strange! Those monsters that have been tormenting some of us are frightening but only now do I realize that we all seemed to accept their existence too easily! Seeing your face made me start to question the status quo!  Am I in truth Zeus? Am I your father?”


      A grey eyed woman emerged from the crowd and said, “I was at the school when I heard about the latest attack. Are you hurt?”


      The old man said, “Tina is my daughter. She teaches at the school and does a bit of coaching too!”


      Artemis said, “Sir, would you hold this rope for a moment? It won’t harm you.”


      She gestured to Wonder Girl who extended the magical lasso she wore at her hip. As the lasso touched the Mayor’s hand, his eyes widened and he gasped in shock.


      “I remember! I do indeed! I am Great Zeus, King of Olympus! My family dwells here as well! Hades is the accountant, Hermes operates the store, Ares is the football coach and all of us have lost our sense of self! We have been submerged within mortal roles and we have been stripped of our powers!”


      He approached Wonder Girl and touched her face tenderly with one hand.


      “My daughter you have restored my memories but I am still bereft of my power. I am also at a loss as to how this dire plight befell us!”


      Wonder Girl said, “Dad… I mean….do I call you that?  Maybe, we should take you to Paradise Island and let the Amazons try to figure this out.”


      Artemis said, “The purple healing ray might have the power to bring them back to their proper conditions but I also think it would wrong to leave the town unguarded. More of those monsters could show up in our absence. Let me call Nubia and see if she can take some of them to the Island while we stay here to safeguard the rest.”


      Zeus said, “Whoever has dared insult the Master of the Thunder will regret their day of birth so do I swear!”


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