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  • dave barnowski
    Nov 9, 2013
      Wonder Girl should read more about her relatives on her father's side of the family. Good tale so far; Though I wonder if Donna and not Cassie should have made the hitchcock referance given her age and the fact that the movie was over 20 years old by 1988

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      Wonder Girl II (Cassie Sandsmark) glanced through the windows of her mother’s station wagon  as a beautiful woman guided the old car through a charming little town called Olympia, Virginia.
      Artemis (Donna Troy Long) pushed her long black hair away from her face as she drove the car and looked upward at the cloudy skies over the tiny town of Olympia, Virginia.
      “I’m glad we found this sleepy little town! It looks like a storm is coming! I know your mother and Terry would worry about us if we were stranded in the wild while they were having their seminar at the college back in Roanoke!” she said.
      She referred to the fact that her husband Professor Terry Long and Cassie’s mother Professor Helena Sandsmark were colleagues at Raeburn College in New York and their academic pursuits had led them to conduct a seminar at Roanoke College in Virginia. While the two scholars worked, Donna and Cassie had decided to do some sightseeing in rural Virginia only to become lost! Donna was very patient and she really didn’t mind driving around through such lovely scenery since she was a skilled photographer with an eye for natural beauty. She also relished having time to get to know Cassie better since she had become fond of her during an adventure in which they had learned Cassie was in fact the daughter of Zeus himself! After receiving some training from the Mentor of Heroes Chiron in a timeless realm called Arcadia, the pretty blonde sixteen year old had impressed Donna and Nubia with her courage, wit, and super powers! Artemis had embraced the younger girl fully even to the extent of giving her a modified version of her red costume and giving her her blessing to use her old name of Wonder Girl.
      “What a charming town! I love that quaint little craft shop as well as the florist store to the right!” said Donna.
      Cassie stifled a yawn and said, “Sure. It is cute but I don’t even see a mall. It looks as if that big department store Herman’s is the only other store in town! I was hoping to get the new Betty Gilson CD!”
      Donna looked over at the big square building with the ornate logo that read Herman’s!
      “You may be right. A flower shop, a craft store, some kind of fix it shop, and that little wedding planner  office make up all of Main Street!”
      “Wow! I wouldn’t have expected to have found such a glamorous babe in this neck of the woods!” said Cassie as she nodded toward a gorgeous blonde woman dressed in the height of fashion who walked seductively down the street toward the Herman’s store!
      Donna nodded and said, “I’ve photographed some famous super models and I grew up surrounding by immortal beauties on Paradise Island, but that woman really is something special!”
      At that moment, the darkening sky seemed to open up as a flock of strange monstrous birds swooped down and attacked the sexy blonde!
      “We better help her! I’m pulling over!” said Donna. They parked the car and jumped out after making a hasty change into their costumed identities of Artemis and Wonder Girl!
      Wonder Girl wore the famous red leotard with its star patterned motif and black high heeled boots that Artemis had previously worn. She also wore red star shaped earrings and carried a gleaming lasso on one hip. The lasso had been a gift from Zeus her father and it possessed magical powers all its own!
      She blocked a screeching bird with one bracelet as she tried to shield the fallen woman from the remaining birds. The birds were inhumanly fierce and possessed knife-like teeth!
      Artemis had swiftly stepped protectively over the cowering blonde as well. She deflected a swooping bird with a flash of her bracelets.
      Artemis herself wore a new costume designed to more fully pay tribute to her sister Diana. With Wonder Woman’s approval, Donna wore blue leggings with silver stars down each side, blue high heeled boots, a red corset with a stylized gold eagle and a blue jacket. She was proud to represent her own adult identity with the name of both her sister and the mythological protector of women and animal life as well as a costume that celebrated the legacy of Wonder Woman!
      Artemis shook her head. ““A flock of Stymphalian birds plagued Hercules! They eat human flesh and their beaks are razor sharp!” How could a sleepy little town like this hold so much trouble? Did it follow us here? A mythological threat certainly has more in common with an Amazon Princess like me than it does with a rural Virginia town!”
      Artremis said, “They aren’t flying away. They seem to be determined to attack us or the woman!”
      “Yeah, getting lost in Mayberry would be bad enough if those creepy birds hadn’t swooped down out of some Hitchcockian nightmare!” thought Wonder Girl as she punched at one of the metallic feathered creatures.
      Artemis ducked under the attack of one bird and then spun around to catch it and slam it to the ground.
      “We aren’t going to tire but neither are they! We need to try something new!” she said.
      She whipped out her lasso and spun it around in ever increasing loops until the force of the mystical rope drew the monstrous birds together as if attracted by some whirlpool! She skillfully drew the lasso closer and slammed the captive flock into the nearby stream. The water seemed to boil for a moment and then was still.
      “You did it!  They aren’t moving!” cried Wonder Girl.
      At that moment, an odd figure emerged from the fix-it shop and limped over to them. He wore greasy overalls and his face was slightly asymmetrical. He walked with difficulty and wore heavy leg braces.
      “I’m Festus. I saw you save my wife! That was amazing! Are you hurt, Cyndi?” he asked.
      The stricken blonde shook her head as long, blonde locks cascaded about her shoulders.
      “No, I am bruised and cut but not seriously injured! Why won’t those horrors leave us alone? Why do they torment us so?” She sobbed as she allowed her husband to lead her away.
      “A babe like that is married to Goober? There’s more than one mystery here!” thought Cassie.

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