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1135Re: [EarlyElectrumCoinage] Re: Milesian fake ?

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  • Lluís Mendieta
    Jan 26, 2011
      Good morning, Daniel

      Thanks for clarification.
      If the coin belongs not to the mentioned hoard, then, nothing to say about Unidroit.
      But I understood that from the wording

      "This type was part of a hoard found in western Asia Minor in the 1990s and which would have contained at least 29 electrum coins of Miletus. Several coins have been proposed in the international market. Someone has doubted about authenticity. The treasure is published in Coins Hoards (CH. VIII, 2, p. 1, pl. 1, n° 5-33). "


      On the other hand, the datation requieres to take a small sample (I think is a cubic mm), and of course, it takes more than a few hours to do..

      May you be so kind also to share the photos you would take?

      With best wishes


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      From: daniel
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      Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 7:39 AM
      Subject: [EarlyElectrumCoinage] Re: Milesian fake ?

      A little clarification, this coin was not in this hoard.
      Well, we have no elements to say that.
      I've asked an opinion about the coin and an opinion about the note concerning the hoard in which there are a lot of fractions attribuited to Miletos.

      I'd like to make the test but I've only few hours to return the coin.

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