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1147Re: Milesian fake ?

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  • daniel
    Feb 9, 2011
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      --- In EarlyElectrumCoinage@yahoogroups.com, LluĂ­s Mendieta <lmendi@...> wrote:
      > Good afternoon, Daniel, Merrill, Listizens
      > First, my gretings to Merrill: I could not imagine the real photos from those lousy photos.
      > But, I see with those great photos (thanks, Daniel), things that in my mind set point to the fakes that was said in reporting that hoard or as anyones likes to call it.

      But none argued about these doubts... so we have only opinions.

      > First: there are bumps in quincux. Not from a struck coin. Maybe from a cast.
      > Also, if you look at first photo placed in Forvm by Daniel, curiously the low left circle "continues" beyond the rim.

      It's only an effect as you can see in other photos.
      I think it's a genuine coin but I respect your opinion.

      > All in all, I continue with my caveats: maybe legit, then Turks would be interested in.
      > Maybe fake, so, no interest from Turks. And what I see, points to the caveats that Daniel posted: that was a suspected fake hoard.

      I'm wondering why you are fixed on the fact that the Turks would be interested. This coin was (like an electrum stater and other coins from the today Turkey) on a public auction. So viewable to the worldwide.
      If they were interested may be the stater was more important (and rare) that my coin. More, today close the cng eauction with some ephesian fractions and Alyatte coins...

      > As I said, a Gold dating, and finito.

      If I can I will do all the test possibles.

      Best Regards

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