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  • The Time Trust
    Oct 27, 2013
      Nice to see Queen Hippolyta get center stage in this chapter. We often forget that the Amazon queen was a formidable warrior in her youth.

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      Queen Hippolyta of Paradise Island raised her golden sword as she walked down a narrow path through a thick wooden area.  Her many years as ruler of the fabled Amazons had not dulled her battle instincts and she carried herself with a combination of regal beauty and the grace of a proven warrior.  She also had a keen eye for detail and she knew her land as only one who had ruled the area for centuries could do so. She frowned as she noticed the dying vegetation. The trees were not healthy and in truth of late little of the once lovely isle retained either vitality or a decorative nature.


      The beautiful blonde wore her golden battle armor over a brief tunic. She carried a shield and wore sandals and moved with the silent grace of a hunter. She knew that this type of caution was necessary of late since several of her Amazon subjects had encountered dangerous predators in the vicinity. She was concerned because while their island home had always had elements of magic, as was natural for the chosen home of a sisterhood descended from the legendary Olympians themselves, of late other more sinister forces seemed to be at large amongst the natural wildlife of the island.


      “Three of my subjects barely escaped from some shadowy menace that stalked them in these woods and yet none of them could agree upon the nature of their foe! I came here alone to end this threat without endangering my sisters since in truth I am the isle’s finest warrior and I am responsible for the safety of all my subjects,” she thought.


      “Lovely Hippolyta, you are even more radiant of face and figure than the poets claimed! You should not be here all alone! What would your subjects say if some accident befell their beloved ruler?” said a mocking voice as a tall woman with pale blonde hair emerged from the forest.


      Queen Hippolyta had heard her approach seconds before the rather hardy looking woman appeared and yet she was caught off-guard not by her arrival but by her words!


      “Who are you? Why do you refer to my subjects in such a pointed way? Clearly, you are not one of them!  While those in need of aid are welcome, the uninvited enter here at their own peril!” she said.


      The taller woman laughed again and then replied in a weirdly guttural growl.


      “ I was old before your frail sisterhood walked the sandy shores of Themyscira! I am no newcomer. You and are in fact but an infant to be dandled or chastised at my whim!”


      The mocking woman began to change shape and her cold but lovely features twisted and distorted until

      her altered body loomed up in front of the Amazon Queen in the form of a huge brown bear with shaggy fur and large teeth!


      “Kallisto!  You’re the ancient and cursed Kallisto!” said Hippolyta as she whirled around and rolled backward in a nimble flip that enabled her to avoid the monster’s raking claws and swing out with her own weapon!


      She sliced through the creature’s left leg and dodged as it brought both paws down where she had been crouched.


      She kicked out and connected with the monster’s wounded leg. The beast reeled to one side and regained its balance.


      Hippolyta moved closer in a determined effort to take advantage of the monster’s wound.


      “No wonder no one could identify the beast. She looked as normal as any of us in her original form! She was probably mistaken for another Amazon in the dankness of the forest!” she thought.


      Kallisto charged forward and to Hippolyta’s surprise the injured beast managed to match her own agility!


      The blonde Warrior Queen fell beneath her larger foe and grunted in pain as the beast struck her chest and threatened to crush her.


      She allowed herself to be lifted upward like a child’s plaything and then she struck back!


      She braced both feet against her foe’s shaggy chest and then she shoved her sword through the monster!


      After a final roar of pain, Kallisto collapsed and with a shudder returned to her human form!


      Hippolyta held her own side as she studied the dead woman’s still form.


      “She broke my ribs or badly bruised them but then how could I expect any less from a creature right out of legend! What could have brought such a monster from the dust of the ancient past to our homeland? For that matter, what curse is ravaging our crops and the natural vegetation of this island paradise? In lore, a land’s health was tied to that of its ruler? Is this plague a sign that my own death is near? If so, I will face it as befits a Daughter of Olympus!” she thought.

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