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  • The Time Trust
    Oct 27, 2013
      Thanks, Libby!

      This is the closest thing to a Halloween story I've got this year. I wanted it to feel a bit like that.

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        By the way I meant to add that this gave me the feeling of one of those slightly claustrophobic stories from the seventies horror titles like Witching Hour. I'd say the mood you created was right on target.  I'm glad you used GG as well.

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       I agree. You do a good job with Swamp Thing- a character I have never liked or followed in the real DC.  Sometimes writers here make characters I disliked in the comics seem more appealing. I think I probably like Marvel's horror types better than Dc's although I'm not overly fond of that genre.


      I always enjoyed the few appearances in things like MT-Up, Marvel 2 in 1, Iron Man Annual etc.  of Man-Thing though. Perhaps, some day you could have Swamp Thing meet Angor's version of Man-Thing.


      I do have an idea for a forgotten female Swamp Thing type who only appeared once in the real DC in WF but she may not have the depth you gave ST.

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      Thanks, Driv. I'm hoping to write a sequel to this one that would feature both Swamp Thing and Abby Holland in a more substantial way.
      Doc Quantum of The Time Trust

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      An excellent story. I'm not extremely familiar with the whole Swamp Thing saga other than the basics, but this really drew me in. I could almost see this in my mind as though Wrightson had provided the art.

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      Subject: [Earth-1 After the Crisis] The Doll's House, Epilogue
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      The Erl-King had left the land of his birth to travel the world, to visit his domain and meet his subjects. But as usual, horror and tragedy often followed in his wake. Most who saw him coming, and there were very few, thought him to be nothing more than a shambling monster. And so he spent his days alone as he often did in his early years, wandering and trying to find some sense in the world.

      The Parliament of Trees had told him that he would find a queen one day, but none of the creatures he had met could even compare with the love he'd once known and lost. The only one he had felt a connection with was Woodrue's daughter, the one called Blossom. But his relationship with her was like that of an uncle with his niece. In a short amount of time they did become close, almost like family, but their destinies were decidedly different.

      As the Swamp Thing sat at the edge of the Yalu River in China, gazing up at the stars, he wondered where Abby was now, and if she was happy. He was a long way from Houma, Louisiana.

      The End

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