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1134Re: Milesian fake ?

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  • daniel
    Jan 26, 2011
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      --- In EarlyElectrumCoinage@yahoogroups.com, Lluís Mendieta <lmendi@...> wrote:
      > Hi, Daniel
      > I will defer in your comments. Having the coin in hands, you would be the best judge, of course.
      > For provenance: if I read that not bad, the coin hoard is dated after the Unidroit date. So, ....
      > As far as I know Turkey do not allows exportations of any legit coin.
      > Then....
      > If hoard is before the date of Unidroit, well, nothing to say.
      > And for doubts, a dating of gold by the Helium/Thorium system, and we will know last time gold was melted.
      > With best wishes
      > Lluís

      A little clarification, this coin was not in this hoard.
      Well, we have no elements to say that.
      I've asked an opinion about the coin and an opinion about the note concerning the hoard in which there are a lot of fractions attribuited to Miletos.

      I'd like to make the test but I've only few hours to return the coin.
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