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1130Re: Milesian fake ?

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  • daniel
    Jan 26, 2011
      Let's wait when I'll have the coin in my hands.
      Well there are some possibilities (few upon me) that this is a light trick... we'll see.
      About the coin's provenance, well I don't think that an auction house could sell some object with a doubtfull provenance.
      The coin was in: The Michael Demling Collection of Ancient Coinage at recent Bowers and Merena...

      --- In EarlyElectrumCoinage@yahoogroups.com, Lluís Mendieta <lmendi@...> wrote:
      > Good afternoon, Merril
      > I agree with you that could be a trick of the light.
      > The left part of the coin seems that is not flat, but a trick.
      > But the right part, even trying to see what I whish it was, I could not see:
      > looks to my eyes very flat.
      > And I see also two beads in the incuse (or a rusted die, or traces of
      > casting; that besides, would agree with soft look of coins; I have three
      > 1/96th in silver, and they are crisp. Milesian celators were *good*)
      > Without the coin in hand I could not say too much more
      > As I said, dating gold, and all solved.
      > Thanks God now gold is datable absolutely.
      > But I still thing that Mr. Sermarini hit the nail.
      > Anyway, or smuggled or fake. A lose/lose option. Not my cup of tea.
      > With best wishes
      > Lluís
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