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20443Wonder Woman: The Forgotten 2

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  • lawrenceliberty
    Oct 26, 2013

      Later, as Queen Hippolyta made her way between the ornate columns that lined the arbor behind the Palace Royal, she sighed at the sight of the wilted flowers that were once so splendid in color and fragrance.  Her ribs had been treated she now wore a long flowing gown with matching heels. A golden tiara rested upon her elaborately coiffed blonde curls and she looked every inch the heir of goddesses that she was! She was accompanied by two other impressive figures. The first was her daughter the Princess Nubia, the second Wonder Woman. By her side flew her beloved J’Onn J’Onzz the Martian Manhunter.


      “You see, when we first noticed the decay and saw how the crops were yielding less than the norm, Chief Scientist Paula and Dr. Althea conducted some tests and found that the problem was not a natural one.  They agreed that the blight came from supernatural sources not scientific ones.  I consulted Penelope at the Temple of Apollo since she has always been our most intuitive sister! The result was disturbing to say the least. Perhaps, J’onn could mentally unite us and allow you both to experience exactly what I saw!” she said.

      Nubia nodded readily. Although she had not been raised on the island due to the fact that Mars the god of War had abducted her moments after her birth, Nubia loved her mother and her Amazon sisters dearly and she felt as if she owed her very sense of self and freedom from enslavement by Mars to Diana the original Wonder Woman who had been magically turned into an infant after a cosmic Crisis.


      Nubia was a true champion and she would do anything she could to help someone in need, especially when the one imperiled was a loved one! She was proud that Queen Hippolyta had so readily accepted her union with the heroic Martian Manhunter. She knew in the past, the regal ruler had had doubts about Diana’s own love for Steve Trevor. Clearly, she had no such qualms where the scholarly yet sensitive alien hero was concerned.


      J’onn was equally impressed with Queen Hippolyta and her Amazon subjects. As a man with a passion for science and a talent for detection, he was intrigued by the magical nature of his beloved’s people. Naturally, he cherished a chance to learn more about his wife’s family but this desire was strengthened by an urge to experience more fully the mystifying ways of the ancient race.  He knew he was lucky to allowed to fly over the island due to certain ancient restrictions that prevented males from touching the ground on the all-female community.


      The Amazons had originally come to Paradise Island in ancient times to commune more closely with the Olympian goddesses and to embrace the ways of peace and love as embodied by Athena and Aphrodite. It was both a desire to live by the virtues and values of their goddess patrons as it was an attempt to separate themselves from the violence and masculine aggression they had experienced at the hands of the warriors who had captured them when Hercules first encountered their queen. The true nature of this encounter had been distorted in all their memories by a vengeful Hera, Queen of the Olympians and antagonist to Hercules, and it was only recently that the truth had been exposed. Hercules and Hippolyta had been attracted to one another and their union produced a son Hippolytus who had been secreted away in a timeliness dimension called Arcadia until Nubia met him. While Hippolyta and her daughters Nubia, Diana, and Donna now fully embraced the heroic Hippolytus as family, even he was not allowed to set foot on the islands. He contented himself with visiting nearby Science Isle.


      J’onn listened intently. As a native of Mars, he knew what it was like for a prosperous community to be devastated by disaster. Commander Blanx had unleashed a powerful energy called the Blue Flame on Mars in an act of madness that had ruined the planet and driven most Martians like J’onn’s parents to resettle on a colony world called Vonn or New Mars. Only recently due to the super powered restoration of the original Mars by J’onn’s younger brother T’omm had the Martians begun to return to their home.

      He had no desire to see Paradise Island become another such wasteland!


      He gazed at Queen Hippolyta and as she nodded in permission, he used his mental telepathy to read her thoughts and broadcast them to Nubia as she held his hand.


      They saw a vivid scene as Queen Hippolyta, dressed in a filmy gown of pale pink, knelt by a prostrate woman in blue and gently cradled her in her arms. A huge statue of Apollo loomed above them.


      “Penelope, what is it? What dire omen do you see? What is the fate of our people….of our home? You may speak the truth! We trust your special bond with our goddesses and as always we promise to heed your oracular wisdom!” said the troubled Warrior Queen.


      Nubia gasped as she felt her mother’s strong emotions and through the memory link, saw what had occurred that night in the temple..


      Penelope wept so hard that her shoulders shook with the emotion and she gazed up at the Queen’s expressive blue eyes with a gaze of her own that conveyed despair and horror!


      “Nothing! I sense nothing! I saw no vision of the future! I felt no bond with any of our goddesses! It was not that I received no vision from them. It was much worse! I could not sense their presence at all! They were not silent. They were absent entirely! I fear the Olympians have forsaken Paradise Island!” cried Penelope.


      Now, as J’onn broke off the mental link, he frowned and thought, “Nubia has met and even fought with Olympians like Mars and his agents. She had seen and heard Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Diana even tried to turn Mars into JLA custody once according to Justice League files. If these palpably real beings are missing, then, the Amazon culture itself is truly bereft. I must help her!”


      “We will find them! If the absence of the gods and the presence of monsters like Kallisto are in fact linked as logical would suggest, we will find them and remedy this threat!” vowed Nubia.


      Queen Hippolyta smiled as she touched the couple in gesture of thanks.


      “I would expect no less from you for you are greatly beloved to us all!” she said.


      J’onn said, “I am very familiar with teleportation devices and space craft but how does one reach Zeus and the other Olympians?”


      Nubia smiled confidently as she said, “You may leave that part of our mission to me!”


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